6 hours ago

I'm so lost tonight.
I'm wishing upon
a shooting star,
that everything
will be alright,
but it's just that,
wishful thinking.
I'm keeping this secret,
and it's burning up my fight,
just like that star,
shooting across
the sky at night.
I know in my heart,
nothing will be alright.
I can feel in my bones,
that this isn't right.
What you've done
is dark as night,
and yet,
I'm still the one,
who can't sleep at night.

I'm burning up.
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it's so fucked up but
I see him in you
same face, same hair
but the eyes
the eyes do not lie
and he is not in your eyes
i miss him a lot.

it is all naïve but it pains me
Lady of Ravenhill
Lady of Ravenhill
20 hours ago

My hands and my feet
are always cold, now.

They said it's normal,
a known side effect.

But so cold and stiff
they ache and they creak?

They took something
I can't get back.

Sometimes it feels like
I'm already dead.

@LadyofRavenhill 02/21/17
#dying   #pain   #cancer   #hopeless   #cold   #sick   #treatment   #medication   #stiff   #sideeffect  
1 day ago

my normal emotions.
what is it like to be content?
to be normal.
to be happy.
i know i deserve it,
i strive to get there.
when will it happen;
when will i see myself clearly?
i want to look in the mirror and smile,
not scowl at my face.
i want to love myself;
i can love everyone else but myself.
i just need to know the key to it,
to being content.
to being happy to be alive.

#confused   #happy   #content   #strive   #lost   #empty   #hopeless   #emotions   #normal   #deserve  
3 days ago

Everything changes.
Either they become taller or shorter;
too thick or too thin;
darker or lighter;
excess or deficiency;
Too much love it feels like I'm going to burst my heart out or too empty
--I think I am deflated bright yellow balloon.

They change on a new sheet of paper;
and I estranged.

Hai! Enjoy it!
CJ Cole
CJ Cole
6 days ago

I'm a Disappointment.
I'm an Eventual fuck-up.
I'm an utter Asshole.
I'm not Dead.

There is no room for hope
Any more.
All the space has been taken up by
Despair, Pessimism and Fears
That the Worst is around the bend

Feb 13

my soul is poetry.

the inner linings are the stanzas
strong and protecting against the white barrier of a page
or the inevitability of time

it flows like free verse
or runs like rhymes
never stopping, never starting, endless against the hourglass
which is my beating heart

the hollows of my chest are the words I never say out loud
but I spill out on paper like the confessions of a sinner
it is there they are finally allowed eternal rest
and are free from damnation

I am the twists and turns of a sonnet
a side stepped soliloquy
a dead end didactic

I am this
the words i write
the things i feel
the being i am

and i am poetry

#love   #self   #of   #soul   #humanity   #thought   #hopeless   #person   #sense   #identity  

When I posted a sexy photo on Facebook
Of a woman who is slightly undressed,
Revealing some cleavage
While reading a book,
It generated a LOT of comments,
In reality,
Is NOT the primary thing on my mind right now.
The primary thing on my mind
Is the Anti-Environmental Policies
Of President Donald Trump and his Administration,
The anger over these policies
And the "Christianity" which,
Justifies them
Can cause me to fly into a rage in public
On the streets.
Anti-Environmental hatred of Mother Earth
Is the most UNEROTIC topic one can imagine.
It can cause people
To lose enthusiasm for sex in their depression.
It can cause married couples to question their desire
To have children and raise a family.
The United States of America
Has relinquished all responsibility for moral leadership.
Porn will seem more ethical than "Family Values",
Just to trigger a mastabatory response,
Releasing some of those Environmental Toxins
That are no longer banned by the EPA,
As the Earth becomes more toxic,
It becomes increasingly likely
That, if a man impregnates a woman,
Their offspring will be
Autistic or Developmentally disabled.

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