Mane Omsy
Mane Omsy
3 days ago

Crosses arose with no reasons
Alone or miserable
Always fall from stairs

but still,

Happy to share something
Crying released pain
Can't touch no liquor
For no trouble is allowed

To feel the stress,
the pure way
To light up the worse
Excuses flow,
it's mere flesh
but my heart do exist

Poem collection
One by one..
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Amanda S
Amanda S
4 days ago

we all know them now as warriors;
they were brave and strong and instead of
weeping in the shadows, they
rose higher with the wings that heaven itself gave them.
it was one of the darkest periods in human history
and yet they still held themselves together
and never gave up no matter what
obstacle got stuck in their path
and although most may not be here today,
we are to bless them like the moon
blesses the sun when it sets into
the newly lit night sky
for they are the reason why the war
ended in the first place.
they are the ones who wouldn't allow
bullets to be thrown at them without a fight,
and for those reasons,
we shall forever be thankful.

this is for all of those who are lost and forgotten. for those who fought their damnedest to help others. for those who have to live the rest of their lives knowing ancestors of their own family were murdered by a beast.
                                                i love you.
Zoe M Cripe
6 days ago

And then suddenly you're everything I need,
All of me.
It's as if you've taken control,
Assumed dominance,
Taken the bigger role.
Because suddenly I can’t breathe anymore,
And you're the cause.
It's almost like being awoken,
Seeing the sunlight and looking for a token.
Something to win,
Something to buy,
Some reason to survive.
And then suddenly all the arrows pointed to you,
Finally Cupid can shoot.
It's as if I can read your mind,
Your thoughts whisper in tune with mine.
Come fill my body with your essence,
Because suddenly you've become my favorite lesson.

#love   #her   #him   #you   #dominance   #survive   #sunlight   #cupid   #win   #token  

my dark waters stir
turning the moon's placid reflection
into a chaotic dance of broken light
echoes of churning
deep water
and raise your foreboding laughter
up and over the old well's lips
but you will not awaken me
to burn this nightmare into my core
rather I shall sleep into dawn
awaken to a silent Sun
you once held my heart below these waters
but unlike all those that followed
I survived you
you may impose fear in the heart
of a wayward toad
or other spineless woodland creatures
but I sleep well
immune to your frozen tears

inspired by the song 'Poltergeist' by Banks
Mar 14

I find it hard to write these days because I've found that lately, I feel little to no pain.
When I was a shell of a girl, the words flowed so much better from my fingertips.
Now, they come like water from a hose when someone's stepping on it.
I know I should be grateful for my fortune, when all I've known before is hurt, but my newfound joy has sucked my creativity dry.
I guess that this is why I subconsciously try to sabotage my own happiness.
I want to feel pain so I can write again.
I want beautiful words to reflect my lack of self esteem and fear of intimacy.
I want metaphors to bring to life my need to be a starving and broken artist.
The one they romanticise.
The one who makes post traumatic stress disorder look like modern art
Oil on canvas
Scratches on skin from me wanting to shred the spaces where he touched me.
A name of a baby I never had
The apology or closure I'll never receive.
Is that what the people want to read?
Because my happiness just isn't interesting enough

It’s tough to write a happy poem.
The poems about the nasty,
Gut wrenching stuff-
I got it down.
But a happy poem?
That’s gonna be weird.

I think it’s because growing up,
In the home and life I did,
I learned not to hold on to the happy stuff.
To not feel the good feelings for too long.
The happy moments were far and few in between,
And when I had them I was scared to enjoy them,
For fear that enjoyment would be taken advantage of,
When I felt happy moments,
I did my best to hide and push them away.

There were moments though,
Where amidst all the pain and suffering,
There were moments I was brought comfort.
There were moments that made me want to live,
Want to go on,
Search for something better.
These moments were brought by two furry ears,
Eyes with the closest shade to my own,
And a long furry tail.
Yea, I’m talking about my cat.

And now the poem has taken a sharp turn from meaningful,
To just absurd.
That’s what you’re thinking, isn’t it?
Dude, this chick wrote a poem about her cat.
Her fucking cat.

