Every book I open
Every story I read
Another adventure I start
Another Life I begin

I live with them
And laugh
And run
And cry with them

I just don't belong
Not in the real world
But however unlikely
In literacy I find a place

In the end
The pages ripped my heart
They pull me apart
They ruined my life
And they changed who I am

Yet without them
My life is nothing
I am incomplete

The author who holds the knife
Dangles it over my head
With each character's death
A new tear in my soul

A new life in literacy
A gift not all can receive
Without literacy  
I would have no life at all

Such is the curse of the reader

Do not feel sorry from them
Feel sorry for those those who do not read
For those who live but one life
A life a ignorace at that

#love   #life   #curse   #books   #reading   #literacy  

I accepted for the sake of your exams,
That i am a bad human,
A fake human,
One into emotional drama,
One who's life is fake..  Fake.. And fake..

Fake fake fake and fake...
Your lover did use this word so easily,
I still feel the cuts in me..

I accept what i am not for you Oh best friend,
I accepted the fakeness... And did put it to the end..
Am just so free,  for everybody...

I remember my words...
I won't ever talk to you,
Oh best friend...
I can't put into words how much it hurts,
Am sorry that i was so " fake"....
I never knew I was..
Don't Know why does she think so....

You are my support..
And look,  we are never going to talk to each other...
Well you have your support...
But what about mine?
I feel so Terrible about myself..
I feel like dying...

Oh best friend, am such a useless best friend,
Who's phone number is not even worth trying..

You have done bundles of favors for me,
But your girl has always left me crying...

Just one wish from you oh friend,
Kiss the forehead of my corpse,
The day i be dead...

And whisper what had been my fault in my ear...
Oh friend so dear....

Sorry Sarthak bisht...  I never knes you felt so too...  

I always thought of you as a friend...

Goodbye dear...  I'd always miss you  oh best friend...
#life   #hopeless   #suicidal   #curse  
Mar 4

i don't believe in religion.
but if you believe that jesus
was resurrected.
that eve was created in
adam's image.
that moses parted the red sea.

that a woman cannot love a woman
without sinning.

then i will not bother you
with my love.

does that make me a sin?
or a temptation?

you say that religion is a blessing.
but for me

it's a fucking curse.

I apologize to those who find comfort in religion, but it has only played keep away with my heart.
#love   #anger   #girl   #religion   #curse   #blessing   #church   #pastor  

My Inner White Man
Took an overdose of pills,
And fell unconscious on the Floor.
The Inner Rainbow Man
Chuckled and laughed.
He always knew that the  Inner White Man
Had suicidal tendencies.
He was just waiting for him
To take the final Prescription of Death.

#suicide   #hate   #death   #curse   #stupidity   #racism   #trump  
Feb 6



requirements: a hair, clothing, any form of the person you wish to curse.
chant the following lines as you burn the items in the flame:
"you started something you cannot finish,
now your power over me will diminish,
you're going to feel weak
and your eyes will leak
when i cast this curse
your luck will leave
and your heart will bleed
with greed
to be lucky again,
so mote it be."
take the ashes and bury them under a tree, pour water over it as a symbol to the earth for thanks.
#poem   #black   #curse   #witchcraft   #spells   #magick   #hex  

As I walk the streets of this old town
footsteps of the past are retraced;
though I look upon it with brand new eyes
every place still has your face.

The wind will always carry your voice,
words echoing on the breeze,
like whispers in the gathering dark
between the cemetery trees.

Fragmented memories of a tortured past
are just riddles without clues.
Haunted are these same old streets
by the apparitions of you.

#love   #past   #ghost   #curse   #haunted   #apparitions  

The night had started to flow over the brim
I struggled to stay afloat with all my might,
Caressed in her arms I woke up in a dream
Realizing my tired reality had lost the fight.

She resembled the north star in her poise
The smile on her rose-lips could calm a storm,
Curiosity of life in her gazelle brown eyes
Rekindled a fire in my soul that I’d forlorn.

My eyes were closed shut, but heart wide open
It transpired the unconditional love of ours,
Blindly chasing a moon I’d forgotten the sun
The alluring eclipse had proven to be my curse.

The morning rays barged in unannounced
Quickly they pulled me back from the dream,
With a passion in my head and heart, I pounced
To find her and in that, the purpose for my being.

Sometimes I lose the touch of the ground when I'm chasing the sky. Only when I stumble and fall, things come into a perspective. For good.
Similar is true for love I've experienced. When I stop searching, it comes to me.
This one is for the girl who smiled when I'd given up hope.
#dream   #heart   #fire   #fight   #reality   #night   #curse   #being   #purpose   #eclipse  

Dark days and pitiful lies
silver moon, wolf cries
Deadly forest lift the curse
wind howls, time reverse
Trees and Logs
icy air, blinding fog.

#life   #nature   #wolf   #curse   #danger  
Mark Ipil
Mark Ipil
Dec 27, 2016

I have story to be told,
I have passion to be bold,
The power may be old,
But the truth must unfold.

I don’t want you to tell,
The story of how I fell,
It’s my reality to sell,
No need for you to yell.

No matter what you say,
I’m always here to stay,
Let everything be gray,
Let me be the one to pay.

In the end of this long sail,
The curse must be sealed,
No one is allowed to feel,
The great power I conceal.

P.S. This is my curse.
#passion   #story   #power   #bold   #old   #curse  
Dec 24, 2016

Luck is a fickle thing

Dispelling luck is seen as a gift
Pulling in all the negativity and destruction
Turning it into wonder and hope

The catch
To compensate for the luck
The life must be bad
Tragedy after tragedy
Spinning in a circle so that others can be happy

You forget your life should be more
You forget your life shouldn’t be a tragedy
That's the curse
Their lives are great at the cost of your own

Luck is a fickle thing

#life   #curse   #unlucky   #tragedy   #luck   #circle  
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