21 hours ago

"Life imitates art"

As if the wasteland we call being alive
could become something so beautiful,
full of vision, voice and hope.

As if this hell could write symphonies
about the flames that infect our soil.

As if a pile of bodies
who felt their lives would amount to nothing
could be a masterpiece in a museum.

Life does not imitate art, it opposes it.

This is a piece I wrote today, January 21st 2017. Take what you want from it.
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The more we wished things were different
the more they surely stayed the same

Dawn Treader
Dawn Treader
2 days ago

At the apex of the Empire State Building
Beneath a resilient misty gray sky,
A perfectly dreary day to die
She's at her lowest low
In heeled shoes a mile high,
Youthful skin, but nothing behind dead hazel eyes,
Rose red lips which never spoke their mind,
A purse full of pills she'd rather leave behind
Beneath rich chocolate curls,
Helena's madness quietly unfurls
Her courage to jump, her fear of death
Weighing the outcome of future incomes
Against the agony of piling debts
She came down from her delusional high
When daddy's substitute for love called money ran bone dry
With the sky the limit, her mind is trapped
By the lie they told Helena as her life was mapped
Line by line they fed her from birth:
"A scholarly piece of paper and a lovely figure will define your worth
Choose wisely little princess, or your life will be hell on Earth"
Turning her back to the street below
Her courage to end it begins to grow
She closes her empty hazel eyes
Cranes her neck towards the sky
And whispers "Death do you hear me? No longer am I shy"
In her delusion she heeded Death's reply
"Come now dear angel, let's see you fly"
A rush of adrenaline was met with demise
Now nourishment for the maggots and the flies
Antidepressants mimicked the body of their owner,
Fractured bottles, tops open, pills strewn all over
Beautiful bones shattered against the pavement
Released she was, from her own mental enslavement
Trickling down the drain, carried by unrelenting rain
Into a New York sewer towards the darkness below,
A bright crimson flow
Quenches the thirst of a starving rat king
Entangled in thirteen tails as he lay dying
Grateful is the king to Helena's sacrifice
For he is trapped in this sewer and awaits his own demise
A glimpse he tasted from the world above
Bitter-sweet is the blood of a girl without love

I wanted to try a long story in poetic form, seemingly minor things are the difference between life and death to others.
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BE McComb
BE McComb
3 days ago

and so what
if i give up?

the world will
keep revolving
without me

everyone i
love will

forget they
ever said they
loved me back

and they too
will someday

find their ashes
mixed with mine
floating on
the breeze

and the earth
will keep
hurdling through
time and space

and so what
if i give up?

Copyright 1/18/17 by B. E. McComb
#lost   #hopeless  
Jan 13

and some nights I feel like ice that cools in the mid winter or crisp fall leaves that have just fallen, life less and dead at the end of their journey once so beautiful and radiant a sight to see some thought of thee then life came and the colors changed the greens turned into hot reds  then just as fast as it arrived the color left the leaves wrinkled and the wind came to collect its debt ripping its heart the leaf hit the ground slowly doing its last glide in the air as it hit the ground to no longer live again

#heart   #hope   #dead   #fall   #break   #hurt   #winter   #hopeless   #seasons   #lifeless  
Jan 12

You were...
The ultraviolet that shined on me,
Revealing invisible pages.
Pages that hid my thoughts,
My emotions...
Pages that hid myself.

You were...
The light in my own incompetence,
Shining a path to realizing myself.
The light that sparked inspiration,
The light that sparked love.

You were...
Forgotten as swiftly in love were we,
Another glance in the crowd.
I felt unwanted,
I felt hopeless.

We weren't meant to be.
I took a step forward,
You took a step forward
But your light disappeared.

You were...

Another quick one I made while feeling down.

Can't Kill Us


From the ashes again


Off the debris

Deciding to action
Power full force


Confound the
War machine

Move swiftly and
Stike hard

Evade and resist

Protect yourself
From this


"I calculate your
Odds of survival at

21,368 to 1,

Unless you pull the

Quite time now
As the wrath reigns
In the quiet time

Can't kill us
Can't kill us
Can't kill us

Fire and fury
Surely will be

Wires pop and
Sparks surround you

The copper taste
On the roof of your
Mouth as you run
And plunge

Through the valleys
Of basalt and impossibility


You will survive
They can't kill us

Like you know what you're
Rising from the ashes

Because they
Can't kill us

Literally wrote this just now, to the tune of Glitch Mob's Can't Kill Us from their album Love Death Immortality. May change when posted on
#love   #war   #death   #fight   #hopeful   #survival   #hopeless   #live   #immortality   #resist  

this isn't a poem. this isn't some well written piece of literature that will be quoted underneath photos of our depressed youth of America. this is me jotting down my thoughts at 9:26 p.m. i sit in the darkness of my newly decorated room (i needed a change of scenery, so a make over was in place) and i wonder why you don't like me. maybe i'm not specifically upset as to why you aren't interested, but more so why half the guys i pursue look the other way. I'm sitting here, dear reader, and i realize that it isn't the sad songs that make me cry, but instead the dead silence that crowds my empty room. I wonder why you didn't take me when you had the chance, didn't sweep me off my feet. I've annoyed my friends with the constant talking of you, it consumes me. i don't understand why my own two legs are strangers to the rest of my body and why they can't hold me up sometimes. i passed English 1101 with a 99, and yet i can't seem to find the right words to string together and form a sentence to utter out of my mouth. my mouth won't form the right shape to pronounce the few words i can muster. when someone asks me if i'm ok, i cry. I'm in mourning, i hate the snow that packs the sidewalks. you weren't mine and that's hard to process. it's like i have found my soulmate, but my soulmate doesn't return the same affection. sometimes i feel that i am seen as only meat for boys of all ages to circle around and toy with before they viciously devour. I am eye candy, i am known for nothing other than my appearance. when i write, i am my words. today i went to an abandoned house and i felt sadness surround me, along with the scent of musk and moth balls. i bought a goldfish and it died because i over fed it. i care too much about things and they die.

sincerely, someone who is lost on you.

I don't want you
but I don't want to live without you

an L for the longing
I for the "I'm not sure if this is where I need to be"
M for the minutes of waiting
B for begging the stars above to let me have you
O ; the single letter that escaped my lips as you turned your back
and walked directly into the next willing participant's embrace

I look at you, I look at her
I run
I run until the air in my lungs evacuate when my bare feet kiss the gravel
I run until I am unable to see you in my head
I pause
I wait
and I continue running, for you are still there in my head
I run
my arms punch the breeze that fights back at me, I punch as if it were the environment around me that took you away from me
I run until night divides the day
and drapes me in velvet black
My hands on my head, I spin around, pulling out my hair like a mad man
out of breath, but knowing it's not from the running but instead from the absence of you in my heart
I crash to the ground
I keep my eyes shut as long as I can, but whenever i'm met with the darkness surrounding my thoughts
I see you, my soft light
I keep my eyes shut until your image forces me to open them
and look up at the empty night sky
and all I ponder on
is why the stars have abandoned us.

I'm small, insignificant
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