Chloë Fuller
Chloë Fuller
3 days ago

wrapped around each other closer than sheets to a bed
fuzz. eyelashes. teeth. soft skin.
you completely disarm me.
i will give you all my guns
just grab my limbs.
envelop me.
the way your legs get tangled in my anatomy like a sapling
that's eager to grow larger.
pelvic bones crashing together so perfectly clumsy.
you are my ocean. my beach. my sun, sky, and stars.

6 days ago

Eyes cavernous, drowning in longing,
Pooling incredible intensity
Aching your core,
Desperation for every second to be this

Nothing ever feels as real as this stark second

Body aware of the pressure of yours,
An imprint that feels as if it should last a lifetime
A reinforced vulnerability

You can almost feel the fragile structure built of perceived perfection,
Emulating the lustre and complexity of stars as far as my ceiling
It’s yours forever

Under the table
It’s always there,
Always will be,
A singularity of where we started and where we shall end,
The perfect burden

I’d have it no other way


I wrote this at 3am eating poppadoms in my kitchen while he was sleeping.

The beauty of this woman is not in her hair
Nor the curve in her figure or the clothes that she wears

To reach her heart follow the path where her magic resides
Her true wonder can be seen deep within her eyes

The vivid reflection of her splendor shines as inner light
The scent of her natural perfume, or her soft whispers late at night

It’s the passion in her glance and the delicate care that she shows
And how every day, and month, and year your love for her only grows

©LadyofRavenhill 2/23/17
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I have this memory of driving around the countryside with you from 3 years ago.
It was July. A bit after the 4th. Maybe it's the 8th I'm not sure, but it's not too important to the story.
Everytime we got to a stop sign I stopped, vaped (I thought I was so cool,) and we made out. I felt so free being able to drive wherever I pleased, and being with my best friend made it even better.

Now. Yesterday. We go driving around for a bit in the countryside, which we haven't done in about a year. We play our old mixtapes and CDs and it's so great. Peaceful. I look at you and you're still as great as you were before. I love you so much still.

And I will love you
until all the stars die out.

And when time ceases to be
I will still love you

as much as I did that day in july driving through the countryside.

And as much as I do now.

I don't need to be right.
I just need you to know.
That you aren't perfect and right.
Everytime we argue.

I don't wanna end up like my mom
Loving somebody so much
fighting them everyday
over the smallest things
just to end up getting nowhere
and mad
and hating each other.

At some point, I truly believe that my parents loved each other flawlessly.
Well maybe not flawlessly. But as flawlessly as they-as very flawed humans-could get.

But now
silent dinners
too tired to even have the passion to argue with one another.

The only comforting thing that will come out of this poem I'm writing is this:
I can never end up like my mother.
because I drink like my father. Anger, extreme mood swings, hating losing to the point of ruining a nice time. We share more than just a birthday.

Pretty sure I put two poems together but I don't care it kinda works
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Jan 4

Before I met you
I had no one to turn to
My journey was lost
But then our paths crossed
The frost began to slowly disappear
And before me I saw a small deer
It was all very unclear as it leaped forward and I heard your word
Your reassuring symphony
That I gave myself to you willingly

Before I met you
I never knew natures throne
Just the curbstone
Yet I don’t feel so alone
As I trace my fingers down your cheekbone
The destination is not important
But the walk and the small talk
My priorities change
Isn’t it strange?

Before I met you
I did not know myself
And now I find my fingers wiping off the dust from my minds bookshelf
Your eyes pierced beneath
And found an abandoned spring heath

Until I met you,
My eyes were glazed
And now I am amazed, everything is ablaze
The sunrays and even your beloved Sundays

Isn’t the world beautiful when you’re standing in front of it

Jan 3

Rest your head on the shores,
Of the isle where the sun always pours.
Run your fingers through the waters
It is clean and cools and nourishes.
Sleep upon the perfect curves of the land,
Have a dream like never before.
The soil here is rich and void of drought.
Eat like a king, but never grow fat.
A storm can come, like any place,
But it will pass before the rain soaks your skin.
It is only there to quench the fields for your stay.
Lay your foundations with haste.
Build your home in this paradise.
Islands like this won't be found again.
Look forward to your life,
And your generations to come,
Because you have arrived, my child.

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Vikram sikki
Vikram sikki
Dec 18, 2016

Should you know everything from start to end
Would you change a thing?

I would rather not.
Not even Choose to know
That where to reach
So there to go
Whom to meet
Whether say yes or no

I just don't even wish to know
That where to search
And what to find
That what will hurt
And who ll be kind

Isn't that what we do
build that wall Of certainity
Wall of our dreams
Of that promised secured  future
Organising everything random
Offered by the universe
So that
Not even for a moment we go off track
Into the unknown
So that none ventures in and surprise you

Changing things so that
We don't have to change it later

And then what
Lay staring
Nothing but those walls
Your walls
Made of those work-hours
Decisions, regrets , memories
Walls so high and strong
Now you can't see beyond em
Let alone walk past it

I won't mind losing
For my mistakes
The pain, the chill, the burn
Heartbreaks under scorching sun
Let me be swept by cold winds of doubts
Drenched in the rain from clouds of fear
Not under the safe concrete of wealth
Unseasoned and a mortal mere

I would rather choose
To be lost
As I am
As are most
And won't even try to find my way
No quest to solve
Nothing to resolve

Just you and me
Walking all the roads
Stopping where we feel
And staring at the sky
Counting stars as if we can
Everyday afresh and start anew
You with me and I with you
You love me and I love you

I may know no path
but will go somewhere
Be with me darling
Just be with me there
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Susie Ivan
Susie Ivan
Dec 10, 2016

I say:
           "I'm so sorry. For my instability. For everything. I'm sorry my depression is so bad. My suicidal self."

He says:
                "It's okay. You'll be okay. We'll be okay. You're my life partner. I love you and I love you and I love you."

He holds me when I need it the most. He reassures me that everything is okay. That we're okay.
Elizabeth Squires
Elizabeth Squires
Nov 30, 2016

closed fists did much damage to her face
a bruising doled out in his drunk state
this domestic scene not a pleasant place
battering was the wife's horrid night fate
thumping her around at a violent rate
without exhibiting any compassion
nor having the concept of softer pate
his harsh blows weren't loving in their ration
so zealous these bashings by her hubby mate
there was such brutal force which didn't equate


The Decuain (Pronounced deck.won) created by Shelley A. Cephas, is a short poem made up of 10 lines, which can be written on any subject. There are 10 syllables per line and the poem is written in iambic pentameter.

There are 3 set choices of rhyme scheme: ababbcbcaa, ababbcbcbb,or ababbcbccc
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