Jason L Rosa
Jason L Rosa
3 days ago

Let me tell you
about this crazy dream I had

I looked over at you and smiled again
You put your head on my shoulder
We've been watching the cars pass
Through the streets of the city
Like stars falling from our galaxy

Ever have those moments when
Everything gets quiet
And my eyes felt like they opened
for the first time
And i felt music and art and poetry
for the first time
And my ears could only hear our
heart beats in sync
And your breathing

This was one of those moments
Like the first time I met you

We played connect the dots with the stars
And drew each other pictures of the future
I felt your grip get tighter around my hand
And I couldnt help but belt out a laugh

Can you believe it?  
Of all the particles of matter
And molecules of life
Of landscapes
And creatures
And people
And planets
And timing
And chances
We slammed into each other
Like we've always been en route
For this crash.

And like two fireworks
We took the sky and stole the moment
In a wild display it took my whole life to perfect
I would do what I could to see you shine
the brightest
I went through years of fuses and duds and restarts,
sparks and false starts just for this moment when
You ignite me to the potential I never knew was there

See, your best brings out my best,
And the more I can do for you will enrich me.

Your warmth is something I didn't know was possible
Until it was.

You are proof that lotteries
aren't only won in monetary jackpots
And hearts aren't only made for
Beating in a singular rhythm  
But in a drum line to a symphony.

We danced in our own company
And your lips dropped breadcrumbs
across my body
So you'd find your way back up to my kiss.
I've never felt lips burn so deep like yours do
You left gulches on my neck with your breath
And dug out safe places
where you will always be welcomed.

Let me tell you
I wake up to sleep now.

I Love You, goodnight.
#love   #passion   #sleep   #dreams   #you  

There's something about
the thin line
between dreams
and whats real that
drives us all crazy.
I swear to god
you were there
touching me
holding me.
Until i woke up.
and its been days
since i last saw you.
Your dreams
will kill you
faster than any disease.
The faint touch you
still feel on your
when you wake up
in the morning
will kill you
faster than any

I've been having a really hard time trying to put my emotions into words lately, so if this is a little jumbled that's why.
#love   #sad   #depression   #life   #anxiety   #happy   #dreams   #relationship  

Dreams drift as in a mist
My mind wanders through  
a light
where I find you
Looking in my direction
with that slight smile

We fall into grace

Like a waltz
We dance into love

Memories flow by on streams of light
of when we were young
My arms have missed you
Though my mind has never
left you
I try to caress your transparent face
that seems to drift within the fog
I hunger for your embrace
Though I only see a vapor of your outline
in the mist
Passing slowly by my arms
I reach in your direction
and you are gone

Dreams collide inside my mind
Nothings real
Except the hunger for younger years
When love seemed like it would never end
We touched upon a youthful wheel

As years left us
Suddenly turning into faces
we no longer recognized
Leaving our hearts and souls
We could be as once
we were
Where love collides
Bringing back our lives.

By Weeping willow

Dreams flow within the nighttime hours
Younger years still burn with desire.
Dreams run through like blood
in my veins
#love   #dreams   #thoughts   #hunger  
Vincent JFA
Vincent JFA
4 days ago

We noticed the damned
soon approaching the places
we took years to accept
as our home, to see how tough
our meat stuck to our bones
against their barrage of teeth,
rotten tongues, and pus-dripping nails.

and when you packed the last
of the matches and saw me hiding
all our stillborn dreams inside of
the basement's drop-ceiling tiles,
you told me, "Along the way,
we're going to be picking up
more, I haven't decided
when, but I am sure we'll find
some good ones when we're
digging through the pockets
of those dead pricks, or in
one of the jammed cars
sitting on the interstate,
or in an empty Jack Link's bag,
fuck if I know.

so I hope you're putting those away
to make room for more,
not because you think there
aren't any to have after this.
You don't have to pack so lightly,
I'm here to help carry the weight;
just remember that you're in charge
of grabbing a carton of Marlboros,
if the gas station didn't get
entirely fucking ransacked,
and remember to smile
every once in a few hours
so I know I'm helping you do all right."

The second poem in a series devoted to the tender moments seen in dreams of a post-apocalyptic world.
#love   #dead   #dreams   #smile   #personal   #apocalypse  
4 days ago

