Jim Davis
Jim Davis
4 days ago

Can words
Slice thoughts
Like a razor
Like a knife
Stab flesh
And blood
Throw a blow
Impale the heart
Destroy Love
Twist the brain
To wish a death

Careful of words
You throw
Deadly weapons
In a mind's world

©  2017 Jim Davis

Nothing serious here, except for some.  Just playing with a thought!
#love   #suicide   #words   #hate   #thought   #murder  

In her eyes...
you see her sorrow,
you see her pain,
yet you can never explain,
you can never feel
exactly as she feels,
but you can't unsee it,
when you have seen it,
it's obvious.

Her eyes are the windows to her murdered soul,
Her murdered soul is the door to her broken heart,
Her broken heart is the key to her mind,
and her mind is what in the end is going to kill her.

#sad   #depression   #pain   #death   #sorrow   #kill   #murder   #soulless  
Rose L
Rose L
6 days ago

Sludge and blood. The smell of deep red iron
filtering through the rocks and bodies bruised to the touch.
Grotesque collections of pills and broken skin;
infections and secretions and violent affections -
Spit stained fingers and dilated pupils at thoughts thick with resin.
Waking up with sickness in your stomach and bite marks on your neck
The pull of clutching hands at strands of hair and bitten lips and sweat
Pulling deeper, sharp inhale of self-done stitches
Ripped open insides and the moment his breath hitches -
aches forever. Pulsing, swollen, bleeding on the brain
Sweet and sickly, gorgeous and gorged veins
Momentary singularity in pain.

I tried to create a parallel in this between illness and sex. I hope it shows!
#love   #blood   #sex   #killing   #murder   #horror   #scary   #sexual   #bdsm   #violent  

It is so cold and dark as gloom
I'm on the floor hog-tied and bound
The door is locked to my new room
I don't know if I will be found

I'm on the far side of the moon
Deep silence I can't hear a sound
I really thought I was immune
Even though no one was around

I think maybe it was about noon
I saw you two and my heart drowned
You were hand in hand love abloom
How on Earth could I have been clowned

My hand to my hip then the boom
You lay bleeding on the hard ground
Caught within the web of your loom
Grief and misery both abound

Tour song of love was out of tune
I weigh treachery by the pound
My heart break to you I impugn
My once kind smiling face has frowned

Horrid deeds drop me in a swoon
The gravity does me astound
You will be buried this afternoon
A grave and tomb will you impound

The green-eyed monster sealed my doom
But why, why did you so confound
A love, a life so opportune
My feelings for you so profound

A cuckold pathetic buffoon
Alas no peace have I found
Here on the far side of the moon
Here on the floor hogtied and bound
You lay bleeding on the hard ground
Caught within the web of your loom

This is sort of a Tom Dooley and Barbra Allen thrown in the blender.
#moon   #jealousy   #murder   #tragedy   #revenge   #cuckold  

There lived a man,
with wife and child,
Who toiled the hours away.
He was never home,
So his son was wild,
And the man's hairs turned to gray.
The man, he prayed,
for something new,
To break his boring days.
The next day, on the shore,
On the edge of a cliff,
Was a girl with her hair ablaze.
The lady turned with a shake of her hips,
And the man did cry of lust.
For he knew that his wife,
His black haired jewel,
had half the face and half the bust.
But the girl on the shore,
With the bleeding hair,
had a trick for the man she'd ensnared.
She told the man her dastardly plan,
For she knew she could never be shared.
The man went home, and he tied up his bride,
Went away to find his blade.
Her hair of black did turn to white,
for she had never been so afraid.
When the man returned,
He cut her throat and she fell down from the bed.
Her blood did pool around her,
Till her hair was dripping red.
So the man returned to his mistress,
Who was waiting beneath the palm tree,
His mistress wore his spouse's face,
She killed him and ran into the sea.

#death   #story   #cheating   #red   #murder   #mistress  
Mar 10

The wind blows warm as it whistles along
The wild dogs howl as they begin to hunt
The moon shines bright across the land
Near a bush beside the road upon the sand is death

What once was is no longer
All life gone
Such beauty in her face
So young

Greed, hate, evil put her there
It took everything and left only flesh
The creatures of the desert ripped at the body
The nature in death left only bone and hair

Gone to live no more
Love no more, all breath gone
No heart beat, no more smile
A mother loved by her son

She shall never see the man
She shall never know of his love
He will never feel her warmth
Hear her laugh or see her smile

Death took her life
Hate laid her on the sand
Pure evil left her there
Man walked away

For 39 years her spirit wept
A cold case, no leads
Her son would never give up
His love brought her justice and peace

No longer does her spirit weep
She is truly at rest
Her body is no longer upon the sand
In the desert outside Palm Springs

this is my first poem ever with no rhyme
it has to do with my mothers death in 1972
#love   #hate   #death   #son   #mother   #memory   #murder   #justice  

I died drowning
Drowning like the rest of America
Trying to breathe under the numbers
All of them telling us that we're failures
I died drowning

It was more so a murder than an unfortunate event
I blame society
Piling papers and statistics on teens and the to be's
We're shoved into school at the age of 3
For that I blame you

I blame you for my death
The air was extracted from my lungs
All 78% of nitrogen and 21% of oxygen

Geometry fried my brain at exactly 112 degrees
Physics pushed me off a cliff and I accelerate by 9.81 m/s
World History murdered me with every war and battle

English killed me just like every author
Band beat me to death like a drum
Weightlifting dropped 225 lbs on my throat
The play acted out all of my deaths

I didn't die just drowning
I was beaten, burned, shot, choked, mocked and everything in between.
I was murdered and I  am still living

I am here to convict the killers
They say it takes a village to raise a kid
But what does it take to kill one?

What everyone in school feels
#suicide   #war   #death   #battle   #america   #murder   #geometry   #school   #weight   #author  

Today, from class I was walking
On the phone with my boyfriend,
I was talking,
When between my feet I felt
A squishy, squirmy wormy,
Who's brain,
I mushed, stomped,
Smashed and smushed,
amidst the evening rain.

I cried out "why!?"
For his little brown eye,
Stared deep into my soul.
It looked so sad,
Because it was a dad,
To other squirmy wormys
I couldn't see.

As I was walking,
Still on the phone, talking
To my boyfriend,
who could not see,
The death of the wormy,
No longer so squirmy,
And I considered
What is life to be.

#rain   #murder   #worms  
Mar 7

It’s raining bullets,
Blood and tears
Smoke and mirrors
Dampened fears
Stale air sucked down your lungs
The dead girl’s song is left unsung

insp. by chinatown (1974)
Mar 7

Blinded by the ring
Of a gunshot, deafening
Silence swamps her life.

one of many poems insp. by chinatown (1974)
#poetry   #gun   #sad   #haiku   #death   #murder   #violence   #synesthesia  
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