9 hours ago

"Put yourself out there"

They say
They see
I am shy
I am quite

"Put yourself inside my mind"

me to you
Lars Kadel
Lars Kadel
18 hours ago

The hole in my
roof gives me
the perfect view
of the stars,
let's me connect
all the dots.
My life is a
group of
but the ladder
of silence
too far
from the
the atmosphere.

Ben Jr
Ben Jr
1 day ago

There will come time of silence,
Time of fear, pain and horror,
When all men shall regret their presence,
And in those days, comes sorrow,

But before the end greets us,
And extends its open dreaded arms,
Let us live and worry not of our daily fuss,
Rejoice the gift that is life with the most beautiful sounds,

Let us drink and eat,
And dance our troubles away,
And may the devil on our heels,
bite its tongue over the joy in our days,

Let us bask in love, feelings and emotions,
Let us breathe the air in passing each moment,
And let not, our hearts be troubled by any commotion,
Let the smile and laughter be our favourite adornment,

I write to you,
Because I know you have known the future to come,
So alas and cherish these days,
Before they are done,

#love   #fear   #death   #hope   #days   #away   #smile   #silence   #hearts   #fate  
1 day ago


Lost in my own silence time passes slow

my voice within repeats the same, strange

how language is pointless and yet

I choose one, to speak words without sound.

I am most naked alone and quiet I found

stripped of looks and gestures I flow

in between the seconds of the clock

as it marks the days’ time, strange

how time matters and yet

I choose to let it go,

lost in the words without sound-


“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
and rightdoing there is a field.
I'll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass
the world is too full to talk about.”
― Jalaluddin Rumi
#alone   #silence  
Sanjukta Nag
Sanjukta Nag
2 days ago

We taste distance
And moments keep dropping
Little by little
From our melting hands.

Stories on your skin
Like a room full of silhouettes
Escape my touch.

Silence stands between us
Revealing an unknown script.
We read to us life.

#love   #life   #silence   #distance   #script  
2 days ago

Eso es el dia
en que no puedo parar de decirla
La digo como esa para que
no me puedes comprender
No importa
No importa en que idoma la digo
Tu no me vas a entender
Es la misma que el grito del viento
en mi pecho que me duele
cuando la luz me despierta
Como la furiosa y fuerte
pero futil
Nadie puede sentir
Eso es lo que ella me dice
La bruja me hace

This is the rare moment when I think it's worth something
#poetry   #anger   #pain   #silence   #spanish   #bilingual  

As the people were enslaved,
It became more quiet.
As the people were abused,
It became more quiet.
When the Earth was poisoned,
People said nothing.
When women were raped,
No one could hear their screams.

Druzzayne Rika
Druzzayne Rika
2 days ago

Deep silence
Restless peace
and my mind started chattering
about the eeriness of the surrounding
The sun's down
and everyone's home
Me and my shadows
walking through the meadow
The sky's starlit
but still darkness meet
I shiver through my skin
Watching the night spin
Searching for answer
As I see moon slowly disappear
My eyes stay wide awake
as I see morning about to break
but my thoughts still remains unclear
tinged with fear

#fear   #shadow   #darkness   #night   #silence   #eeriness  
4 days ago

Every so often,
Grab the abyss by the neck.
Stare deeply into her eyes, and let your heart shout its life giving war-cry.

Hear it echo within the Hallows of Death -
In the spaces that can never be filled by the life
It engulfs.

Feel the raging thunderstorm
That you so profusely call a body,
Cracking and whipping the
Silence apart.

With every coruscating breath
You draw past your lips
You feed an ancient fire
That you've held within
So effortlessly..
For an eternity.

I hope you understand
That you are woven together
By the deaths of a thousand galaxies -
And that you recognize
The countless faces of The Mother
As your own.

For you are the children
of the Sun,
The Moon,
The Truth.

#truth   #sun   #moon   #silence   #storm   #abyss   #eternity  
Vincent JFA
Vincent JFA
5 days ago

I will never pay off the debt
that comes with being a silent lover;
and I can't tell you all it took
to be all right with that.

#love   #life   #romance   #silence   #personal  
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