Mar 1

you smiled at me today
as your eyes met mine
it was like a sugar cookie in my heart
soft and warm and sweet
you left me wanting more

but the second our eyes broke
and I was no longer immersed in blue
I was alone
alone with my anxiety and my fucked up head
alone to realize I had made a terrible mistake

I miss you more than ever now
though it’s only been a couple hours
I long for your kiss and your embrace and your skin on my skin
but most of all
I long for your eyes

so,,,,, this happened
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Feb 26

I cannot tear my eyes away from the sky
they are bound together with needle and thread
although I do not mind

I will never grow tired of her amber glow in the mornings
her cerulean hue mid afternoon
and her cotton candy pinks and purples in the evenings
but my favorite has always been the night sky

I am in love with the milky white face of the moon
and the glittery speckles of stars
creating swirls of silver and white
on a canvas of black

I often venture outside late at night
just to see her
she is the Juliet to my Romeo
a beautiful masterpiece I have always loved
but am unable to touch

no this is not an indirect at someone else, I am literally writing love poetry about the sky because humans are dumb and the sky will never break my heart
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Feb 14

i've read stories

stories of sunlight
the apple of one's eye
just right
made them glow; ethereal

stories of split seconds
of uncaptured moments
immortalized (hardly)
by mental snapshots
the image transient
a pixel lost with every breath
the paint chipping away
from where it is engraved

stories of breaths
sharply taken from lungs
from disbelief, fear, surprise
(but mine, from utter devotion
so, so much devotion
it's what my lungs made room for)

stories of warmth
of softness, of comfort
of warm palms meeting cold
cold, so unlike
the heat in one's chest

stories of laughter
of its echoes in one's darkest hours
like a broken record
(but how can someone call it broken
when it's anything but?)

stories of love
of this enigma
this thing people willingly
fought for
died for
started wars for
(this thing i, a cynic, a nonbeliever,
scoffed at
called a waste of energy, of time)

i've read stories

and they were all just stories

until you.

Feb 10

my dear
you are not a girl
you are the constellation Andromeda
you think you are alone
but believe me, my dear
you are surrounded by admirers on all sides
I am one
but I am so far
I can only admire you from grassy hills
in the middle of nowhere
where the city lights will not drown you out
but when I do
you are so lovely, my dear
the long drive
to see you
will always be worth it
you are truly breathtaking

I'm writing about a girl again, but I'm not quite sure who. Maybe it's the moon.
#love   #sadness   #moon   #stars   #night   #longing   #constellation   #andromeda   #sapphic   #wlw  
Jan 28

I know a girl with eyes like oceans,
encircled by eyelashes like butterfly wings.
her hair is straight and thin and the color of sugar cookies.
she has the face of the moon.
when she speaks, her eyes widen and her voice shakes.
she makes my head spin.
but she doesn’t love me.

I know a girl with hair that is never one color.
it is short and frizzy but beautiful nonetheless.
her eyes are big and round,
and brown like coffee with too much milk.
she is ripped jeans and black shirts and drum sets.
her heart is rough but her hands are soft and small.
she makes my heart ache.
but she doesn’t love me.

I know a girl with skin like peaches in the summer,
and cream in the winter.
her hair is long and brown like chocolate.
she has a smile like the sun,
and a heart like the fire on its surface.
her eyes are rainy days,
but her lips are summer sunsets.
she makes my hands shake.
she tells me she loves me,
but I’m not sure if I believe her.

I have so much love in my heart.
all I need is someone to give it to.
but she doesn’t love me.

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Jan 5

Aphrodite, goddess of love
twist your branches of willow around me
gust your warm winds against my numb skin
cover my tongue in the taste of strawberries and chocolate.

I want to sing the sound of you
I want to know the feeling of your lips on mine
I want to be loved.

I am all too familiar with unreciprocated love
it tastes bitter, like black coffee and raw sage
I long for a sweeter taste
I long for someone to numb the sting.

so come to me, my dear
there is no need to be afraid
I will make you a cup of galaxies
it will taste like hot chocolate with extra milk
we will connect the constellations at the bottom of your cup.

