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Mar 2022 · 440
ZL Mar 2022
Hands once warm and steady,
are now distant and heavy.
I crave to touch you ever so slight,
But I keep it contained with all my might.
Eyes once curious and brave,
stay dimly lit to soften my graze.
Heart so gentle and true,
now hesitant with loving you.
Mar 2022 · 231
Last Meal
ZL Mar 2022
On Life support...
Greedy, I keep on breathing.
But, life is faster,
she keeps on leaving.

Heart keeps beating..
Like someone cares!
Where was this energy,
with the love I tried to share?

I'm losing and for once,
I don't care to win.
Do me a favor,
don't let me be BORN again...
Mar 2022 · 304
A li on (Alien)
ZL Mar 2022
Came on a mission
But every aim I'm missing.

Laser focus on the target.
B A N G, I'm H

Boom, that's it.   Level incomplete.

Human defeat.

Plan failed.
Condemned to Hell.
Mar 2022 · 109
ZL Mar 2022
Dark as night
Blindly you fight.
Bright as day,
light is in your way.
Fragile as glass,
tarnished as brass.
Colder than zero,
trying to be a hero.
Mar 2022 · 322
ZL Mar 2022
A three letter word awaits me,
they will pronounce it as four.
I waited for things to change,
confused nights standing at the door.
No glitz, glam, nor gore,
just ocean waves...
I'll be at shore.
Visit me again always,
because you never did before.
Feb 2022 · 407
ZL Feb 2022
I've known hate,
more than I've known love.
When I die,
I will take your breath away
wearing a black glove.
I bled with shame,
Ate up pain.
When I die,
I'll forever curse your name.
Your rejection murdered my innocent soul...
When I die,
What's left of you shall also ... go
Jan 2022 · 414
Up late
ZL Jan 2022
Nights reign supreme
As I obsess over your entire being.
Memories don't do any justice
As I recall sweet times between us.
Maybe it was real,
more than likely not....
I toss and turn burning hot,
waiting for the flashbacks
to finally stop. .
Jan 2022 · 786
The interview
ZL Jan 2022
I saw the real you,
beyond the mask.
But, getting you to see me
was no easy task.
Worked up the nerve to speak,
there was something I had to ask;

Could I give it to you?
Nice and slow or ultra fast...?

Either way, this love will last.
Jan 2022 · 366
Caution tape
ZL Jan 2022
Soft like the petals of a flower
Kiss me while I'm sweet,
I'm bound to go sour.

Hard as the rarest stone
Touch me now,
I'll soon be gone.

Have me if you dare...
But remember in love,
All is fair.
Jan 2022 · 943
mortal kombat
ZL Jan 2022
bulletproof vest.

Yet, I still bled.

Crossed my heart,

and held my head.

Jun 2021 · 104
ZL Jun 2021
They say in love,
when you know you know.
Easier to understand,
If your baby didn't go. . .
How to fix,
what didn't deserve to be broken.
I should be crying or smoking,
Pride tells me I'm joking.
What's a lover-girl to do?
If she can't be loving.
May 2021 · 87
ZL May 2021
Leave me alone as I fade away.
I was only visiting, never wanted to stay.
Don't touch me as I grow cold and blue...
I know you cared, this part is true.
Life was a blur,
love was never there.
Allow me to die,
death is only fair.
May 2021 · 94
ZL May 2021
If I could go back,
there would be no me.
Find me in paradise,
lounging at the beach.
I would laugh,
as my siblings swam towards the sea...
As I float in nothingness,
finally free.
May 2021 · 198
ZL May 2021
Half blind, I've seen life's darkest days.
Insecure in my direction, dreadful are my ways.
Broken, but still trying to feel.
If I die, I'll know what's real.
Hateful, trying my best at love.
Don't judge me....
I didn't ask for this stuff!
May 2021 · 131
The Photo
ZL May 2021
A sweet moment
bring a blush to my face.
I remember the time,
I recall the place.
Open invitation;
you sought my conversation.
My response went deaf,
As I solemnly left...
But I will never forget,
How important you made me felt.
May 2021 · 107
ZL May 2021
Don't take my vulnerability,
As being weak.
I am a weapon,
I can make you leak.
I will break your heart,
Or make it whole.
I can love you or break your soul.
Not arrogant of the power I hold.
Fire in my eyes,
Cold is my blood.
May 2021 · 269
ZL May 2021
Yet I left a pool of blood.
still my tears could flood.
Odd & different,
but I desire to relate.
Alive, but not of this world,
Is a difficult fate.
May 2021 · 327
ZL May 2021
So what if I'm not your speed.
It's you who I want and I know my needs.
Two the same kind;
You need patience with me;
Blame my mind.
I hope for this union, in time.
For you too see,
Since we met, you were mine.
May 2021 · 93
ZL May 2021
Had I known our kiss would have been the last. I wouldn't have kissed you, just made you laugh.  Remember my sweetness and my charm. Feel the fire that once kept you warm. Cry from the eyes I would dreamingly gaze into.
Remember our beauty without blaming you.
π £ π •
May 2021 · 309
ZL May 2021
Arrogance in my hips.
Pride from my lips.
Pleasure in my *******.
Greed in my chest.
Rhythm in my feet.
Bitter in my sweet.
I am the power,
but so am I weak.
π £ π •
May 2021 · 67
ZL May 2021
She who fears nothing,
has seen too much.

