Love hard, my friends. Love noticeably.

Love does not deserve to be shoved under the rug, to be disguised, or to be quieted. Love does not mean conforming to the idea that genuine affection is “sappy,” “cheesy,” or “cringeworthy”; instead-- love loudly.

The world wants to tell you that relationships are to be silenced. That posting multiple photographs of each other is tacky, uncomfortable, and something to make fun of. That devoting time with your favorite human being is disgusting, overbearing-- especially when you are young and the future does not exist in your hands.

Too bad, future. And how unfortunate, world. Because at the end of the day, the world does not own love. You do. It is yours to have, to keep, to share, and to do whatever it takes to hold onto it. It is mine.

When you find love, shout it from the rooftops and frame a million photographs. Post selfies of the two of you smiling wide and unwavering. Wear its colors on your face and shamelessly declare it to the whole universe and beyond: You are in love. You are alive.
And likewise, this is my philosophy: Love intentionally, fiercely, tirelessly.

Love so hard it makes people dizzy. Take it as a compliment. In an exhausted world that spins with violence, hatred, and monstrosity-- praise its joys. Snap those pictures.Tell your friends. Scrapbook it, publish it, make art out of it. Laugh about it, display it, live it. Put an end to the grotesque concept that something so beautiful, perhaps life’s most magnificent, should be sheltered. Let it grow.

This is a declaration. I am boisterously in love. There is no quiet here.
One day, you will find someone or something that your heart will never be able to shut up about. And that’s okay. Let it scream.

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I like writing because there's all these words in my head that i'm never able to say out loud because of how introverted and anxious I am and people never seem to want to listen to me talk so by writing, I can actually speak. And the world will actually listen.

Lacey Clark
Lacey Clark
Dec 12, 2016

The night sky in its crystallized entirety
Snow falling softly
A sleeping baby

Empty alleyways in the city
Fond eye contact
A smile

Hospital waiting rooms
Closed doors
Being alone

Visualization helps.
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George Krokos
Dec 8, 2016

It seems to me that angry people drive big loud cars
and try to get around or go against what heaven bars.

From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
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Look what I’ve done.
World, look at me. I am pretty. Accept me.
Facebook like, love or whatever reaction cradle
Me in your arms like my mother never did
Tell me I matter.
Kiss me under the stars just
To prove to me that my dark past does not need
To overshadow my flickering happiness.
Let me breath you in just to prove that
This yin and yang mystery can be real.
Two hearts can synchronize.

Look what I’ve done.
Mommy look at me past my disappointments
Lover, look at me like I am the definition of perfection.
Toy with my bleeding heart like a porn in a chess game.
Dangle me. Make me feel whole and leave me empty.
Make me realize that I keep loving “deep” statuses
Because I find pieces of myself in them.
I keep trying to find my voice because
She ran away for me.

Look what I’ve done.
Look at what I am. I am alive.
I didn’t tap out. I survived.
I faced my demons and won some battles.
Lost more but I am here.
Look at me burying those I love.
I went out to hunt grief and before I left
I dug two graves.
One for my happiness and the other for my pain.

Look at what I have done.
God look at me!
Tell me why you never left
A suicide note to explain why I became a monster
The reason why you sent guardian angels
to protect us because we break everything we touch.
We hate happiness because it reminds us of something
we can hold onto for a lifetime.
Look at me. I hate death because
She reminds me of regret and the I love you
That I could have and should have said.
The I am sorry and the tight hugs.
A constant reminder that a beating heart
Is sometimes life distilled to its purest form.

Look at what I’ve done.
I became the human I promised to never become.
The alcoholic my mother is. The abuser that was my father.
My emotionless grandfather.
My voiceless grandmother.
The friend who ignores friends when
They need me most because I am afraid they
Wont reply to my 2am rants when I am confessing my dark secrets
How will I ever forgive myself for the things I did not become?
Look at me!
Look at what I’ve done.

Look at me.
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My Dearest Reno
My Dearest Reno
Nov 28, 2016

unflumpin! timmy, dammit, shut up.
oil slick, don't pick, lost chicken head
luster gangrene on a pristine dollar
yelling, "ask her, ask her, she'll know!"
glancing behind my goggles, "whet?"
i know nussing at this fleeting moment;
hushed mouth, like cold barren winter
speak less, live fast; slow clarification
promising we'll all take care of one another,
when we're super crusty, rusty, trusting
age slowly creeps in a blooming joy;
band of bandeleros with nothing to lose
thong was far easier to maneuver a board
thirty years of draggin' ass, i can no longer,
before any ho knew about showing it off,
"shut up, it's just my butt, a chicken butt!"
burning our wicks in nature repeated,
always scrubbing, cleaning, caring for
soul reason she nourishes our shores
there yehling now, "darce, cant tipe!"

escribio en mexico
thongs are so pase, crica 86

wrotten 11,26 at the 2.36am our....fuuuugghhh

...shit it's drunk. i'm late.
gosh, men talk such poopoo!
nasty ass boys.
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Nick Moser
Nick Moser
Nov 18, 2016

Pain can be so loud sometimes.

And while I'm over here screaming,
Does anyone say anything?

Of course they don't.

They only speak up to tell me I'm making too much noise.

Why even bother
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Eleanor Rigby
Eleanor Rigby
Nov 13, 2016

Big loud words,
Never heard.


#words   #never   #big   #loud   #heard   #5w  
Jules D
Jules D
Nov 3, 2016

everything’s been a little cut-deep lately, 

heart-pound lately,

teach me 
how not to feel 
for once. 

this isn’t the first time, y'see,
that my heart wears me down,

lungs a little too full.

d'you know the feeling?

but—teach me how not to.

how not to feel every quake of every bone, 

every pulse of every vein, 

let it fade into background noise because god,
only thing louder than the entire world is my own damn self. 


either teach me how to make it hush

or lay me down

to sleep.

i don't know, myself. so just breathe through it, like always
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AD Fox Spirit
AD Fox Spirit
Nov 1, 2016

Do you hear those petrifying screams?
The ones that haunt you in your dreams.
You having trouble falling asleep,
As you hear the boogey men come out from under your bed.
Your mind is whirling around with crazy thoughts,
That makes you fear for the worst.

Are the boogeymen men going to scream or yell at you tonight?
Or we they actually have some mercy on your innocent mind?

With their piercing eyes that glare right into your very heart,
Making you freeze up and want to cry out,
But no one will save you from this creature of pure darkness.

So you silence your cries,
And you try your best to hide but there is no escape from their wrath.

#cold   #metaphors   #loud   #screams   #fears   #worries   #boogeyman  
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