Sullied Strumpet
Sep 9, 2014

I wanted to tell you a story
To spill it out all before you
So you could put it back together
in a way it would all make sense
In the way I know only you can do
I know you, you know me,
How can it be, do you see?
I know you do, it's so true
You speak to my soul, you do.

Margo May
Margo May
Nov 17, 2014

the season has begun
and tonight was oh so fun
it was the first dinner of many
we had turkey a plenty
yet there was only one lone
i knew right then and there
and maybe it wasn't fair,
that i had to be the one to break
i had to be the one to make
a wish and hope for it to
come true.
so i grabbed one end
and it started to bend,
i couldn't believe my eyes
when in my hand was the bigger size
which means my wish about you
will possibly come true.

May 7, 2013

She's on the couch with her eyes open lips open legs open
She just kinda appeared

That's what we want of course

wishbone heart
Mar 27, 2014

you wish on it.
you wish for this love
to be infinite.
you wish for it
you wish for it
so fucking hard.
you wish for it,
but in your little game
of tug-'o-war
he got the bigger side
and your little
wishbone heart
broke in two.

#love   #heartbreak   #idk  
Nicole Hurley
Jun 20, 2010

I wish for happiness.
I wish for peace.
I wish for love.
I wish for good health.
I wish for success.
I wish for a raise.
I wish for career.
I wish for school.
I wish for trust.
I wish for marriage.
I wish for children (someday).
I wish for...

© Nicole Hurley, 2010

I found a wishbone on Thanksgiving. I need to make one single wish with the opposite sex and I hope for my piece that I pull will be the longer end. And if it is...what do I wish for?
To a wishbone,
Dallas Phoenix

What is prayer?
To a wishbone,
Make it snappy,
My dreamfields are nappy,
And lately I've been lacking a comb,
I guess that's okay,
For those who suffered every night and day,
Whatever makes your flowers bloom,
Whatever should sooth those scars and wounds,
I guess I'll never walk those shoes,
But do what you absolutely feel you need to do,
Take the pain and wash them away,
Rub the memories into the sea then run away,
All the torture you store in the genius chambers of your mind,
Will depart as long as you acknowledge that in time,
You are not alone,
Physically and spiritually,
Me and you will never die because our matter matters 'til infinity,
Till the universe expires we are here and always be,
Rubbing out our pain to the depths of the sea,

Jonny Angel
Jonny Angel
May 28, 2014

I have sensuous
visions of us
constantly floating
around in my head.
I see me
kneeling behind you,
buried deep
in another dimension,
your sweet hips
& you,
O you,
those primal sounds
make me crazy,
you in full bloom,
receiving my all.

like a wishbone
Sarah Gawricki
Sarah Gawricki
Aug 17, 2014

break you
like a wishbone
any Christmas.

-Good Intentions

That perfect letter, The wishbone,
Aurelio Comedero
Aurelio Comedero
Oct 8, 2013

That perfect letter, The wishbone,
fork in the road, empty wineglass.
The question we ask over and over.


Don't have a wishbone
Aug 17, 2013

Don't have a wishbone
Where your backbone ought to be,
They told me, so often.

See, wishbones are meant
For Thanksgiving dinners where
Two children break it

In half to see who
Gets the first turkey leg,
or something like that.

See, wishbones aren't strong.
They aren't reliable, strong
Enough to support you

When what you ought to
Do doesn't comply with what you
So dearly wish for.

If you lack backbones,
And have a wishbone for a
Spine instead, you should

Get to breaking that
wishbone right out of your mind
And body because

At the end of the day,
A backbone is all you have
When wishes aren't your

Reality. No,
A backbone will keep you up
Whereas a wishbone

Will break easily,
As easily as your heart
Will when your wishes

Do not come true. A
Backbone is something you ought
To have instead dear.

An ex boyfriend, after weeks of not speaking, asked to say good bye to me before he left for college. Recently he's said many inconsiderate and rude things about me, so his request took me off guard. My "wishbone" wanted to give in and see him one last time, but I knew that I was condoning him being such an ass to me (he was warranted to an extent- he took to talking about more than was expected or acceptable for someone an ex boyfriend of two months) if I let him say good bye. So I had a backbone instead and told him no. It seems trivial but he's been a weak spot for me in the past, and it was nice to not be so nice to someone who didn't deserve my kindness or a pass anyway. That's what inspired this haiku.
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