Alison Latres
Alison Latres
1 day ago

There were words he seemed to say, and we, as children, listened.

For 15 years, he seemed to preach falsehoods, and we, as children, listened.

He insisted perfection.. promised a name, righteous and deserving of only flawlessness.

A father, your father, who raised up two fools, to himself a wonderful thing.

But I strayed from that path, did I not? And while you still wallow in doubt...

Hear testimonies,
See evidence,
"Cross-examination, please."

I've witnessed my failure to believe in only success, a lesson to be learned.

I've experienced a humbling, now it's your turn.

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4 days ago

I just wanted to tell you thank you
for many things really:
Thank you for stripping me of my innocence
you are the only man I would be with.
Thank you for sharing the sun with me
the sun that wakes us, makes us, or breaks us.
Thank you for the orange juice when I wake up
because you know how much the intimacy means to me.
Thanks for the love you gave to me
you were the only antidote for sin and suffering.
Thank you for loving me
for all the flaws and authenticity.
Thanks for never being fake
because fake is something I could never tolerate.
(c) 2017

I met the man of my dreams at a place I call my very own hell and I have so much to thank him for.
This is for you, my muse.
5 days ago

People say you are no good for me
That you'll only drag me down
It's hard for people to see why I do the things I do
But let me try
to explain why I wouldn't leave to you...
I can't get a grip on reality without you
That's the honest truth.
Without you I wouldn't have made it past fourteen
My anger, my anxiety, and my alter egos would have pinned me down.
You are my biggest mystery and contradiction in life
To solve it all I only have to look deeper
You drive me up a wall; but that's the only way you break down those walls
You push me when I tell you to stop; but that's the only way you fight my doubts
You kiss me when it seems like we're breaking; but that's the fastest way to my heart
I don't know who I'd be without those icy blues
Those rough hands that caress me so gently
Let's just agree I'm lucky
and say I explained it thoroughly.
(c) 2017

I just want to say how blessed I am to have my fiancee and how much I love him...I can't think of what life was like without him.  This poem was written a couple of minutes after he left my house and I was amazed at how fast I wrote this.
6 days ago

She's that moment when you can't stop laughing
Partly because you can't and partly because you don't want to
That's what it feels like being around her; it's addicting.
First you want to know her name and next thing you know she's one of your best friends.
She has a face that she's insecure about
But wow does she shine when she's not thinking about little things like looks
When she comes to school "looking like trash", when she eats like nobody's looking, and when she spills out all her emotions to us
I can't help but notice how much more she glows without all the makeup and clothes to hide under
If we compared her to weather
She would be a blizzard in Egypt
She is something that sticks out forever as unique and amazing
Something that everyone will remember
Beautiful like the snowflakes and loved by all in her vicinity.
That's why I can't help but love this girl
She's something that I'll never see again
She loves everyone but needs no one
And that's something I'll never be.
So when she says that she's not beautiful
Because of the opinions of idiot boys who can't handle her, understand her, or are jealous of her
All I can do is look at all the proof sitting in front of me
(c) 2016

This is another one that I had wrote a while ago but I wanted to share it on this website as well as the other one I use.
I would be really grateful if someone would like to give me some advice about this writing!
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There's an arrow through my heart
And I've forgotten how to breathe
Reality falls apart
God damn you're all I see
Perfection incarnate
I think I might cry
You're a gemstone, perhaps garnet
Scratch that, I might die
Good god is this love
Or am I going insane?
I think I see doves
What's this shit in my brain?
You break down my guards
You see through my walls
Even thinking gets hard
Fuck, this must be a fall

*heart eyes emoji*

i'm not perfect
and i never will be
i never want to be

what i am is me
uniquely me
incredibly me
horribly strange
internally maimed

big brown eyes
curly hair
impatient, yet unspoken
driven, focused

i'm not perfect
and i never will be
i don't need to be
i refuse
to be perfect

I want to be where people love each other
Where trust is the way things are.
I want to practice everything I preach;
Learn to love folks for who they are.
I want to get up and be very glad I’m here
That I have food and clothes and shoes.
I want to sing praises for the life I lead
And to replace everything I use.

I want to see all the people that I know
And let them know I cherish all of them.
I want to consider thoroughly before I speak
And not insist people follow my whims.
I want to hear all the music the world plays
And sing along when I know the words.
I want to share with the people I know
Every helpful thing I've ever heard.

I want to laugh every day and not be sad
Unless some poor soul I know is hurt.
I want to contribute to make things better
Even if in the end I lose my shirt.
I want to be strong enough to speak up
If someone is trying to tell lies
To take things from those that own
And the victims don’t even realize.

I’m going to raise my voice and celebrate
When the downtrodden manages to win.
I will applaud and shout “Good for you!”
If they trip, say “Get up and try again!”
I want a world when money is not
The final word in every dispute.
I want to know there is no one who says,
“You must do what I say or I’ill shoot!

To dig, to dream
the great cosmic pass
of time forever.
There is no time.
I found the hymn
far from the sanity or the strange.
One in millions-
Haze concepts in bending distortion
as stars sail by.
To the harmony of beauty
the voice of All
inside us each one.
A sound closest to universal love-making.

© Derek Devereaux Smith 2015 - 2017

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Jan 13

One mug- earth
2 tablespoons Cocoa mix- people
1 cup boiled water- society
1 mini marshmallow- me

1. Place the mix inside of the mug.

2. Pour the water into the mug, and mix it until the cocoa is completely dissolved.

3. Drop in the marshmallow, and continuously dunk it into the scorching hot water until it dissolves.

4. Enjoy perfection!

Jan 11


to fall in love with a poet.

How strange it would be

writers of darkness who share their nonsense

in passionate form.

I'd fall in love with a poet

to dream with her

of what could be.

Oh to dream,

of one who understands me.

Is it you miss poet,

is it you

who understands me?

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