In her eyes...
you see her sorrow,
you see her pain,
yet you can never explain,
you can never feel
exactly as she feels,
but you can't unsee it,
when you have seen it,
it's obvious.

Her eyes are the windows to her murdered soul,
Her murdered soul is the door to her broken heart,
Her broken heart is the key to her mind,
and her mind is what in the end is going to kill her.

#sad   #depression   #pain   #death   #sorrow   #kill   #murder   #soulless  
Mar 20

What makes an animals  life more inferior to a humans?

Are the killings forgiven because the bond we share is broken from the missing link of communication?
Do we do it because their screams are silenced and the only way to hear horror is by looking into their eyes?

We kill before we understand. Humans themselves are still learning. There are things we don't understand, there are times we screw up. Does that mean we're eligible for death?
No because we have a larger "meaning" in this life. We have jobs, pay bills and use our opposable thumbs for senseless tasks.
Does that make us superior?

Elephants can paint
Monkeys play chess
Birds can sing
Animals can feel.

Tragedy is, ignorant people will only see the common bond they have with others is simply the soil we tread on.

Written 5/29/16

Tears like onions
peeling from my eyes.
No one sees the salt
in my aquamarine guise.
Seas of scars in emerald swirls.
Slivers sliced like your lies.
If only looks could kill,
onions would be my alibi

3-19-17 (C)

Don't read too much into this one on my account. Remember, this is an onion we're talking about. These words came out like tears when slicing onions.

Thank you for reading! K:)
#eyes   #tears   #kill   #onions  

You are all repression
and denial and avoidance
in the face of anything
not ideal
because the alternative is
self hatred
And we both love
too much to prioritise
your happiness
and do you see now
this is killing me

#love   #suicide   #lies   #truth   #loss   #relationships   #kill   #wall   #guard   #repression  

If it can fly
It should die.

#kill   #fly   #bugs  

It's all a preparation for a blow you are intending on.
I've been sailing on high tides and land is near. Will you break the waves in halves or will you raise them to double their size?
Grow or destroy. That is the game. And you are unpredictable, like a sudden storm in the midst of March.
Unpredictable but Harmless.
Therefore, blow in my face spring's breeze. Let me close my eyes and feel your breath on my eyelashes.
I've forever told you you are beautiful, and you forever will be.

- LynnAA

Kill. No. Let Live.
Hate. No. Love.
Repress. No. Express.
Forget. No. Remember.

#love   #hate   #beautiful   #beauty   #forget   #remember   #lovers   #kill   #sea   #live  

Seeing the sky faded into dark
a memory playing in my head
stranger told me that he loved me so
I dumb..
I found my self as a regret
feeling the world seemed to stay away
I had a hope
hope that never comes
sadness that burgeon until now
killing me inside

#love   #regret   #world   #whatever   #dark   #sky   #kill   #feeling   #memory   #someone  
Shawn B
Shawn B
Mar 3

I just watched a movie of Werewolves
Let us say actually of
Werewolves, Vampires, Zombies and any of the like
If I were one
I'd be any one, any day
let's kill the past

I was lost
And searching for some life to borrow

The point is for me, where does my life come from
Or where does my help come from
My help comes from You, maker of heaven
Creator of the whole earth
This life offered
All but for me to seek and find
Or any old creature too

In the morning I get up
Kneel and say
"thank You"

I was found
And found again, when I loose my way

I just called my Dad
Or let's say maybe my Brother
Though the memory of the rest still follow me to this day

Walking dead you could say
You bring the life with you

Lost now found

Alive as I allow myself to be, or more alive at least
As I Give, Share, Love, Bless, Pray, Encourage, Help, Listen...
Love by Faith

Over Jordan is a choice. Though I still walk a little broken, I hope God will use this broken clay, and see me home. SB
#love   #peace   #faith   #change   #vampire   #kill   #live   #zombie   #creatuse  
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