Branden Youngs
Branden Youngs
2 days ago

There is going to be a period in your young adult years that will haunt you for the rest of your days. During this time, you will learn that every caterpillar won't some day fly away. You will experience how cold the world really is and what courage it takes to keep your heart warm. Despite everything you were told growing up, love is not remotely close to a perfect art form. You will realize that your years are sometimes spent trying to survive instead of living and that there are way too many people on this Earth to do the Devil’s bidding.

Sometimes in life, your worst demons are your next of kin and it will take longer than anyone likes to admit to love their own skin.

there is something beautiful that happens you finally learn how to be alone.
Pieces that people stole from you will now begin to organically grow.

Embrace the chaos.

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3 days ago

I'm trying to create my own - wonderland,
a place where darkness is not allowed,
and heartbreak dies, as soon as it tries,
to open the door.
a wonderland where demons turn into loving fairy's, and start to take care of all the flowers I'm trying to grow.

I'm trying to create my own wonderland,
a place where I can be my purest self,
In the highest form of happiness.

a place where I just don't want to
escape from.

3 days ago

you have given me
so much love
that my two arms
cannot carry it

so i have grown
to be able to
bear it all

My soul is a song that sings a raspy tune,
About love, life and the heartache I've been through.
My heart is a book with pages and chapters written out of order about me and you.
I can't seem to remember the beginning of either and the end seems like a distant future.
But I want you to take your time listening, reading and trying to understand,
Because my life is in these words
And even if we're from different worlds
Love, pain, joy and heartache are things we've all come to know.
And by simply listening and reading each other, we can begin to grow.

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Believing and dreaming, growing and leaving
Leaving behind......
A whoosh and a spin, a grin and a glint, all that it takes before time is amiss.

larger, infinite, timeless, senseless, insurmountable, imaginable.

These are the moments in which the impossible can be conceived.
A smile is taken as a romantic gesture,
And every single moment can be jumbled in a messy, wild, reckless grin
Each stroke taken as its last
Each beat felt like never before
And its all coming now

Will it ever come like this again?

What it is like leaving home for the first time and finding your own
#love   #freedom   #leave   #beauty   #emotions   #strong   #deep   #powerful   #force   #grow  

I'll plant a kiss in your lips,
So that a smile will grow in it,
Then its roots will reach into your heart and soul,
And that love will be its fruit.

© Earl Jane
♥ E.J.C.S.

For Brandon ❤❤

OMG. Lol. I didn't realize this became the daily poem ON MY BIRTHDAY. Hahaha.. Lots stuff are happening today and I am really happy. Thank you everyone
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Dec 30, 2016

The fucking roots of this thing are unbelievable.
They grow right into the crux of my inner most cognition.
Where the gears and bolts and pipes
and all the unseen mechanics of my little mind reside.
They grow inside and through and around.
They clog gears,
burst pipes,
loosen bolts.
I have weeds in my mind,
the kind that suffocate their host.
A fiery invasive species,
the ones that only respect fire and pesticides.

Mane Omsy
Mane Omsy
Dec 28, 2016

The beauty of light in darkness
Is better than in daylight
Does that matter to you when
They categorize men, women
Into lanes to reach their goals?

Reflections of the sun on the waves
Seems like a million stars shining at once
While the breeze was so cold above them
The heat on the land gained its strength
Man can't you change inspite this?

Time to change, as everytime. There's still time to make a change
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Mane Omsy
Mane Omsy
Dec 24, 2016

Break the silence with a subject
That wouldn't lead to violence
Pick a page and turn it slowly
Don't miss a lesson for a revision

Who's the captain in this ship
Who could save us from a drown
Since the ocean waves are strong
Predicting our future is in danger

Live my life, or live your life
To imitate all your moves and talks
Who mentioned I could be my own
Is self respect and pride till doom

I'll love someone who's better than yours
To create a conflict in the midst of this
Dilemma of another sunrise, listen bud
Wish we had two different moons to shine

Be within yourself
#love   #life   #friend   #listen   #yourself   #jealousy   #pride   #grow   #learn   #neighbor  
uzzi obinna
uzzi obinna
Dec 15, 2016

Many years have gone by,
Many more are yet to come,
Many places i have been,
None, i could call my home;

Many tears have been shed,
And so much pain have been felt,
Many have come and gone,
I do not know who i have left;

Many mistakes have been made,
Most of which have brought me here;
Many rights that i have done,
The journey has been worth the dare;

Many answers i tried to find,
So many things i don't understand,
Many things i've left behind,
Just to make a better stand;

Many people that i have hurt,
Many others have hurt me too,
But this is just a part of life ,
These are things we must go through;

Many reasons to have regrets,
And other reasons to rejoice,
Decisions were always mine to make,
I'as always entitled to a choice;

So many nights beneath the stars,
I could be like them- so bright so rear,
So many years watching the moon,
Men like me have gone up there;

my past is past forever now,
Here i am still standing here,
Watching the moon and stars,
So why should i shade a tear?

So many years are ahead of me,
Don't know how much of it i have,
My living is my greatest chance,
To do better and grow a nerve.

Life is the biggest opportunity we all have. Everyday we have is a day to begin doing things differently. A second ago could also be the past.
#depression   #past   #years   #grow   #nerve  
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