5 days ago

McKayla Rose, Tribute to her Love

(I helped)

"When I first looked into your eyes,
Each breath became a thousand sighs,
The air was filled with love bird cries,
That was the day I realized,

How much you truly mean to me,
Chemistry, our synergy
I want the world to finally see...
...How we love, in unity

Since I met you,
I have learned to love the light
You were my lamp in stormy darkness
The day that breaks the night

You showed me a mirror
And inside I saw glimmer
A small shard of hope
That with love began to grow...

...Now I want the world to know,
How I feel and and see where we go, Love swirling around like the blowing snow
Don't say a word just hold me close

And as the day turns into night,
Being in your arms just feels so right, The world is dark but our future is bright
But that's only for us to decide

A collaboration with former poet McKayla Rose. Without her this would not have been written
6 days ago

I cleansed my hands of corruption today
For I had done a filthy deed
I gazed into the mirror
I saw corruptions seed

In harvest of its fruits
My ends justified my means
And although there's not a mark
I'll not be truly clean

You may question what I did
But it is my belief
That it's better to feel something
Even if it makes you bleed

There lies a sense of resignation, of guilt, of hatred and emotions, where previously there were none. My selfish actions have hurt another, and I am sorry for that

But glad to feel again
#pain   #end   #hurt   #justify   #corruption   #means   #deed   #justified   #vyscern  
Feb 13

But a small shift in the earth
Can cause unforseen circumstances
So deviating from what you should do,
My friend,
Will make your future uncertain

Think about the risk you run
Before you run for the reward

For a former friend of mine. Godspeed compadre
#future   #change   #earth   #advice   #uncertain   #risk   #reward   #vyscern  
Feb 11

Impatience is the impairment of patience
Where it is imperative, should be noted
That the implication of impatience
Is the lack of it thereof,
That is, patience
And not having the time to
Improve upon waiting

It's not necessarily a bad thing
Sometimes it's best to rip the bandaid quickly

Lots of impish little "imp" parts within words :)
Feb 9

There is a key
To an abyss of thoughts
So irrelevant, so minute
It surprises me what I remember
When the gate to these thoughts
Is opened

And is the reason why I'm still awake
Two hours after going to bed

#sleep   #bed   #thoughts   #lock   #key   #small   #minute   #vyscern  
Feb 6

Taught to be wary of strangers
"Stranger Danger"
What about the danger of others,
Or those which we impose on ourselves?

#self   #family   #danger   #stranger   #wary   #vyscern  
Feb 5

Isn't it strange how strangers
Aren't at all strange
And "friends" and "family" are the ones
Providing you with the dangers?

Feb 2

One thing I know is that we're captured in the frames
Of dead and dying pictures when suppression was a name
Ever since that day, nothings' been the same
When our dead and dying frames were laid to rest in graves

The company we kept,
Aware of beast that slept
The loyalty we paid to earn
Via trust, it was a test

Concepts of romance
Led us an exhausting dance
With lust untamed, demons unnamed
With each rattling breath we exhaled
And the graves still look the same

Here lies dignity,
My memories, my sanity
Self-esteem and vanity
Ripped apart antiquity
And after all this, finally
Accepted into society!

used and abused, are those without power
Jan 30

A crutch, a walking stick
Use and abuse so sick of it
There for you when you can't move
Support your weight when you lose

But let me burn when you're cured
So fuck you from all us tortured
Swinging in chains, bonded by pain
A snakes skin is all that changes

The venom still gleams crystal clear

So let me burn!
Playing with fire
Let! Me! Burn!
Your hopeless desires

I'll just take a seat right here
Blindfold off its so damn clear
This cinema rolls the same tape
But it's hilarious to see your face

The devil on the big screen
You wanted attention, now act your scene
A snakes skin is all that changes
But your method never rearranges

The venom drips, so crystal clear...

So let me burn!
Playing with fire
Let! Me! Burn!
Your faith has retired

Once again, called you out
It's hard to swim when drowning in doubt
I know, that riptide was far too strong
But in seeking help, I never did wrong

And your life is crumbling, as the venom drips

So let me burn!
Playing with fire
Let! Me! Burn!
Your hopeless desires

So let me burn!
Playing with fire
Let! Me! Burn!
Your faith! Is!

#fire   #faith   #snake   #poison   #venom   #pyre   #faithless   #hydro   #pyro   #vyscern  
Jan 28

Claw marks down the wall,
Lined with red
Music keeps me alive
But drives me insane

#dead   #alive   #music   #sane   #insane   #vyscern  
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