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Drowning his soul in music,
Staying under until the last melody is relief,
Or at least until he's numb.
Heart frozen,
Mind and soul becomes troubled,
Innocence gone.
He's baffled.  
Can he find love under so much pain?
 Jun 2016 Viji Suresh
1:16 AM
 Jun 2016 Viji Suresh
Pick me up.
Pick me up
and let's drive.
Let's drive away
and never look
Let's talk about
everything that's
kept locked deep
in the catacombs
of our hearts.
Let's trust one
just you and
Grab my hand.
hold it tight.
Spill all.
I'll tighten my
grip, as goosebumps
appear on our
I'm here,
you're here.
We shouldn't worry.
I won't let you go,
if you don't let me go.
 Jun 2016 Viji Suresh
I wanted you
Like how the sun,
Wanted to shine.
It doesn't have to.
It shouldn't have to.
But it does.
For it is as inevitable,
As the sky above you,
And fated to do.
Like how I longed for you.
Like how the sea,
Longed to kiss the shore;

Again and again,
Endlessly again,
It should happen.
I love you so much, too much. I started hating myself for how much love I could give you but none to my poor, pathetic self.
I no longer think that ill always love you
But I will always remember what it felt like
And there is no one to blame but yourself
I didn't want to fall out of love with you
Im not heart broken anymore
Im just over it
My heart no longer beats faster when I hear your voice
I don't panic when I feel like Ive lost you
Im tired of loving you
You took a heart and made it ice cold
Took a innocent girl and showed her darkness
 Jun 2016 Viji Suresh
Isobel G
When I meet your eyes
Wagner's thundering drums
fill my ears in a burst;
the symphonic waves
wash over my whole body
as I trace your skin
and the strings soften
into a delicate prelude,
simmering in my chest
as I breathe you in.
It's almost unbearable,
but the building sensation
of the sweeping harmonies
is intoxicating, all-consuming,
just as the feeling of you against
my skin and the warmth of you
on my tongue; the vision of you
from above, utterly devours my senses.
©Isobel G
H.        06.06.2016

This poem was inspired by Wagner's Prelude and Liebestod from the opera Tristan und Isolde.
 Jun 2016 Viji Suresh
Neil Brooks
I've lost another dear friend,
Another kindred spirit,
To the culling of this worsening
****** epidemic.

No more new poems
Waiting in my inbox.
No more just checking in.
No more redemption.

Just another empty hole
Pierced through our lives
Taken by the tip
Of a needle.
#addiction #death
 Jun 2016 Viji Suresh

You tell me you feel
that you no longer matter
Sunsets and moonbeams
they all seem to shatter

Dark clouds and sadness,
a heart filled with  sorrow
Lost in today
and afraid of tomorrow

Just take my hand
so I can find your smile
I know it is there
you will see in a while

Let it all go
it is time to start living
I offer friendship,
that's what I am giving

Not here to fix you,
I know that you're broken
Just here to offer
some kind words now spoken

Hoping you see
in these thoughts I do scatter
You're special to me
and you truly do matter
I am finished trying to draw water to satisfy my soul,
from holes that cannot quench my thirst.
I try to draw water from holes of different names.
From friends and family.
From the words and approval of men.
From temporal pleasures and materialism.
But they cannot quench the longing for Love
in my thirsty soul.
I am like the Woman at the Well.
Tired of going to holes that I think are wells.
Trying to draw water.
Walking away still thirsty.
And again.
And again.
My Saviour and the Lover of my soul
comes to me.
And I drink from Him.
My thirst is finally quenched,
and I will never be thirsty again.
For He is the Living Water.
He is not an empty hole which dries up,
sending me away still thirsty.
He is the Love which my parched soul needs.
He is...
the WELL.
Inspired by the Gospel of John 4:1-45.
 Jun 2016 Viji Suresh
She's somewhere far away
sitting on her porch
watching the sun sinking behind the church tower
breathing the warm air
as another day of her life
is going to an end.
80 years and no smile wrinkles on her cheeks
her forehead still a history book
where lines of war and struggle
are deeply written.

Her eyes full of colour,
her heart
a room where hope and sorrow
constantly fight against each other.

Her voice, a joy to hear
though it saddens me
knowing that she goes to sleep as the sun does—
lonely, in a dark, quiet infinity
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