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May 2021 · 114
artisticAR May 2021
The eyes are the mirror to
the soul
Mine, closed, so you'll
never know
That I am in want of
one thing
that you can't possibly
To render me once again,
May 2021 · 139
artisticAR May 2021
Now is not a favourable day
To put thoughts on paper
My mind, like a drawer in disarray
where notes are jumbled together
But when the sun greets the morning
with a  promise of things untold
my words will  burst, exploding
And shatter , my self, exposed
Apr 2021 · 392
The curve
artisticAR Apr 2021
You crawl, you wind
You circle to find
A Strand of your life
Left behind...
Apr 2021 · 384
artisticAR Apr 2021
Wrap her gullibility,
secure it with Charm
Leave it as forage,
for others to disarm
Apr 2021 · 239
You're missing
artisticAR Apr 2021
What does time mean
if you're not there?
When my teardrops leave their
tracks in the dust
and my heart tears when I look up
to see you're missing.
What is time, when I reach out across the bed, my hand grasping
at emptiness and I realize
you're missing
What is time, when I want to share
a thought or two
but keep them silent, hidden from you, because you're missing
What is time, when broken plans of our future lay like mosaic
pieces of a picture
Waiting to be glued back together
But your piece is missing.
artisticAR Feb 2021
January 30th...

Drinking coffee with Bailey's
Anything to numb the pain
My heart sinks, crippled and heavy
Outside, it's dismal, rain
I sleep an hour or two
wake up thinking I see you
But you're missing...
I shuffle around the corners
of our house
You're everywhere, your coat,
your socks, your coffee mug
We've closed the door to our bedroom
I hope you don't mind
I promise we'll reopen it again,
in time
I don't know if you can see us
But I wear your golden chain
and D. wears your silver ring
I'll give your brothers
something of you
I just hope I choose the
right thing.

I love you so much,
rest my darling
Till we meet again
on the other side
Jan 2021 · 142
artisticAR Jan 2021
His church was a pub
its regulars, his disciples.
A community of patrons
some staunchly miserable
others unorthodoxly insightful.

At night, the needy took his beer
And the connoisseurs, his wine...
but his behaviour was instinctive
and his wordless signals, kind
and for a while I called him, mine
Jan 2021 · 195
Still friends...
artisticAR Jan 2021
Embarking on moving old boxes,
as they've sat, awaiting my touch
Dust flies, layers of memories cry
memorabilia line with dirt and must.
Friends on cellophane-filtered pictures
enhanced by the mood of that time
as we swore an oath of allegiance
to a friendship that would never die.
Jan 2021 · 127
Full Moon
artisticAR Jan 2021
Last night, I watched you
in the shadows, your ******
Befuddled by your beauty
I remain your unequivocal
Dec 2020 · 63
Lasting scars
artisticAR Dec 2020
Growing up was quite bizarre,
people turned into weird
versions of themselves.
And although I kinda liked that
I could do away with scars..
their scabs never really disappear
they just get thicker year after year
Dec 2020 · 97
My Heart
artisticAR Dec 2020
Heart wrapped in a dazzling bow
Its colour sparkles and glimmers
while glitter escapes from many tows
Even torn, it still shimmers.
Dec 2020 · 61
artisticAR Dec 2020
Aquarius pours its water
unto a hot, feverish land...
its oceans quench their thirst
while waves split, tear up the sand
and with sheer reluctance, slip away
leaving behind sparkles
of prisms in their wake
Dec 2020 · 61
artisticAR Dec 2020
Lets grab that bottle
to share its bliss,
its taste stays on our
lips like a kiss.
artisticAR Dec 2020
She used to be a looker,said vanity
turning heads with her sultry gait
But now her songs retell the travesty
Of  incidents that sealed her Fate.
Dec 2020 · 42
artisticAR Dec 2020
I'm scrutinizing a burnt red sky
holding steady in the midnight sun.
Its colours dancing and swirling
till they flee and the day is done
Dec 2020 · 67
artisticAR Dec 2020
You are authentic
You are brilliant,
Fashionably eccentric
And undoubtably resilient
But in my little world
I'll  protect you, baby girl
For you are slightly delicate
Like a long string of pearls
Dec 2020 · 63
artisticAR Dec 2020
I'm benumbed by the autumn sun
escaping to turn the day dark
and undone
But for now, I'll embrace the
balmy wind
Its air dancing in sultry swells
Its whisper touches my skin
As I walk in the warmth of the
sun's spell.
Dec 2020 · 48
artisticAR Dec 2020
Hail to the poets
Their Holy Grail of words
Splashes of emotions' intensity
Restores one's soul after its purge
Dec 2020 · 50
artisticAR Dec 2020
Over the horizon, a place
calm and soothing
Where I find peace from
the troubles looming
I know when I arrive,
I'll be a bit broken
But you'll hold me tight,
words needn't be spoken.
And when morning comes,
I'll bathe in your aura
till the sun sets
and the day is over.
Dec 2020 · 52
artisticAR Dec 2020
My heart flutters from those feelings
Spills onto the naked floorboards
Each drop splatters hope
and well-being
Their stains remain, safeguarded
and not ignored.
Dec 2020 · 40
artisticAR Dec 2020
What's a Fossil fuel?
Hostility, she answered
What's carbon dioxide?
Hmmm...Earth's form of cancer?
Nov 2020 · 45
artisticAR Nov 2020
I gather up fists full of dignity
Power of self-help mantras
echoes their energy
"You are wondrous, you are strong,
You are honest, you did no wrong"
Nov 2020 · 47
Miss you...
artisticAR Nov 2020
Somewhere over the horizon
You think of me, as I walk
the path of memories,
each footstep setting one free.
Nov 2020 · 44
No more violence
artisticAR Nov 2020
This is something I wrote to commemorate the " International Day of the Elimination of Volence against Women, which was on November 25th..

