13 minutes ago

Everything just passes me by
People, hope and opportunity, no matter how I try
The focus of my life is not to focus on the past
And it all goes by so fast

I'm stuck here in my room, on my bed
Reminiscing over things, trapped inside my head
Like this is where I'm at now, no doubt
I've got so much more to do

Way too much to lose, way too young to cruise
Should be getting out more often but I don't wanna bruise
The backlash of my actions, intended or not
Is not something that I've forgot

Not something I can forget
Because I'm not done just yet
I got things to do, much to lose
Now is not the time for me to cruise

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Jan 12

It's a shame to exist in a world
Where loyalty is currency
That friends only befriend you
For their own ends
That people don't listen
When you say the truth time and again
That they accept the lie of "I'm fine"
And it's only when you cry that they give you a piece of their mind
That they're willing to corrupt you with thoughts
And laugh as you clutch your head, screaming, drawing on the walls
And laughing all the more when they set you up to fall
And stand over you, triumphant, when your life is agonising crawl
And when success is nearby and you're happy,
Well then they make you stall
Second guess and doubt yourself
And you listen because you think that no-one else...
No-one else will

Find your true friends
And hold on to them,
Like the diamonds they are

This is free-flow slam poetry. I wrote this only just before uploading
And I apologise, it's been a while
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Jan 7

"Smart enough to know the truth,
And smart enough to avoid it.
Flawed are we humans."

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Dec 23, 2016

Ignorance is bliss they say,
I never found it
When I was being put down
And they were shouting at me like
"You'll never rise up, you're nothing, ain't worth the time"
And it only gave me another excuse to rap and to rhyme
Expressing my feelings just to get it off my chest
While at the same time writing lines simply to be my best, it's a test
And so far I've been passing, they said I can't do it
But watch as I sonic speed right on through it
I'll defeat the Doctor Eggman and chill with my bud Tails
While you sitting in the corner pointing out all my fails
But I don't care, it's behind, another lesson learnt
So that I progress easier and don't be so badly hurt
I like to help others, a saint some would say
A blessing disguised as a kid you see everyday
But keyword is disguised, every man has his demons
They can be so bad that ol' skull-face takes to reapin'
But I haven't fallen yet, I still stand tall
On the hill, helpless just watching it all burn
I know I'm not liked, by many and still don't care
As long as I live happily then I ain't gonna be snared
By the concept that the best must have a good reputation
But solitude for some is the key to salvation
Why would you want to fit in with people that you don't like?
And when they try to conform you, tell em to take a hike

Wrote this off the top of my head
#rap   #vyscern  
Dec 22, 2016

I don't seem to fit in
"Be yourself" they said
So of course I rebelled.

I tried being the cool kid
Ahaha, what a laugh that was
Try being confident after years of being nervous?
Yeah, it was a bit of a wreck

I tried being silent
But I would always speak out of turn...
It takes great sadness to shut me up
It seems..

I tried being tough
Despite my height,
Nobody believes you if you ain't packing a six-pack

I tried to isolate myself
But my soul longed for company
So much that it began to even annoy me

So eventually I tried being myself
I have lots of "friends", people who only care about my losses but never share my wins.
Some close friends.... at times it feels as though they don't exist
It seems to me that being a "creep", "weirdo" and "stalker"....
Well, they seem to be who I am.
Don't mind me sobbing in the corner

I'm just being myself

The feels
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Dec 22, 2016

For all the times I tried to hide
All the darkness I've defied
And all those times I felt alive
Only to fall down again and die

I know some people refuse to see
The life I lead, the blood I bleed
The reasons I did things that just weren't clean
And when I hid away, just let me be

I don't expect everybody to trust
The passion, the fire, the anger, the lust
The security, loyalty, vision deceives
It's how you perceive, how you see me

And I'm sorry that tonight I said goodbye
But it's better for you, I ain't gonna lie
In every lie there's a kernel of truth
And it shows me that I was never right for you

#trust   #goodbye   #adieu   #blood   #loyalty   #farewell   #security   #vyscern  
Dec 21, 2016

The word function is in dysfunctional

Sure, but when dysfunctional is disabled

How does one continue to walk?

Wrote this at about 12:00 in the morning... I don't sleep well XD
Dec 18, 2016

A collision of energy
Your passion and purity
My will and practicality
Fused and refuse to detach

Now, I just hope it lasts

Wrote this a while ago, the person it was for is gone
Dec 15, 2016

I find it hard to open up
When the times I have, I get shut
Told to get over, deal with the pain
But what if I told you that I'm not the same?

There have been times when my heart burned
Because I pined, because I yearned
A lost love that was but my first
Eaten like acid, removed by hearse

Or times when I wake up and feel so empty
Like why am I here, please just forget me
Open your mind and be released
From the torturous memories that are me

Or times when anger flared up inside
And I dared you to try to hide
I wanted to end you for the lies that you told
For all of the bullshit you offered, you sold

But don't forget I get depressed too
And I wondered if I really was something you could lose
If I had the worth, if I meant something
I'd hear sad songs and alone I'd sing

And everything hurts ten times more
Then what ever emotions you've had before
So don't put me down and say I ain't strong
When I've been carrying this burden all along....

Saw a zodiac post on FB... it said my flaw was I don't tell others how I truly feel and I felt inspired to write this
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Dec 10, 2016

Care to share,
Dare to bear
The weight of this world
That isn't there?

Figure it, if you dare XD
#world   #cryptic   #weight   #care   #share   #dare   #bear   #code   #vyscern  
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