#love   #gay   #girls   #lgbt   #sapphic   #wlw  
lynn avarice
lynn avarice
Dec 9, 2016

it shocks me to think that i let you touch me the way that you did,
your fingers dipped into my skin and an arm slung my neck.
you left an imprint that will never leave.
i have rubbed my skin pink and raw countless times but i am never truly clean.
who am i more disgusted with?
     for letting this happen?
          or you,
               for still having the nerve to get so close- hot breath prickling the back of my neck, sparking skin, inferno eyes- and tell me our game is done?

yes, the game i was never told we were playing... every tiny motion, every syllable, every touch… just a simple strategy to win.
i was unknowingly an opponent that you sought to knock down.
you never even let me know the rules.
now you flinch at the touch you once so lovingly leaned into.
(i use the word “lovingly” sarcastically, of course. you and i both know that, to you, there is no such thing as love. only winning or losing.)

so, you’ve emerged a victor. what’s your prize? tears that leave me hollow on the inside? midnight migraines while i long for a love that will never come?

does it fill you with satisfaction to watch the way i tremble when you come near?

you keep the trophies of every body you’ve invaded along the shelf of your room. i’m sure you run your finger over the plastic lip and think about the way her breath hitched and eyes fluttered shut when you did the same to her. she tastes like golden-plated achievements, doesn’t she?

but what you already have is not enough. you are constantly on the lookout for another medal, another souvenir from her heart.

you will make her laugh, deep from her stomach that causes her head to snap back. her chest will feel heavy when she looks at you.
(but it is not love.)
you will give her those half-lidded gazes and whisper in her ear and trace patterns into her side.
(but it is not love.)
you will get close- far too close.
(but it is not love.)
then you will sever that thin thread between you both.
     dip it in gasoline.
          set it on fire.
               add fuel to the flames with a few venomous words.

but you are not to blame.

it is never your fault, is it?
that’s what you are.

acrylic fingertips
and regurgitated phrases.

to you, and to the girl that is everything you hated about me.
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kiley g
kiley g
Nov 28, 2016

you, who would not know
empty eyes from drowning heart,
bore witness to
my aching clavicle,
my bruised chin,
my empty skull.
my hollow-boned body
still shudders subtly
remembering your butterfly kisses,
butterfly knife wishes.
i thought girls were supposed to be gentle.

#lgbt   #wlw  
Claire McCulley
Claire McCulley
Nov 25, 2016

There is nothing but love, and now. Nothing but places that ring out memories, memories of learning to lose, memories of us. There is nothing but heartbeat and heartache. Nothing but night sky. Nothing but the gleam of our spirits, their sheer capacity to keep opening themselves against all odds. Nothing but soft eyes and warm hands. Nothing but breathless winter snatching our oxygen and making us taste of ice and courage. Nothing but risk.

There is nothing here but ecstasy and boredom and wonder, nothing but watching her watch the moon, nothing but light. Nothing but mistakes and forgiveness, tender uncertainty. Nothing but the accepting of what is. Nothing but stars falling overhead, and us lifting our hands to catch them. Nothing but resistance, war, the ache for justice; nothing but our poetry burning these walls down, nothing but chain link fences and snow.

Nothing but creation, nothing but sunrise, nothing but nervous first kisses shared in the back of a city bus, nothing but mouths moving together. Nothing but reverence, guns, a god we don’t believe in, the children making snow angels in the park. Nothing but breathing together, laughter and bare feet. Another day, another hour. Nothing but the revolving of Earth, the splitting of cells, these fears we nurse in the darkness, the loss we have chosen to accept.

Nothing but our longing, our need, our dying, our letting go; nothing but nakedness, this human vulnerability, the trust we give to others, the thunder of our feelings, the words we cry out; nothing but our souls rising and falling and growing and moving and touching and aching and knowing and leaving and loving and becoming.

There is nothing but this.

#love   #life   #loss   #nature   #beauty   #stars   #earth   #youth   #grieve   #wlw  
Nov 15, 2016

i loved her so much
i've never loved something
or someone
so pure
so raw
so beautiful
in my whole life
she left me warm
before she left me

i've never missed someone as much as i miss you
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