Unkind Dreams  (246 followers)
From the mundane to the unhappy to the downright disturbing, this is a home for your nightmares and other less than cheery ghosts that linger ...
dream a little dream of me  (101 followers)
anything about dreams, the dream state or what we imagine while we are sleeping...this is a page for the imaginings of Morpheus...share your sleep.
What Dreams May Come  (60 followers)
A Home for Our Dreams.. Bring them here to Share May they stay Alive and Vibrant An Open Collection of All Dreams Poems that Inspire ...
A Prodigy of a Dream  (33 followers)
Named after one of my poems, this collection is for the chunkier and the "Classism" style poetry; meaning these poems dabble in destruction and the ...
The Essence of True Nature Dreamfully Manifested  (18 followers)
Poetry that unveils the beauty of nature, evolving the beauty of perception through the writers eyes...Members and followers, please share your enlightened view of the ...
Bitter dreams  (16 followers)
For life 's moments and dreams that are too bitter to swallow.
Hopes And Dreams  (13 followers)
Wishes, Reveries, Dreams, And Longings Of The Heart Within Poetry Of All Forms.
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