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Oct 2020 · 167
artisticAR Oct 2020
There are so many things

I need to say

but the right words,

aren't coming my way
Oct 2020 · 50
Kindness and Hope
artisticAR Oct 2020
Words are like weapons
They harm and damage
the fibers of love once had
leaving rags of passion once woven
into bundles threadbare and broken.

But hope is eminent, as it was in the past
when heaps of boundless love finally amass
to show that kindness is really all we have
to guide us through to the very last.

Oct 2020 · 147
artisticAR Oct 2020
Mean what you say
say what you mean
don't let your words
stumble and fall
in between
Oct 2020 · 65
artisticAR Oct 2020
Truth be told,
I am far too bold
to be anything but
silent and yielding,
I struggle with my intent
to be the right person
but my words are too abrupt
and revealing
Sep 2020 · 56
Feeling full...
artisticAR Sep 2020
Can we ever feel full?

Full of like, full of lust

Full of love, full of trust

Full of flirting, full of ***

Full of sorrow, full of drink

Full of stories, full of lies

Full of hello and ultimate goodbies

Sep 2020 · 37
artisticAR Sep 2020
This albatross around my neck

Swings me between desire

and helplessness

For this longing to be your everything

confuses me with a daunting reality

that I'm too distant and far removed

to be anything of real importance to you

and in the upcoming end...I'll have to find a beautiful replacement

Sep 2020 · 73
artisticAR Sep 2020
I feel torn, down the middle like,
one half lives here in solitude,
the other is driving on the turnpike
heading home to those who
know me the best
as I indulge in their
while awaiting a little
welcomed rest.
Sep 2020 · 56
artisticAR Sep 2020
If only the "If Onlies"

were actual Maybes

Then my current one-and-only

Would become my bonafide lately

Sep 2020 · 54
Grey hair
artisticAR Sep 2020
I thought today,
I'd cut my hair.
Clip a bit of
wisdom away.
Young, and grey
is quite rare,
it reveals a
touch of decay
Sep 2020 · 47
artisticAR Sep 2020
Sometimes the best way to say something
May be to say absolutely

Sep 2020 · 50
artisticAR Sep 2020
Stay ***** even when you're crumbling
Stay in tact even when they distort
the fact
that you are still strong
even when you admit
you're wrong
Sep 2020 · 258
artisticAR Sep 2020
Clenched fist holds my heart
to keep it from bleeding
unto the dirt that bares all roots
of a forgotten Earth, once bursting
With the gift of vibrant fruits.
Sep 2020 · 68
Darkness looms
artisticAR Sep 2020
A tree amidst a forest
a forest amidst the
Darkness surrounds her,
the moon lends her a bright

But a shadow looms engulfs the
it quivers , screams in its hushed delight
Devouring her soul, in disquieting grief
The robber of love, the sinner, the thief
Sep 2020 · 72
artisticAR Sep 2020
Life moves you along, its destination unknown
In melodies of songs, draped in liquid tone
Some harsh, some soft, some mere whispers
To taunt you to doodle, create your own figure
Which will make you unique, one of a kind
In a world, thirsty for leaders, and

Sep 2020 · 505
artisticAR Sep 2020
What will I find beyond this gate?
Once opened, can I catch enough love to seal my fate?
Could the water fill up my empty heart
and lead me straight to the part
where I say
I've found
Sep 2020 · 112
Awkward time
artisticAR Sep 2020
Recovered, head down,
knees clenched
Legs still won't walk her home.
Skin wet and heart drenched
listen to words and candid tone
and accepts her returning reverie
with a sip of the bottle of bravery
Yes, it was an awkward time
- amp
Sep 2020 · 198
Sep 2020 · 118
artisticAR Sep 2020
If you travel outside of your boundaries
there is magnificent place called World
Some corners are show-offs
While others are quite preserved
with its obscure beauty
making lasting memories
Sep 2020 · 121
artisticAR Sep 2020
What would happen if I walked in?
Would you welcome me the way I've been,
throughout the times, a fickle believer
full of  suspicions but still I linger
awaiting, full of hope...
Sep 2020 · 183
artisticAR Sep 2020
I hide the secrets you don't disclose
Play pretend so no one knows
'cause the truths would leave you bare
too revealing for you to share
Believe me, I understand
'cause I've been playing that same hand
and I never really seem to win
I just play the cards I'm given.
Aug 2020 · 85
artisticAR Aug 2020
I'll be the shelter for your feelings
a refuge for your shattered heart
I'll safeguard what you're not revealing
Keep it closed and be your confidant
Aug 2020 · 69
Next time...
artisticAR Aug 2020
I feel raw and bruised,
lasting remnants of you.
Nothing categorically bad
Just feel like I've been had.
I thought you were kinder and different
You thought you were the epitome of cool
Guess I'm no longer so significant,
I swear, next time, I'll be nobody's fool.
Aug 2020 · 101
artisticAR Aug 2020
My mother died at forty-eight
Far too young to go that way
It's been decades since I've relived
that day
But today would have been her birthday
so in celebration, I'm going to rewind and press replay
to remind me of her
charismatic beauty
and generosity and
oh dear...I need to keep
my tears at bay...
Aug 2020 · 126
artisticAR Aug 2020
The rooms in our house are
by every soul living in this crowded nest
At night, our spirits converge to confess
the secrets desires of the day that were never met.
Aug 2020 · 79
A Book
artisticAR Aug 2020
Flying through your window,
a silhouette inviting
to rest on pages of an open book
full of inconsequential writing.
Stories crowded with rhymes
and hooks
Of beggars, singers, lovers and crooks.
Like the lore of pain in Country songs
its passion diluted and suddenly gone
into the abliss of Perhaps and Ifs,
once a nagging thought now set adrift.
Aug 2020 · 64
artisticAR Aug 2020
I've never been a chronic sharer
I always hoarded all my thoughts.
I waited patiently for you to care
But you were afraid to connect the dots.
Aug 2020 · 80
Pillow talk
artisticAR Aug 2020
My bed is empty, the sheets messy,
my pillows need some talking
for my thoughts are frazzled
and quite frankly, a tad baffled
at the eagerness in which you
left me this morning.
Aug 2020 · 129
Grieve the loss of a friend
artisticAR Aug 2020
Tell me where is the path
To that which I once had
To that deep rich boundless love
That I, the reader, can only dream of...

