Oh sleepless night why come tonight?
Curiosity lead me astray
Now sleepless night show me thine telescopic sight

Oh sleepless night why torment me?
Thou came at a strange time in life
Sensuality cover of my sanity

Oh sleepless night why hinder rest?
Youthful travels delay gateways
Yesterdays, break of day, spiritual decay

Oh sleepless night how do you rest?
Time passes yet you do not lay down
Sleepless night show thine sunday best among the rest

Thine heart shalt rest no more,
Find eternal peace by the shore.

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Breathe in
   The briny bonne odeur
   Of a damsel replete,
Remember the nape of her neck
   As she lay there beside you
   Soundly asleep
Relinquish your body,
  Your soul to the rubble,
  Your heart and your mind to the street
Wring your hands and curse the heavens,
The fates, The Gods
On your knees.

And what of these torments
   Of This regret
   What of these torments and regret
Lain aside

Mar 2

You wear your pain on your arm
Like a hideous scar
There's something about the way
It shines under the stars
Beckoning to me
To please grab hold
To tear open the skin
And leave it exposed

#love   #short   #metaphor   #hurt   #torment   #twisted   #torture  

Do you dream?
I dream all through the night
I thrash and sweat
The bed soaked in fear
Words never said
Worlds never met
In the morning I wake and the play is vivid in my mind
My heaving chest pulling sharp cold breaths
I lay staring at the ceiling

If not for the thrum of blood against my ears
If not for the vibrant images of my fears

When I was a child my dreams would be surreal
Visions so unfamiliar that I would wake in relief
I would sigh and the exhale would take with it the memory of my frightful bedtime fantasy

Now I only ever dream about a man
And his family

Every night I'm swept into the agonising reality
That actually
My dreams are no longer fiction
But rather a dictation of my actions

There is no exhale when I wake
I gasp for sweet air
All in the name of nothing

I wake but I never slept
The man has had years to forget
Why are you so obsessed he says
Or I imagine he would if we met
I live in this each night
A land of frightful hate
Of turning backs
Of broken plates
Back handed
Demonised for the crimes of a depressed and desolate actuality
This is my fate
To always be late in my knowledge
To learn lessons after the fact and when the fact of the matter is I no longer matter-

He runs from me.

In the deepest subconscious I release my fears
This heart yearns his
And he will never know.

I bow under the burden of my dreams.

#love   #heartbreak   #broken   #sad   #pain   #dreams   #reality   #family   #torment   #fears  
Feb 25

It's but a lonely place, in this heart.
No matter how clean things are kept,
It constantly feels it's all falling apart;
And to clean up this mess, I don't know where to start.

#regret   #empty   #sorrow   #suffering   #torment   #rage  

The room goes dark
Its time to play
Bewildered look on
Her face
Glowing by the sheen
From candles lit
Let the games begin
A dark voice says

Sweat builds on her brow
Like a tear drop
No sadness here
She awaits in anticipation

Her body is tense
Ropes, whips and chains
Hanging on the walls
Will we be used today
Takes hold of the ropes
Ties her to four posts
Attached to a bed
Dressed in silk clothes
So soft where she lies

He covers her eyes
Field of view obstructed
Heightened senses
Like a cave underwater
No life expected

Her ears come to life
Tingling from slow breathes
Blowing from his
cold mouth
Frozen lips
Icy tongue
She gasps for air
Her body bare

First time playing
He isn't easy
On her
A big smile forms
No serenity
Pleasure is torture

She wants more
Craves deep within
No whips
No chains
Nothing more than
Hot and Cold hands
His Toy

Moving across her body
Up and Down
Exploring her map
Over the hills
Through the valleys
From chest to navel

Mouth to Mouth
She licks her lips
In slow motions
Like a fan
He tastes so good
So much emotion
The smell of leather
In the air

Takes a deep breathe as
He rubs the ice
Down the Hills
Is it too hot?
Is it too cold?
Her brain can't function
What is this?
is it Pleasure?
Is it pain?

