33 minutes ago

I look inside myself
and saw a great white tree
the branches were twisting
made up of pale glowing tendrils
they would open to a shining star
and each star was a story I had consumed
some were bright and flashing
and others swirled behind a smoky shroud
as I passed by these stories I could feel them
I was sure I felt the sting of a Serket
or the faint howling of a Dorocha brushing my ear
when I came to the deep heart of this tree
there was a wide open space in the trunk
and as I entered I saw Excalibur
and I was sure I had felt myself wade into the waters of Avalon

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RL Glassman
RL Glassman
7 hours ago

The tenderness of stars is true
When darkness swallows careful
And I lean back next to you
Of all things learned and taught
Only one I know to be thoughtful
In matters alone and matters not
Only and only the tenderness of stars is true

Written January 9th 2017
#truth   #nature   #stars   #thoughts   #night   #sky   #nighttime   #star   #starry  
Ravanna Dee
Ravanna Dee
11 hours ago

A burning light has embedded itself into your mended heart.
It glows off your milky skin and brightens up your smile.
It twinkles out your eyes like specks of stardust.
And blazes itself from the inside out, illuminating your profile.
It puts a bounce to your step and crinkles by your eyes.
And it seems to brush it's glorious glow to each passerby.
One day you were asked, "Why does your eyes hold the sunrise?"
And you spoke with a million rays of light as you replied,
"The world has gotten darker like midnight without stars.
As each and everyone of you demoralize yourself.
So, because I see my worth, a moon you think that I've become.
When really I'm just a star that knows my worth comes from within."

#moon   #night   #star   #worth   #love-yourself  

Friends asked me
What does sky mean to you?
What about Stars? Shooting star?
And moon?
I smiled  and started whispering
That afternoon
You see the sky
They said yeah!
I said: the sky too sees me
I see the stars
And stars see me
I see the Moon
And the Moon sees me
Do you know why?
They seemed understand nothing
I continued...
It is simply because
Sky is my World;
Star is my Soul;
And the Moon is
My beauty, is my smile,
Moon is my heart...
Star and Moon
Are my Wings
To keep flying
Fly in my beautiful

#heart   #moon   #world   #beautiful   #soul   #sky   #star   #fly   #wings  
2 days ago

A dynamic star;
A super fabulous star
shining 24/7

#love   #haiku   #him   #star  
Ocean Trimboli
Ocean Trimboli
4 days ago

my heart jumps at the
cosmic grandeur of celestial bodies
sprinkled across the night sky,
twinkling above tents and tired souls,
it wasn’t until i left the city that
spirited, silvery stars
were sewn to my heart

I've been camping out in the country for the last couple of nights and despite the wind, rain and mosquitos, it's amazing. I am so humbled to witness a night sky that exudes so much beauty.
#feelings   #heart   #night   #soul   #sky   #star   #celestial   #cosmic   #twinkle  
Blaise Flowers
Blaise Flowers
6 days ago

you're flaming. little specks of crimson burn like fire in your heart. your physique melts like rum on a fire and sparks of amber make you glow like a candle in the darkness. magenta lines cross your lips and your skin mocks the setting street lamps and the burning sun.

you're a mountain to me. dwarfing cities below you with peaks that stride above the heavens, attempting to graze the planets if even so slightly.

you are worth becoming the enemy of hell. you are worth every friend you've ever lost to file yourself. you are worth it, because i've never met anyone who loves as perfectly and passionately as you.

for my cutie.
#love   #fire   #space   #galaxy   #star   #embers   #crimson   #prosepoetry   #maroon   #ember  
6 days ago

maybe it had been written in the stars
that there would once be a girl
who loved a boy
who was slowly growing into
a constellation.

the girl waits and waits and waits
for a sign that this love she has nurtured
would soon ripen with age
and find its way
before the boy turns into a blinding star.

for jww.
Marissa Straw
Marissa Straw
Jul 4, 2016

Alone in the dark
Waiting for a fallen star
Only fireflies

#haiku   #alone   #summer   #night   #star   #fireflies   #mountain  
Mar 18

do you remember how we decided
to write our fate on the constellations,
how each end met each end with
no spaces between them

i was mistaken to think
that these bonds would last for eternities
because now, i’m met by the truth
and it’s telling me that
the images of our constellations have faded

my stars make up another image from yours,
they no longer flow together like
a seamless blanket over the sky

it is as if you’re attempting to
defy the laws of physics by
trying not to gravitate toward me

but no matter how far you get,
no matter how weak my pull may seem

i still feel the laws of attraction working
because you’re still pulling me to you
and i don’t know what to do

i’ve tried not to notice you anymore
but how could i when no star
could outshine you,
no comet could shoot as fast
as you made my heart beat,
when none of the phases of the moon
could compare to your face?

it’s incredulous to think that in a universe
as large and vast and encompassing as ours,
where there are several earth-like planets
and identical galaxies and similar asteroids
and possibly tens of billions of life forms,
that there could only be one you

it’s unfair how you could be
so special to me whilst
i seem to be replaceable to you


one day, i hope you find
some new stars for you to bind with

and i know that no matter how much
shooting stars i wish upon,
i’d never be a part of your galaxy again

haven't written in so long so this is absolute shit but i'm trying to write again (also yet another poem abt stars and galaxies. when do i learn how to stop)
#love   #girl   #girls   #physics   #universe   #star   #galaxies  
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