Tell me, where lies my heart
Damaged, splintered in shards.
As his, pierced by the arrow of death
Which in turn took captive his last breath

Tell me, where has he gone
When the night sheds to dawn
When his light, his aura fades
Into a darkness, a tunnel of grey

Tell me, when will I breathe again
Without a pain that can paralyze
Without the river
drowning my heart
from all those tears that I've cried.
Please stop them from tearing me apart because
I've promised to keep them all inside.
Until that one morning, when I awaken
and know that each step taken
will be for you, my friend.
Because you showed me so much, even up to the end..
For you my friend, where ever you are...
Aug 2020 · 82
artisticAR Aug 2020
How can you recall what you don't know?
Your path to memory scatters
Recollections appear quick and slow
A stalker of vision, of life's chatter.  
Do take a look at your footsteps
to see where you've come from,
veer off that snoney path of regret
and celebrate your will to carry on.
Aug 2020 · 46
The Forest
artisticAR Aug 2020
I like it here, the quiet, the stillness.
The tranquility drapes my skin, flushes out my soul.
I need to come here quite often to reassess my infinite desire to control.
For here, amidst the smell of earth and the rustling of leaves, I become a simple Being, I become once again, me.
Aug 2020 · 353
artisticAR Aug 2020
My heart needs some sorting
to relieve it of its clutter.
I'm afraid once sanitized
it may lose its vibrant colour
Aug 2020 · 312
artisticAR Aug 2020
As dark as it sometimes seems
a picture of you comes in vivid dreams
Your beautiful hand touches my cheek making my toughness weak
and as I turn on my side,
I will myself to stay asleep.
Aug 2020 · 81
A fading friendship
artisticAR Aug 2020
Once, I had a beautiful friendship
now wilting away from lack of priority
the connection broken, slips away with useless attempts at redemption and honesty.
You kept me anchored during rough seas when my world washed away
but time, its illustrious enemy
has changed it but perhaps we'll resume it one day.
Aug 2020 · 109
A friend
artisticAR Aug 2020
Her aura luminates,
lights up the dark
shines a warmth with
the tiniest spark
into some of the coldest hearts.
She's special to me
Aug 2020 · 118
Leave quickly
artisticAR Aug 2020
Get outta here, she said
before your heart bankrupts your soul and camouflages your feelings and
your character as a whole.
There's still time to change your mind...
Aug 2020 · 59
artisticAR Aug 2020
Please don't judge me
until you've walked a mile in my shoes
before you start misinterpreting my every move.
Aug 2020 · 93
Looking for...
artisticAR Aug 2020
I've been dying for someone to love
in the bottom of a whiskey bottle,
when liquor dried,
an unexpected light shone
and you came along.
Your words were so magical and humble
that they transported me to a place of hope and
heartfelt glee.
Aug 2020 · 157
Full moon
artisticAR Aug 2020
Looking up at the full moon,
feeling small but close to you
because I know that somewhere you're looking at it too.
The oneness we have together but apart...
Aug 2020 · 41
Who, where?
artisticAR Aug 2020
Who am I, if I, to you, am
when I was once, to you,
and now I'm left here in
when the love in our hearts was going Somewhere.
Aug 2020 · 51
artisticAR Aug 2020
L: Loyal
V: Vibrant
E: Enchanting

Aug 2020 · 37
Follow me
artisticAR Aug 2020
Come on hon, take my hand,
I'll lead you to the land where its grass smells of honey and its rivers
run like liquid gold.
I'll see the amber sun lower in your eyes and I'll hope for another glorious day to spend it with you in much the same way. And perhaps tomorrow will be the day I tell you I love you and I'll pray that this won't frighten you.
Aug 2020 · 94
artisticAR Aug 2020
I don't know what it all means
I never had it as a child.
I've learned to recognize
what lies in between
Something lost
Something found
Something wild
Aug 2020 · 49
The rain
artisticAR Aug 2020
The shadow in the rain slowly dissolves into teary blur, a line of black in a mist of watery grey.
The water layers drop onto drop dancing down on the passenger window and I realize he's left me in an ocean of salty tears.
High tide's coming, blinding harrowing winds are circling as I shiver from their strength.
The light drizzle masquerades itself into a storm but I find it soothing.
I sigh and slam the car door and walk in another direction,
hoping next time I'll meet someone completely new and refreshing.

Aug 2020 · 32
The pandemic
artisticAR Aug 2020
A serpent sheds its scales of dread, inviting us all to pay a debt
to those whose warnings do not comply  until the enemy diligently multiplies. It shows us beauty in isolation until we leave and judge salvation.
Trust remains the ******* sentiment as I negotiate pedestrian regiments.
Aug 2020 · 31
artisticAR Aug 2020
Someone once told me, if I were ever lonely, a book would be then my best friend.
And reading two or three simultaneously would feel like a party, squashing my solitude
and hopefully boosting my mood.

Aug 2020 · 150
Here I am
artisticAR Aug 2020
Here I am, flowers in hand,
the whole scenario revised and planned.
There you are, enduring my charade,
praying that I'll finally understand
that we are two birds of different feathers patiently waiting for our successors.

— The End —