Raegan Meyer
Raegan Meyer
18 hours ago


you're making things worse.
you act like you know what's happening in me.
you will never, ever be inside my mind.
nobody knows what's best for me.
i don't even know what's best for me.
so stop acting like you are what's best for me.

from me
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1 day ago

One thing I learned
in my long college career
is that
I don't know a thing

I cannot read minds
nor fix this world
I still fall back to
broken poetry

I learned to source
and spell kinda right
I learned to cheat
when I didn't study

The place to be
we thought as youth
though in this life
it's a choice you choose

for where you desire to be
is but a figment of this reality
a plan so mismal
to the burning sun

What faith you lack,
oh guilty one
on this track of life
you chose death

In this college degree
I learned what it means to see
not through intellect
but through emptiness

Poetry flows like gentle tides
before a hurricane
her sandy shores

Three jumps left
and two jumps right
the lord she speaks
and I follow

Milk moonlight of divine delight
silky sheets of satin rose
nerves underneath
emit electricity
and birth

Lovers in my past
don't leave my mind
their faces exist
etched in time

Fall like a stone
through deep blue waters
fall to the blackness
and the dark sees wonders

thin skin, a lighted hook
neon guppies glitter
in florescent
store light

Take heed when he calls
for the depressed ones
in your life
call out...

Always help
those in need
for you never know
when you, it could be

Solomon wrote
songs and poetry
they flowed from his fingers
as divine symphony
of what does this teach you of women?
Solomon had the most
of any man

Be true to yourself
and your dreams will come
not the dreams you've planned
but the one's- you're welcomed to

A gentle tickle, a sudden pulse of electric energy
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emme m
emme m
3 days ago

so it happens. people die. some too early, some too late. does it even matter when?
life’s full of ups and downs. i didn’t get to experience the best things in life. to get a child. to love someone so deeply, that you know it’s him you want to spend the rest of your life with.
but not the worst either. to loose someone close to you. to get hurt deeply in your heart.
so it’s actually okay. life's the best, but also the worst. i loved it.

if i die, show this to my mom and dad.
#love   #life   #die   #dead   #best   #late   #worst   #early   #15   #loose  
Rebecca Lynn
Rebecca Lynn
4 days ago

How can you look at me and say that we are best friends,
when you know that you never have time for me anymore.
We were the best of friends, the ones that would pink promise and say,
"I promise that we will be besties until the very end."
everything has changed,
we're not the same.
You're not there like you were before.
You chased me out of the house and you locked the door;
but it wasn't just that.
It was raining outside when you decided to lock me out.
I was stranded for what seemed like years,
standing soaked and wet in my tears.

Yet, it wasn't just that...

You stopped talking to me months ago.
Now you're saying that I am losing hope.
Oh no, darling, you let go of the rope.
The rope that held our friendship from sinking.
Yet, you cut the rope that held us together.

But it wasn't just that...

You ignored me for months and months.
You never wanted to hangout anymore.
I guess this is where our friendships sinks.
Lost in the middle of the ocean, stranded.

I wrote this one about someone that I shared all my secrets with. Now she doesn't seem to care about me anymore.
#tears   #crying   #lost   #friend   #best   #ocean   #sink   #ignore   #stand   #stranded  
Ben Jr
Ben Jr
5 days ago

Today was beautiful,
I had conquered my share of the world,
Today was peaceful,
With soft so said words,

Today I am calm,
As wind of the carribean sea,
Today was more than I could ask,
And I had the best for me

#words   #world   #beautiful   #best   #sea   #peaceful   #today  

I've written a thousand ways I'll miss you
when we no longer speak and
that time has come
cause you don't talk to me late at night
you don't send me songs I've already heard and
I don't  play along
I don't listen to your music
I don't dance to your music and I don't dance with you

I still miss laughing with you and
the last time I saw you felt like we were starting over
but maybe we were just saying goodbye

Now I'm six hours ahead and I'm
pretty sure you're still taking her to bed
So now is goodbye, this is not see you later
This is not me waiting for you
This is me learning not to reach for
something that shouldn't be here

I imagined you next to me for a thousand years
but maybe our time together, comfortably laughing
was only meant to be fleeting
maybe your free spirit was only meant to leave

I'll never know why you
entered my life like a hurricane
and left me deserted
never know if you ever loved me
or cared
never know if you were lying
or are as confused as you seem

our goodbye is likely forever
you built walls and left them
running to the mountains searching for
yourself inside someone else
its cliche and I always thought you were unique
but maybe you're just like the rest
just a lost boy running from reality

I ought to stop writing bout you
and yearning for us to begin again
cause you're a lost boy and
my messages will never reach you

Wanna say hello,
want you to say hello
want you to reach out but I
gotta say goodbye
goodbye to your old car
to your plain bagels and adidas sneakers
goodbye to your black dog, and kind parents
goodbye to laying on the couch
to driving through the streets late at night
goodbye to tequila shots and dancing
to laughing and missing trains
to who we were and will never be
hello to the future
goodbye my love

#love   #heartbreak   #friend   #goodbye   #best   #gone   #betrayed  

I know I'd make it on my own
nothing new
It's all I've known.
Making decisions on what to eat
trying hard just to make ends meet

knowing what to do
knowing what comes next
Thinking about what?
I know whats best.

#alone   #hope   #best   #new   #nothing   #tomorrow   #decisions   #knowing   #next   #beingalone  

I reminisce on  books I've read,
What, indeed, was the best?
Instead of dull contemplation of the ex,
Consider enlightenment as Buddha's best,
Some hard times put your faith to the test,
Maybe the Beatitudes was the best,
Let's not be drama mamas yet!
Keeping on smiling for a peaceful bless!

Feedback welcome.
#best   #buddhas  
emme m
emme m
Mar 8

the world is so silent
but in the same time it screams
i was holding on to you
we're you holding on to me?

is it my fault or what?
tears don't fall without gravity
but the sun will rise again
for you
and for me

for my best friend. her heart was broken by a guy who doesn't care.
#love   #broken   #sad   #tears   #silent   #best   #me   #unhappy   #rise   #screams  

it's hard to lose somebody
       you used talked to everyday
& they aren't there anymore
       so a little bit of you dies
day by day, night by night
       until the face in the mirror
isn't           you           anymore

If you want to kill yourself slowly, don't ever stop loving who holds your heart.
#love   #poem   #poetry   #loss   #friend   #best   #you   #missing   #jack   #jenkins  
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