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Ysabel Cruz Apr 2020
An awkward place
the whole world is facing
a tragedy; a seemingly lost case
What should we be doing?
To the people who are lost in the world’s battle of COVID
Ysabel Cruz Dec 2018
Come over
I'll be waiting
Hours has passed
and yet I am still anticipating

Sun has set
curtains have closed
Are you still coming over?

My eyes shut close
from the waiting
A warm touched
my bare shoulder

For a boy, I'm falling for.
Ysabel Cruz Jan 2018
"I don't know who and where I am anymore."

"You are here."
"You are hiding like the sun behind a cloud."

When the sun is ready to shine and leave her hiding place, she will shine so magnificently bright.
She is so bright that she gives light to everyone.
She is too beautiful to be forgotten that it is saddening to encounter when she sets at 5:52pm, but she never disappears.
Despite the darkness making it difficult to see her, she is present.

"I am disoriented."

Even the sun has her moments of disorientation --the solar and lunar eclipses.

"I want to hide forever."

She is too bright to keep herself hidden for too long. She will come out, eventually.

"You are the sun."
Ysabel Cruz Nov 2017
legality is yours to conquer
with me or not
you, you have the power
never forget me in your thoughts
because time did not allow us to be together
happy birthday, laters
Ysabel Cruz May 2017
We were never an inch
closer; to what could have been.
A repetitive game of trying to reach
Is it my fault I spread myself too thin?

A close second to be yours
Thinking all the spaces were filled
You got me for two years,
all locked up and unfulfilled.

Done crossing the finished line
Came in last and unsurprised
You were never mine.
I went home with no prize.
This time I'm more certain of letting you go.
Ysabel Cruz Apr 2017
It has arrived at last
where my heart is never wandering
of the time another heart beats
It is not functioning yet pumping

The neurons in my brain
they never electrify anymore
It was too felt: the pain
The stigma now invisible

Air is now only drawn for
a pair of lungs that are mine
breathing for less not more
The O2 was unassigned
Goodbye Ken. It is finally time for me to let you go.
Ysabel Cruz Oct 2016
You never really know what’s coming,
a small wave, a big one.
Life is surprising,
because someone came along.

With every crash of a wave,
the stress is washed away.
Every minute spent with you,
I have faced the earth, brave.

The day arrived when I had to wear my veil,
a beautiful white lace of purity.
This day embarks us to set sail,
of our moments of gentle charity.

It may be inevitable,
for the high tides to drown us away.
Let’s not make our impulses irrevocable.
Together we can fight the days of gray.

Waves don’t die,
same as my love for you.
Look at the sky,
the stars shine for me and you.
A poem I wrote for the 50th anniversary of my grandparents.
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