These moments aren’t when my cat was being funny,
Or playful.
There are a lot of those memories that I enjoy.

These moments are the ones where I’m sitting on the stairs,
My hand pressed to my mouth,
Suppressed sobs shuddering through my body.

She’s selfish,
She hates us,
She hates me.
She doesn’t deserve any ounce of pity from me,
I meant every word I said.

You know that’s not true,
She is your daughter,
You should care.
You can’t just freeze her out,
She isn’t one of your old college friends,
She needs you.

She doesn’t need me,
She doesn’t want me,
And I don’t want her.

You know what,
Fine whatever.

I can only hold on to the hope that she was lying.
But even in those darkest moments,
Listening to my Dad try to defend me,
Just to give up and walk away.
Listening to my Mom,
Throw my name around in the mud,
And stomp all over it in her New Balance Sneakers,
Canni was there.

Animals have a queer way of being there right when you need them,
And Canni is one of the best.
She’d sit there patiently,
While I willowed away into nothing,
The sharp,
Biting feelings of pain,
Echoing in my head.
Those feelings took me down,
To a deep, dark place,
Where there was no feeling.
No feeling happy,
No feeling sad,
No feeling hurt.
There was no feeling at all-
It was safe.
But she brought me back.
She’d rub against me,
Nudge her head under my hand,
Nip at my arm if I didn’t pay attention to her,
Or even just sit there next to me.
She’d listen with me,
Her tail flicking back and forth,
Like she couldn’t believe what was going on either.

Maybe she was trying to distract me,
Maybe she just wanted attention.
Either way,
She made me care when I had nothing left to care for.
She gave me something to hope better for,
Gave me something to work harder for,
Something to get me moving out of the dark,
Hopeless place that had become my heart.
If not for me,
Then for the small animal,
That cared enough to know when I was happy,
And when I was sad.

My cat is the reason that I know love today,
The reason I have feeling today.
And for that,
I can’t thank her enough.

A Poem for my Best Friend
#love   #abuse   #mom   #dad   #family   #cat   #survive   #parent   #pet   #verbalabuse  
Feb 17

Stumbling from the depths of Heroahima,
you came to find riptides in my hurricane,
only to learn that two storms can't build a home
And besides,
you've forgotten how to float

#home   #live   #survive   #float   #hurricane  

Les ondes de la mer me caressent doucement.
Je me sens si heureux chaque seconde de mon être
Et j’oublie mes chagrins si divers légèrement.
Tout ce qu’on veut maintenant est s’unir aux belles-lettres
En quoi notre destin fut écrit autrefois,
Où les chemins de la vie sont toujours dégagés
Et nous sommes libérés des regrets, des outrages
Qui empêchent notre envie de toujours voyager.
Nous manquons seulement du courage de fuir -
Des nos craintes, vexations, amertumes et avis...
En étant caressés par les ondes de la mer
Commençons de nouveau: nouveau seuil de la vie.

Février '17
#love   #life   #survive   #try   #bliss   #again   #start   #persevere   #anew   #vie  

Whether you come,
Or you do not,
I will survive,
Yes I will thrive.

Howsoever be the measure,
There won't be any pressure.
As you are connected to me,
And I am committed to you.
Whether you come,
Or you do not,
I will survive,
Would I thrive?

What fun will be my life,
Without you as my wife,
What life will be my life,
Each moment punishes.
So you should come,
Now you do,
I will survive,
Then I'll thrive.

Translation of my fourth Hindi language song.
The song called 'Tu Aaye' is translated herein.

My HP Poem #1410
©Atul Kaushal
#not   #i   #you   #survive   #come   #will   #or   #whether  

Stop forcing it...

..or trying to.
Let the river flow ~~~~ & fro ..or
~~~~ however it may move so,
so long as does so
by ..itself: on its ...own.

In the meantime:  Go do something tedious.

Stay true yourself;
& in doing so ...let the rest stew.

& before you know it...

whatever It.Is  -- or-an-an-swer --
or something (Sometimes: A.Someone.)
even better
..will find you.

#love   #hope   #sleep   #laugh   #live   #survive   #howto   #cook   #braise  
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