And tonight you will be in my thoughts, when falling asleep
Brightly the glowing moon, and stars will shine down upon me
Captivating the atmosphere shall be, and I will be with you
Dreaming of you and only you, you the one I adore, my love
Exceptional thus my night shall be, and tomorrow will be lovely
Father says, be careful with my heart, and choose friends wisely
Generously he gives me his love, a love so beautiful and so pure
Heavenly all my thoughts, fantasies and dreams embody me
Incredibly now, I see with new eyes, and I see my fallacy
Juxtaposition was my dream versus reality, and not a fantasy
Knowing actions speak louder than words, is most important
Loving others more than loving oneself is life's purpose
"Marvelous are all my friends, father," I say with a smile
"Noble are your statements my dear child," says father
"Overwhelmingly sweet you can be at times, my dear," says he
Pleasing father has always been my goal, since I was a small child
Quietness was my mind, becoming more at peace after our talk
Reassurances of my father's love always makes me feel happy
Simply stated, to one most special, you will mean the world
Trustworthiness and loyalty are something I value most highly
Understanding with communication, I know is the key to happiness
Virtuous qualities and love is better than diamonds, gold or silver
Words you speak, finer than gold and silver, both melt in envy
Xoxo, still in my heart, my feelings for you, always will be
You have captured my imagination and haven't set it free
Zzzzzzz, tonight I shall dream of you, sleep peacefully, and smile

#love   #dreams   #you  
Vincent JFA
Vincent JFA
4 days ago

If it wasn't clear, I've come to be okay
with the fact that the world's plans
will always reach an impasse with my own,
and call off all the dreams
it swore to bring to flesh and bone
for me, because I've heard what they say
about that thing called infatuation
(or romance, or some loose translation
of that) and fools; it's easy to tease one,
hard to love one, and it's a life sentence
to let yourself be loved by one;
I was just hoping it would be worse
to never feel the love of a fool at all.

#love   #sad   #life   #hope   #dreams   #romance   #infatuation   #personal   #fools  
Vincent JFA
Vincent JFA
4 days ago

I find that
there are nights
where I think so much
of hearing the morning alarm
snap the neck of a dream about
dancing in motel rooms
with the phantom of my affection,
just to wake up to see
it's my body alone taking up the sheets
and shedding hair on satin shams,
that I become reluctant
to turn every light off.

#love   #sad   #life   #alone   #dreams   #personal   #nights  
Ritika Dev
Ritika Dev
4 days ago

I feel it coursing through my blood
The untamed electricity.
Zipping through my veins.
Drops containing shattered dreams,
Missed opportunities.
Others with love,
Warmth, beautiful feelings.

Energy prickled its way up my arms,
Bursting throughout my weak frame
I needed it now
A time of despair and loneliness
It felt good
Giving a spring to feet,
Having not been used in ages

I’m restless, now in a frenzy
Unable to control the happiness I haven't felt in so long
Somehow it comes
A smile
Its spreads across a face of stiff muscles
And forever sustained frowns

My energy is like shreds of a new life
Torn, ready to take off for a new soul, young or old
I will become energetic, like a bolt lightning
I crack my bones,
Twisting my neck.
I am the Zombie.
Rising from the dead.

#dead   #dreams   #soul   #energy   #zombies  
Jeremy Micallef
Jeremy Micallef
4 days ago

For a whole year, you were a ghost to me
Within the same room, yet you were unseen
Then I saw your face on a piece of paper -
You are so beautiful. I then could see
Talking to you, I was always so keen
Without a word, you made my life greater.

Once, drunk, I hugged you in a suit.
Outside on a balcony, whilst having a drink
I confessed my attraction for you.
At first, conversations were mute.
Just a few utters, without a single blink.
Days had only passed and affections grew.

There was a time when I thought I lost you.
It was not my lips who told you of my heart's desires,
You shut the door on a relationship
And shut me out as well. My chance I had blew.
Time heals pain as much water puts out fire.
The period of silence I'd like to skip.

Oh and that perfect hour!
We had spent talking just the three
On a Tuesday morning, before noon
Later on, I felt that unfamiliar feeling
Of happiness inside of me -
You had given life to the moon.

To pick one favourite moment
From walking with you to English class
Or shaking your hand in celebration,
It would be when you talked to me
About your group, I had comment
Days before. Why did the moment pass?
I have no reconciliation of that duration.

Destiny had put us again within the same walls
This time for an exam, in which we both had succeed
That now led us to study the same subject
Hoping it wouldn't lead to one of the great falls
I'll tell you - I'd do anything - For you I'd bleed
I won't mind having my life wrecked.

I don't know what the future holds.
Not even if it's bright or dark.
But I'm sure - you are so beautiful.
I wish that a new story unfolds;
One of happiness. One of love that is stark.
A boy and a girl who will always be truthful.

A story of two lovers, forever bound.
The beautiful girl, with an indescribable smile. Her voice, a lovely sound.
And the boy who is blind, never leaves his lover.
He cannot see, by a love that is stubborn.

A result of infatuation.
#love   #heartbreak   #poetry   #hope   #dreams   #crush   #unrequited  
Alexander Leino
Alexander Leino
4 days ago

Standing outside on a warm summer night
As the ominous night sky peers through my defenseless soul
Reading my desolated state like a book
Continuously turning the pages trying to find my purpose in life
Reading all the lies I tell myself about how I am doing great or not
Finding a sense of comfort from the dimly moonlight sky
Searching for one star that catches my eye
As I get lost in the night sky

#love   #depression   #life   #hope   #happy   #dreams   #dark   #summer   #night  
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