As age I lose the fear of  a turned page
New chapter, new phase
No matter what it’s my own maze
Questions of life
They awe to amaze
What’s everyone searching for?
Souls hide in a haze
Whether it’s a different
Dimension, time, Or space

Truthfully I hold the key
For it opens all eyes and doors
But still I have no use for it
The poor can see but still adore
The rich are blind and do as told
I cannot ask for fairy tales and dreams
If there is a nightmare here on earth
And we are what stands in between

© C. Valencia

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By Arcassin Burnham

Take the shot,
please don't blow it,
unless i lose it,
I'll never know it,
feeling like i'm ten feet below,
on the slippery slope , to what hell has to offer,
i'm glad that you know,
the things that we cherish, we lose,
i know that this life isn't proper,
Take a shot,
i command you,
but i don't wanna,
swear i can't stand you,
lord please just take the wheel tonight,
no more promises to fight , if you promise me we would stay
up all night,
stranger than a twilight,
trash is another mans treasure,
find it on sight,

thinking how long have i been in this condition besting all my other personalities of when i'm drunk infesting way too many signs of intoxication in ways that i would think is not good for the human brain,
if not then i don't act the same,
With life struggles you can erase,
work hard to replace the things that have been impacting all of us,
but the last of us don't need to say a thing,
locked up and get life in jail or don't really better yourself at all,
like dominoes , one day it'll be your turn to fall,
please don't let the serpent win , but you just wanna hang out with the boys,
please don't let the serpent win , but you just wanna get high with the boys,
please don't let serpent win , but you just wanna commit a crime with the boys,
oh look! the serpent at the finish line and its on you,
my boy that was your choice,

Take the shot,
please don't blow it,
unless i lose it,
I'll never know it,
feeling like i'm ten feet below,
on the slippery slope , to what hell has to offer,
i'm glad that you know,
the things that we cherish, we lose,
i know that this life isn't proper.

©ABPoetry:RisenLP2017 ©ABPoetry2017.
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A rank odour sifts through wind,
Was this a competition I could win?
Either way, I would lose,
Was there ever a choice to choose?

4 line quicky!
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Babe, we're living in times of history.
It's happening right before our eyes,
But all I do is lie in misery
And wish for warmer skies.

I'm sitting here watching time pass me by.
You're running with it.
I'm trapped in a bed of sorrows and lies,
But I made it myself.


Time slowed on the way to Kentucky.
The golden leaves of the southern trees --
I saw it all,
Every last imprint of mother nature's kiss.

It was in that land that father and mother coexisted for a period
Without time,
Without noise,
Without fear,

But that was the land of yesteryear.

Here time sped up, but me,
Well, I'm still stuck
Living in slow motion, and you
Couldn't wait for me.

It's only fair,
For I accelerated far too far for a fair young girl,
Wind in my pigtails
And hope in my heart.

The thing about using hope for fuel
Is that it's a limited resource that drains

I slowed down and for a time
Found you running by my side,
But my hope ran empty
And your heart ran cold,
And you left me coughing in your path,
Following footsteps that grew older by the second.

I lost you when I lost myself.

For now, I'm still where you left me.
I only got so far as I did
Because you replenished my hope for a short-lived spell,
But I'm too slow for your bustling heart --
I couldn't keep up with your footsteps.

The path is gone.
I vanished with it.

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Feb 17

I never felt like I belonged to anyone, or in anywhere.
I always had this feeling that i'm on my own, abstracted from all my surroundings.
Floating alone.
Detached from where I'm living.
I carry my soul & my body.
And I just wanted to feel for a moment, for a small amount of time that I belong somewhere, with someone.. because this feeling has taken over me to the point I'm afraid i'm losing myself.

