Zan Balmore
Zan Balmore
2 days ago

Believe in me
As I you
Find as our youth
Detaches further
It hurts

I go hard in the club
Double whiskey, that's my drink
I'll meet you in the bathroom
Wash my mouth in a dirty sink
Bus home, charging Love's busted energies
Where the days old dishes drip
with sludge and collect a days old stink
Wrap my head for the pain to come
Sleep sucking thumb, dreading
The numbers will repeat
And replete with melancholy
Accept the pattern will repeat

Believe in me
As I you
Find as our youth
Detaches further
It hurts

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Ron Gavalik
Ron Gavalik
3 days ago

‪I am you‬
‪and you‬
‪are my enemy‬
‪Late at night‬
‪I plot your demise‬
‪In the mornings‬
‪In the evenings‬
‪I beg forgiveness‬
‪The cycle‬
‪never ends‬

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Annie Cynthia
Annie Cynthia
5 days ago

The sky so clear
The trees stay still
The wind so dear
Makes men want to kill

It's not jealousy or hatred
Nor it's for power or stature
It's love that we all catered
Without it, insanity lure...

#love   #broken   #war   #hatred   #heart   #want   #solitude   #human   #sanity   #needs  

You, who ignores his own kids.
You, who exudes hate like the sun gives out light.
You, their father, you who has made that title empty.
You, you who don't give us the respect and love we deserve,
You who violently ignore the fact that you have lost ours,
You who was once someone worth a damb,
Who is now nothing more than a fat pig.
You who has closed his eyes, ears, and heart to your entire family.
You who wouldn't even care, not even at my funeral.
You who abandoned me.
You, who finally deserves the title of my father.
Like my first father, the one who created me,
You don't care for me or my kin, we are invisible in your eyes.
You like my second father, who hates me and would love for me to stop existing.
You, who now inherits the accursed title,
You, my father.

Where do you think
your fleeting hate goes?
It makes itself home
inside my heart,
my stomach,
my bones.
What if I told you,
I have enough anger of my own?
Anger that I deal, and have dealt, with
instead of just sporadically shown.
Your hate is just steam,
it makes egos feel good to be mean…
but you see, you have steam
whereas I….
I have the fire within me.
And on your hate, it feeds.
And grows.
And seethes.
Until there will be no oxygen
left to breathe.
Do you see
What this means?

#anger   #hatred   #hate   #home   #fire   #ego   #breathing   #suffocating   #egotistical  

Pretty girl,
Started out a fellow
All alone there
Hiding in her cellar
Went to the church
The priest said to confess
The scummy man
Then asked her if she dressed.

He said to her
It it was her holy duty
Then he called her slut
And grabbed her by the booty.
Pretty girl
Damned now and confused.
It never occurred
That she had been abused.

But she had
A friend living next door.
That was me
And I knew she was not a whore.
Just a kid
Who in those times
Was reviled
Her gifts from God called a crime.

I took her out
Rollerskating and to dances,
As a girl.
I believed in second chances.
She left school
And started life as a fashion model.
No longer did she
Hide her soul inside a bottle.

A lovely tale
One that could have been so sad;
She stood up
From then on life was not so bad.
Pretty girl
Started her life out as a guy
But much of her
Was too wonderful to deny.

There is a fever burning in my brain.
My thoughts awhirl, they fly too fast for me;
Ill-kept madness that I cannot contain,
Locked in mine skull, I keep hearing its pleas.
I can’t sit still, see my mind’s yet in flight,
Scorning earthly tethers it will be free.
In moody hatred and with petty spite,
It will the world condemn with fire and glee.
No regrets – Bring them, I will fight them all.
I don’t have an explanation for this,
My hate, once free, rises like bitter gall.
Laughter cries in the crannies of this bliss.
          For morning’s tender kiss my madness begs
          With sleep to scrape aside the addled dregs.

There are, for sure, a few certain things I miss
We could destroy each other's sense of self
And then be twisting in a broken bed
How did it feel? Do you sometimes remember, too?
Reverse genitals, you fucked me, deliverance
My first penetration, you went deep
And I could feel you had an IUD
How did it feel?

Let me try to find the right words to describe
This hole of dissonance

You helped build this empire
Now it is burning, lost to ash

Unending hatred begins with vehemence
And pauses when I'm on my back

I can still feel your mouth on me
And your fingers in my ass

You must hate me like I do. I'll be okay.

People don't always want to know
Your Authentic Self
In these days
Of President Donald Trump.....
A Man who primarily seems to want to
Destroy those who are Vulnerable and Weak,
One keeps one's Authentic Self
And puts on an act
For Public Consumption.

The way they achieve their political gains
Is by attacking Human Vulnerability.
Eventually, it comes out in forms of Religious Sectarian Violence.
The "Home of the Free and the Land of the Brave"
Becomes no different from the place my ancestors fled.

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