She wants to learn
His tender touch
Is it love?
Is it hate?
Is it passion?
Confused reaction

Please stop!
No, keep going
What to do?
What to say?
She says nothing
She has escaped
Into the confines of
Her mind distressed
She is fully obliged
To Him

Mouth to lips
Passion fruit
Cant move
She comes undone
Her body contorts
Hair stands
Like trees in the forest

What has happened?
She'll never tell
Forever changed
Her body fell
Into his arms
Her Dark Tormentor

JM 10/4/16

A poetic story. Part 1 of a series. More to come.
#love   #tears   #lust   #dark   #sex   #torment   #rough   #pleasure   #sub   #dom  

Too many waves
Too much commotion
Too many thoughts
And too much emotion
Back and forth, up and down
The world is rocking, I think I'll drown
I'm losing touch, I can't commit
I can't help it, I'm sea sick.

Too many people
Not enough air
I'm a prisoner
Tied to this chair
Too fast, too slow, side to side
No privacy on this stifling ride
I'm losing my mind bit by bit
I can't help it, I'm car sick

Slow me down, silence the storm
Its 40 below yet I'm still too warm
Too much chaos I can't breathe
I retreat inside, cuz I can't leave
Shattered glass, bottled up tight
Too scared to quit, too tired to fight
Im losing this battle, I've lost my way
I'll lose my life, if I delay
This fear inside is swallowing me whole
Will I ever calm my tormented soul?

Today, I am the feeling of falling, the
jolt of the unrealised last step
on the staircase.

Feel myself sliding
down a sheer cliff
face,   and turning
my face away from
all   of the       hand
holds and foot hold
s that could      save
me the fall.

Below me is the river, the one
you see in films, where the
crocodiles snap and scream and
the waves are shrieking too,
where the jagged, toothed rocks are reaching
up with their barbed fingers,
they pierce the air with vows to catch the fallen
and the hero can't hold on
for much longer.

But even though i try to shape these words into the silhouette of my descent, they only seem a shallow, shadow-shape i cannot make cement; and shadows cannot beat a heart with violent fear and fierce torment as my heart beats.

experimenting with shapes
#fire   #fall   #shadow   #falling   #cliff   #torment   #silhouette   #river   #shapes  

Together, let's paint our future in blood,
And intertwine our veins.

Why are you turning back?
I have you now; I'm not letting you go away.

Feel my knife etching my initials in your skin
And gaze at the marks from my bites.

A perfect doll for my collection,
You are forever mine.

I'm not one to associate with jealousy,
I just decapitate anyone who glimpses your way.

Now, now; no need to worry,
There's nothing physically wrong with my brain.

It's just that your tormented shrills just turn me on,
That I'm addicted to indulging in your soul.

The way your eyes represent an abyss of fear,
Your skin loses warmth and turns frigid cold;

And the flow of crimson rivers cascading down your flesh
When the pain is more than you can endure,

Makes me want to keep you in my chamber,
With your limbs chained to the floor.

I just wanted to point out, no, I am not in a relationship and don't intend on being in one anytime soon. This is a made-up scenario (Though the world is strange so it could be real).
#love   #pain   #torment   #scary   #abusive   #torture   #sadist   #creepy  
Dec 23, 2016

I heard something today, which took me by surprise
It took me back to a place that I thought I’d left behind
And although it’s hurting I know through searching
I’ll find out for certain what good has surfaced

‘Cos the days of torment past
Have taught me not to look back
‘Cos they turn blue skies overcast
When their storm clouds attack

It does no good to stop and stare
At the past when you’re no longer there,
When you can’t change what’s been and gone
It’s too late to change all that’s been done
You can’t just sit and wait for change
‘Cos you know the past won’t rearrange
Into a picture-perfect scene from the silver screen
So don’t keep holding on to the things that could’ve been

I heard something today, familiar silent cries
It took me back to that place I thought I’d buried inside
And although it’s sore I know for sure
I’ll find out which door leads to the cure

But then I begin questioning
What I thought I had surpassed
Is it all just destiny?
Have the days of torment passed?

It does no good to stop and stare
At the past when you’re no longer there,
When you can’t change what’s been and gone
It’s too late to change all that’s been done
You can’t just sit and wait for change
‘Cos you know the past won’t rearrange
Into a picture-perfect scene from the silver screen
So don’t keep holding on to the things that could’ve been

Copyright © 2016-2017 KF

A rework of an old one
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