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I Hope You Find Someone Who Appreciates You‬

‪ ‬
‪I hope he comforts you during your wretchedness. When you are frail and you feel like your world is about to collapse‬

‪I hope he sees the light in your eyes when you gaze at him; the way my eyes lit up when I looked at you.‬

‪I hope he holds your hand when you feel cold. Or when you are anxious. Or just simply hold your hand because he doesn’t want to let you go.‬

‪I hope he closes his eyes when he kisses you. Feel the magic in your lips and gallop in spark with every breath you make.‬

‪I hope he tells you goodnight. Ask how your day was and not let you sleep knowing you feel unwanted.‬

‪I hope he checks on you when you are alone. When you feel lonely and when you feel no one is around to give you warmth.‬

‪I hope he wipes your tears away. Choose you without dividing your good parts and your ugly ones. Choose you every single day.‬

‪I hope he appreciates you. The kind of person that you are. Because you are more than enough.‬
‪I hope he knows how to listen. When you are in a bad mood and would just like to rant. Lend an ear and assure you everything will be all right.‬

‪I hope he makes time for you. Put an effort to include you in his list of priorities. That he would actually go out of his way just to spend a moment with you and make sure you’re fine.‬

‪I hope he stays when times get rough. When it’s not only convenient. Because he really wants you in his life.‬

‪I hope he understands that you are flawed. You may be imperfect and needy at times, but you are so worthy of love because you give so much of it, too.‬

‪I hope he helps you understand yourself. Help you find answers to your “why’s” and actually enjoy every minute of it without having to make you feel like it’s a chore.‬

‪I hope he feels your excitement when you talk about him. Like the sun rises and sets in his eyes. Like he is the only thing that matters to you.‬

‪I hope he loves you exactly just the way you are. Not just because you are breathtakingly beautiful, but because you are you… Because I would have loved you.

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Goodbye, and so long
no more prose, and no more song

Singing with my harp and lyre
time for me, to so retire

Going with the rhyme and flow
time for me to go, ya know

Practiced with the 9's and 5's
trying just, to stay alive

Playing with the dire word
aligning lines, as armor gird

I've done everything I could
to win the war, extol the good

No place now to set my tack
I'll not be ever coming back

Out the window and out the door
I've played this silly game before

Battles fought and battles won
with poems deep, by setting sun

Didn't think that I could lose
until the day I died
loosing my muse
I don't think
she even

(dredged up, dressed down, and made shiny)
Chin up, muses are everywhere ya look, kinda ;D

my cards don’t line up.
i know yours don’t, either.
if love’s a game, i call bluff.
you lay your cards
and think you’ve won.
we’ve just begun.
if love’s a hit and run,
you can play that perfectly.
if love’s a game,
then i will never lose.

oh here we are again. here we go again.
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The tightest grip on a loose tether string

I want to lose control
Be in control
How can they happen twice - at once?

I feel you, I see you, and its pounding.
I'm pounding.
And I can't lose myself, I can't lose control.
Oh You -  and how I stand alone again.

And when I do, lose control, I lose you.
But I need to lose control to get you.

Do I know what to say, do?
How to act....
How to feel...
I want to stay away.
I want you to stay away.
Or I may lose control, and I mean control over my senses

Yet, I need to stop worrying about controlling you or me.
Controlling how I want everything to happen.
You to happen,
Me to feel

So let it flow, free fall, tumble and take its wave.
Tumble on the shore, and pull back into the current - once more, it splashes down on the wet sand
And each curvature in the wave is so different, pushed by wind, and shaped by geography
And each push and pull towards you, should flow
As I realize this, I may lose my grip

And release

When you feel so vulnerable around someone you have strong feelings for and you want to not feel this way because you hate the feelings of losing control of yourself and your emotions.
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If you happen to have it in youth,
You will lose true lovers forever.
If you happen to be so uncouth,
You lose more than just a lover.
If you happen to fail catching the sleuth,
You should look inside yourself rather.
If you often forget lovers like a cloth,
You would rather start a museum.

My HP Poem #1395
©Atul Kaushal
#true   #lover   #young   #age   #lose   #uncouth   #cataract  
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