Akhil Bhadwal
1 day ago

Riff 1, an odd scale echoes
Riff 2, another irregular scale shifts
Riff 3, now you see
The messengers of chaos, on a spree

Solo 1, digs deep into the soul
Solo 2, takes off with a boom
Solo 3, a feathered friend falls off from the tree
The messengers of chaos, live all eternity

Outro 1, seeks the hidden realm
Outro 2, calls for a short lapse
Outro 3, shouts LIVE FREE
The messenger of chaos, now you see

Follows a b c c rhyme scheme.
#poetry   #life   #passion   #nature   #music   #mystic  
Kevin M Ryan
Kevin M Ryan
4 days ago

Stark ipseity
Trance tranquilty
Oxidized reality
Fear what's inside of he

Hardened, weathered wear
Reinforced steel layer
An unrecieved prayer
From this dweller of a lost lair

Killing none with his righteous ammunition
A dark dancer omitted his foreign recognition
Of which I received in a dim rumination

He felled so foul, triggered the end
A sterile head rolled off to a shallow ditch
Gone are the days of the Baphomets

An order of the forgotten rebel
Who lost their way to that downed castle
Where it's said the bell tolled one last somber knell

This tale is old and long forgotten,
Scribed on tomes molded and rotten
The story holds nothing now but a ghastly haunting

I don't know what this is.
#dark   #ghost   #old   #scary   #poetic   #fiction   #occult   #mystic   #dreary  

Cyanide and strychnine,
Tea glasses tainted with arsenic,
The rich poisoning false lovers.
The lover lost, poisoned by human hands.
Intrigue and Central intelligence agencies, KGB and Syndicates of gangs.
Mobsters writing in the underground.
Lavish fools trying to move ahead.
Drops of poison, placed in secret, come from all sources,
when it is sinister and not in self-defense.
It is uniquely human behavior, to poison one another to move up.

Pens and sticks,
Needlepoints and ancient tribes,
All found value in the imprints of ink,
Written, scribed upon human flesh.
From whirling patterns to pictures and caricatures,
Blackest ink flowing as if an artery were severed.
From the elder of the tribe, covered in scars and ashen color.  
The reckless youth in urban scapes,
All wished to express a feeling
that was simpler to draw
Then put into words.
The poets of the ancient times one could say.
Able to communicate with pictures more than words.
Perhaps an art lost to history.

#man   #happy   #tattoos   #ink   #flow   #times   #ancient   #pens   #mystic   #elder  

Merry fairies rumored of in fables,
Flying gracefully through trees and minuscule flowers.
A sea of color bursts forth as they pass.
Color only a child may see,
As the fairies only seems to want to be seen
By the ones who will not be believed.

#love   #life   #pain   #happy   #time   #magic   #flow   #mystic   #merry   #flitting  
Mar 7

I fly to close to the sun,
while he is anchored to the earth.
I have tied my heart to him,
he has tied his heart to mine.
Together we are a single soul,
unified and whole.
I fly towards the flaring sun,
he weighs me back down.
He protects me from burning up,
while I lift him off the ground.
Without him I'd be ash to dust.
Without me he'd always be found.

#love   #poetry   #mystic   #realists  

I observe you, infatuated with your subtle mysticism.
My eyes lay on your verdant beds like a swallow tail butterfly
dancing to the melody of your vibrations.
I feel you breathe with me.
I admire your crystal garden,
dripping down your coiled vines.
In each leaf, a reflection of your life and your origin.
Your derivative is you as much as it is me.
We are sister and brother.
Julio, we are God.
Together we transcend as I absorb you.
Together, we become one entity as we experience
the beauty of consciousness.
You are my natural friend.
You thrive and stretch your bones outward
to kiss the hands that caress you.
with me,
we move through life,
all living alike,
coexisting in unity and mutuality.

Julio is the plant in my roommates room. He's a a beautiful hanging pot full of plant. We hang crystals on the stems, referring to "crystal garden"

Does the zebra know?
If it is white with black stripes,
Or black with white ones,
Does it consider its pattern?
When dashing from the ravenous lion.
Or looking upon another one if his kind.
Does the zebra know,
He is a symbol of the duality of life?

#love   #life   #pain   #nature   #magic   #africa   #duality   #mystic   #zebra  
Feb 28

The two gates are open me
Normality, and chaos
I know my feathers well
Shifting between colours
My eyes hide guile. I slide
Between worlds, intuiting social rules.
I am not proud or humble
Except for when one suits me
For normality requires a yoke
And it important to find one
At your size. And chaos,
Is just that, chaos
Unbound, the ultimate hubris
Of an individual, creative will
Which, like slender candle
Scorches itself to nothing
Out, out, burn, burn
Leaving only a pile
Of melted wax it calls art.

So do not
Fear your dual
Nature and be
Not trapped in
One or the
Other. Cross bridges
Of darkness and
Cleave to light.
There is no
Truth in this
Cosmos but that
Of ‘all thing
Are’ and no

#nature   #order   #chaos   #mystic  

The controller opens up a world in the Television.
Places far off unfold before my eyes.
Remote locations, of grandeur and beauty.
Peace is the only thing felt when there.
Yet here I sit.
Before a flickering television.
Weaving between commercials.
As I expose the madness of mine own design
To the nothing and no one that surrounds me.

#love   #alone   #happy   #dark   #cold   #magic   #room   #american   #television   #mystic  
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