She who feels everything,
has had enough.

She who hears voices,
has felt his touch.
π £ π •
May 2021 · 84
ZL May 2021
When something breaks,
It becomes broken.
A heart is closed,
with love, it opens.
Roses appear beautiful in any vase,
Everytime, anyplace.
π £ π •
May 2021 · 126
ZL May 2021
A shy smile from afar,
may make light for tomorrow.

A half hearted hug,
can be felt as love.

A kind word,
will forever be heard.

The smallest embrace,
can make a mask reveal it's face.
π £ π •
May 2021 · 449
ZL May 2021
It's okay to be chosen
or not to be.

We all have eyes,
but only a few will see.

It's okay to be bound,
but plan to get free.

Have mercy on you,
grace for me.
π £ π •
May 2021 · 93
ZL May 2021
I release you, Past.
You have stayed for too long.

Guiding my steps,
to lead me wrong.

Confusion and chaos;
a never ending story.

Your will not hinder my future,
neither my glory.
π £ π •
May 2021 · 345
Parted ways
ZL May 2021
Baby come back
Where'd you go?
Tell me you're sorry,
and come back home.
Return my dear,
please come near.
Darkness is upon us,
Your safety I fear.
But - - -
If you choose to stay away,
may peace and joy fill your days.
May 2021 · 190
Well Seasoned
ZL May 2021
Your eyes told me tales
I promised not to tell.
You taught me to be good,
I learned to be well.
Your smile gave me life,
as I struggled to find meaning.
winter bones caught in fall,
You were my best season.
May 2021 · 90
ZL May 2021
My first experience,
still makes no sense.
From the intense flirting,
to the awkward first kiss.
You were my target,
Grateful I didn't miss.
A night to remember,
A moment of bliss.
May 2021 · 55
ZL May 2021
You had me at hello.
My mind wandered places
only bodies would know.
Into your home, next in your bed.
Too close for comfort
as I ran pleasing fingers through your head.
I craved your scent.
Longed for your touch.
If infatuation is a rush,
I need more of this stuff!
It was love at first sight,
A truth, you chose to fight.
Therefore, that hello never turned to goodnight.
May 2021 · 105
Ex bad guy
ZL May 2021
I liked to make you mad,
Loved to make you sad.
Anything to convince myself that I didn't LOVE you that **** bad!

Reality was, I was madly in love!
emotions? boundaries? commitment?
I can't process such stuff!

But you loved me.
And in return, I made you cry.
I want to be your baby again,
I'm no longer the bad guy.
May 2021 · 137
Have it you way
ZL May 2021
Forgive my demeanor,
dare to dig deeper.
There is depth inside,
be brave and ENTER.
As you feel inner, be not afraid.
Rule of my heart:
only losers get played.
Forgive who you perceive,
If not, you should leave...
I am who I am; not who you believe.
May 2021 · 142
ZL May 2021
My mind is a vessel
That wants me dead.
It ****** me at day,
Rapes me at bed.
Unhinged thoughts,
Has numbed creativity.
Once so optimistic,
Now I doubt my abilities.
This head will bring my end.
A truth, I cannot pretend.
Heavy is the crown,
For a unfortunate man.
May 2021 · 187
ZL May 2021
Sins of the father
We all become our mother.
Love and acceptance;
We seek in many lovers.
A thousand lifetimes,
Pain knows no number.
Rebirth is good,
But existing is boringly somber.
Apr 2021 · 73
ZL Apr 2021
Black or White.
Wrong or Right.
Dark or Light?

Beauty in both
But is there hope?

For us to undo the past?
If not, we won't last.

Actions have a headstart, but Karma is fast!
Apr 2021 · 680
ZL Apr 2021
I used to be so weak
Only strength I had was to lie and weep.
I cried alone, until the noises collectively made a song.
Melodic lullabies as if I were once a baby.
I never was though,
and that's so crazy.
Apr 2021 · 90
ZL Apr 2021
Woman know your place!
Human know you race.
Object know your space.
Don't show emotion on your face.

