I reached for you in the night,
but you weren't there,
just the memory of the shape of you,
and the imaginary tickle of your hair.

Your touch imprinted on me,
the warmth of your hands
a comfort to my aching skin,
I wanted you there to touch me from within.

I stretched for you to hold me,
and pull, pull in tight,
but instead I grabbed my pillow,
but the feel, it's not right.

I smelt you,
it drifted over my dreams,
I felt your hands,
slipping off my seams.

I thought you were near,
here in my bed,
but when I woke you weren't there,
and darling, the tears, how they shed.

About Myles, for Myles.
Leah Vela
Leah Vela
4 days ago

i never really noticed the beauty
in brown eyes
until i met you.

and seemingly out of nowhere,
i began to take notice to
the subtle flecks of russet,
and spots of sepia,
that so beautifully
rested in your taupe, somber eyes.

slowly, but surely i fell in love
with your once ordinary eyes;

who knew brown eyes could be
so lovely, so warm;

who knew
brown eyes could feel like home?

i wrote this a few weeks ago. i wrote this about somebody i used to know, somebody who (for a short while) meant the universe to me; for H. , if he ever finds this.
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7 days ago

We were on cloud nine,
You called me sunshine,
but that was when
you were mine.

Concept: The girl is reminiscing and missing the boy.

My sweetheart you are my romantic impulse
You reinvigorate my love just drop by drop
Strength of your beauty has taken me convulse
This is a relation which will never ever to stop

You are so beautiful that words can not explain
Your charisma has changed my attitude to life
I am a barren desert and you are drizzling rain
Chop me once with your poisonous sharp knife

Allow me to open you my love crease by crease
Let me see your beauty in its all real seven colors
What a wonderful piece of art which make cease
Allow me to touch and to kiss your sweet flowers

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow

Jan 10

I wish you’ve never heard me laugh,
I wish you’ve never seen me cry.
I hate how without even looking, you can tell I’m upset,
I hate when you can tell I’m lying.
I want every night to be like November,
I want you to race back to my house and spend two hours with me in the driveway.
I want to be your biggest fan.
I love how you say you’ll call,
I love the tattoo on your right shoulder that you never posted,
I love how irritated you get when I say ‘never mind’
I love to imagine I mean something to you, maybe just a fraction of a thought.
I want to yell at you and pick fights,
I want to tell you you’re insane when you swerve on the road to avoid the potholes,
I want to be the best friend you thought you didn’t need,
I want to hold your hand.
I know you’re leaving me in the rubble,
I know you’re driving far, far away,
I know why you’re leaving too.
I want to know your heart like how you’ve come to live in mine,
I want to know you like how you’ve come to know me.

Jan 9

Pure, white roses,
Surrounding you as I feel your hot air,
Soft, gentle, sweet as you are,
And the hot red on your cheeks as you tired smile,

In the cold degree celcius in this closed space,
You were precious as I hold you tightly in my embrace

We, harvest,
Warped in the colour of your soft hair,
We were in the creamy night full of stars,
My love, let’s enjoy this moment for a longer while.

subtle poem about uhm... I didn't mark it as explicit because it is subtle and probably need to read twice to understand it blink blink
#love   #romantic  

In a different dimmension
Of happy destinies
I'd be holding you close
We'd be making memories
We'd be staying up late
And strolling in the moonlight
Like a very first date
But happens every night
We'd be laughing and smiling
And the places we'd go
Midnight would be passing
But we would never know
We'd just keep on driving
Till the universe says stop
A love that keeps thriving
A love that's on top
We'd be missing and kissing
And changing the day
Hickeys, no biggys
For hours we'd stay
Lying on my matress
With your head on my chest
The perfect enchantress
Sucking my every breath
We'd be drinking and sinking
In the bottom of our hearts
The warmest of places
Wherefrom we'd never depart
We'd lose it, like madmen
But together we're sane
While I calm your heart
You calm my brain
In another world
We wouldn't be just for show
You'd actually follow me
To where broken hearts go
You'd mend it back
And kiss every piece
You'd set my deliverance
Sign my release
You'd fall for me
With no regrets
It's no decision but feeling
And only stronger it gets
In a different dimmesion
Your love would remain
There'd be no need for fantasies
That drive me insane
In a perfect dimmension
My love would suffice
To enthrall you for real
And shatter the ice
From my heart that you steal
And my soul burning bright
That seems to reveal
A terrible, endless night


In another life, i would be your man
#love   #dream   #world   #night   #perfect   #romantic   #fantasy   #endless   #dimmension  

this isn't a poem. this isn't some well written piece of literature that will be quoted underneath photos of our depressed youth of America. this is me jotting down my thoughts at 9:26 p.m. i sit in the darkness of my newly decorated room (i needed a change of scenery, so a make over was in place) and i wonder why you don't like me. maybe i'm not specifically upset as to why you aren't interested, but more so why half the guys i pursue look the other way. I'm sitting here, dear reader, and i realize that it isn't the sad songs that make me cry, but instead the dead silence that crowds my empty room. I wonder why you didn't take me when you had the chance, didn't sweep me off my feet. I've annoyed my friends with the constant talking of you, it consumes me. i don't understand why my own two legs are strangers to the rest of my body and why they can't hold me up sometimes. i passed English 1101 with a 99, and yet i can't seem to find the right words to string together and form a sentence to utter out of my mouth. my mouth won't form the right shape to pronounce the few words i can muster. when someone asks me if i'm ok, i cry. I'm in mourning, i hate the snow that packs the sidewalks. you weren't mine and that's hard to process. it's like i have found my soulmate, but my soulmate doesn't return the same affection. sometimes i feel that i am seen as only meat for boys of all ages to circle around and toy with before they viciously devour. I am eye candy, i am known for nothing other than my appearance. when i write, i am my words. today i went to an abandoned house and i felt sadness surround me, along with the scent of musk and moth balls. i bought a goldfish and it died because i over fed it. i care too much about things and they die.

sincerely, someone who is lost on you.

I don't want you
but I don't want to live without you

an L for the longing
I for the "I'm not sure if this is where I need to be"
M for the minutes of waiting
B for begging the stars above to let me have you
O ; the single letter that escaped my lips as you turned your back
and walked directly into the next willing participant's embrace

I look at you, I look at her
I run
I run until the air in my lungs evacuate when my bare feet kiss the gravel
I run until I am unable to see you in my head
I pause
I wait
and I continue running, for you are still there in my head
I run
my arms punch the breeze that fights back at me, I punch as if it were the environment around me that took you away from me
I run until night divides the day
and drapes me in velvet black
My hands on my head, I spin around, pulling out my hair like a mad man
out of breath, but knowing it's not from the running but instead from the absence of you in my heart
I crash to the ground
I keep my eyes shut as long as I can, but whenever i'm met with the darkness surrounding my thoughts
I see you, my soft light
I keep my eyes shut until your image forces me to open them
and look up at the empty night sky
and all I ponder on
is why the stars have abandoned us.

I'm small, insignificant
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