Love; reflect your grace.
Forgive our ugliness disguised as mistakes.
Every life will lose the race.
Being born is all it takes.
Apr 2021 · 182
Disc Error
ZL Apr 2021
Versions of me skip tracks like a scratched cd...
Who am? Who do I wanna be?
Memories of myself flash forward as I push them way back...
Youngest person ever; at risk for heart attack.
Cardiac arrest, organs seldom rest.
If God grants me tomorrow,
I will try my best.
Apr 2021 · 65
ZL Apr 2021
Black bodies from the grave will have their day.
Future inheritance and bloodlines,
Their grieved souls will slay.
Visits to evil racist their unrest spirits will pay.
Black ****** is a game racists win and play.
Karma may seem slow,
But she never forgets her way.
When she gets to America,
She's welcome to stay.
Apr 2021 · 488
Wind Chimes
ZL Apr 2021
Savage start
Gave birth to a savage heart.
Times of cold,
Caused me to carry a heavier load.
Times of abandonment,
Made me question where love was from and if mercy would be sent.
Teenager in the wilderness,
I came of age with bitterness.
Now an adult woman;
I'm a dark merciless tornado and no meteorologist can report which way I'm coming.
Apr 2021 · 781
ZL Apr 2021
You don't know my rage,
Or my age.
My name
does not define my game.
U can't feel my pleasure,
Or know my pain.
Days I'm yin,
Night I'm yang.
Earth inflicts me,
But in space I reign.
Apr 2021 · 77
ZL Apr 2021
It hurts to care,
So, I claim I don't.
It's takes trust to share,
So, I decide I won't.
It takes work to relate,
So instead, I imitate.
Some call it fake,
Still, honest effort it takes.
Apr 2021 · 230
Deep fakes
ZL Apr 2021
It use to hurt,
To gain nothing but flirt.
It was simply lust.
Ego, pride & possession all in a rush.
To see, to feel, to experience something real.
With nervous hands,
I would have given my heart.
Glad you didn't take it,
Real F×××ing Smart
Apr 2021 · 152
ZL Apr 2021
Knowing you, was learning myself
I was the healer who wouldn't ask for help.
Knowing you, gave my lonley heart hope.
You; a *** addict, helped me to cope.
Knowing you, reminded to soften.
You made me vulnerable,
And I don't do that often.
Apr 2021 · 81
ZL Apr 2021
Too cool to ask you to warm me up.
My thoughts run free, while my words are stuck.
Too proud to show affection in front of a crowd.
Ego is wild, yet my spirit is bound.
Too angry to feel your point of view,
My ways were wrong, still I passed them for truth.
Too sorry to ask you back again,
Our love was a fight, you deserved to win.
Apr 2021 · 92
ZL Apr 2021
Maybe you were misunderstood,
I would have stayed if I could.
To listen, talk to, feel you out.
But intimacy is something I'm not sure about.
I considered you then, I think of you now.
Cold hearts feel love, don't ask me how.
Just wanted to say; I hope you're fine,
even if you will never be mine.
Apr 2021 · 633
ZL Apr 2021
Fire signs should we press rewind?
You moved too fast:
In competition with time.
You touched my body,
Made love to my mind.
But you burned my heart,
You could never be mine.

Water signs should we start again?
Emotions you play and always win.
Your love is perfect, beauty a ten.
But there is some emotional reason I can't let you in.

Earth signs, you're the king of crossing the line.
It's never your fault; deaf, dumb, and blind.
Greedy, selfish, manipulaters who I bet are just fine.
Of all the bad guys, you're the worst kind!

I am LIBRA, daughter of KARMA
*She said never again shall another one harm her
Apr 2021 · 228
Shape of my heart
ZL Apr 2021
You didn't even try to hold me,
as my eyes begged for the smallest touch.
I began to ask you, but the idea was too much.
You didn't even apologize as you made me cry.
If my life depended on your empathy; you let me die.
You didn't even fight for me to stay as I decided to go.
You broke my heart and didn't even know.
Mar 2021 · 58
Honest truth
ZL Mar 2021
I miss you badly
But you're no good for me.
I loved you blindly,
But your motives, I could not see.
I longed for us to be long term,
But patience is a virtue, we did not learn.
For you, I boasted and bragged.
would have kept you forever, until my foot was tagged.
Our romance ended,
Broken ties couldn't be mended.
Something beautiful we did not make,
And this sad truth is the cause of my heartbreak.
Mar 2021 · 225
Land down under
ZL Mar 2021
Ebony skin,
I bet there's paradise within.
Mocha kissed,
Your presence is pure bliss.
Brown sugar scent,
You look like time well spent.
Caramel lover,
I crave you like no other.
Chocolate milk,
You look soft as silk.
Melanin beauty,
I sure hope you choose me.
Mar 2021 · 177
Fine Print
ZL Mar 2021
Cute but anxious,
Not sure how you may take this.
A million moods:
From innocent to crude,
Mental disturbance I allude.
Fun but depressed.
Could you put my soul at rest?
Or would you judge me if I became distressed?
If no to any of the above,
You good citizen, have failed the test.
A for acting,
You gave it your best.
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