I knew from his weight on the stairs
what was to become of me that night
But I had a plan, an exit, a way of flight
Our child was out of house, would never know
THAT is what I constantly told myself so...
And as HE banged the door against the wall
And tore off the blanket from my body
I pretended to be dazed, incoherently groggy
As his hand came down on me,
he suddenly fell backwards, quite sloppily
for he was far too drunk to see...
and when he grabbed my ankle as I tried to flee,
I used that bottle of pepper spray
you once gave me
I feverishly sprayed his eyes closed
Until that bottle dispensed no more
I fled as quickly as my feet could master
Down those steps faster and faster
I ran through the night, torn and shattered
to a place where I knew I would finally matter
To that shelter I used to walk by all those years ago
To a place of refuge, a home to mend my broken bones.
From that day on, I became another woman
I helped those who were once powerless, afraid and broken.
There is hope, you need to believe
You can stop the cycle, you can try to leave

Nov 2020 · 47
artisticAR Nov 2020
You were unmoved,
so rigid and frozen
and my words hung
on my lips, dangling,
Nov 2020 · 65
artisticAR Nov 2020
Once, I was untamed,
before I met you
a free spirit soaring,
despite feeling blue
How I long for the old me,
that charmer, that fox,
the one so carefree.
Nov 2020 · 75
Tears and Fears
artisticAR Nov 2020
I lick up the savory taste of my tears,
in their vigil,they camouflage my fears
and for awhile they leave me numb
until I fall asleep, hurt and undone.
And in the early morn, I shake off their residue and slowly
start to begin anew.
Nov 2020 · 41
artisticAR Nov 2020
I laugh till I hysterically weep
Tears secrete on emotions' demand
Clear ****** sap surfacing
from the deep
And I laugh and cry and
laugh again.
Nov 2020 · 43
artisticAR Nov 2020
How can I tell when
I've had enough?
Should I slam doors
And stay silent and pout?
Could I? Dare I? Would it work?
Here I go again all
attitude and quirks.
Nov 2020 · 43
Still Learning
artisticAR Nov 2020
Hey you, it's me!
Your skin, your pores
Your cells, your core
The all and everything
You slowly swallow in
The art in which you digest
strong words and their mess
with a shake of your head
a coy smile on your lips
A smirk that you thread
From your eyes to your fingertips.
Good on you, you've learned
a thing or two!
Nov 2020 · 205
artisticAR Nov 2020
Religion: love
Gender: equality
Birthplace: universe
Home: soul
End: spirit
Nov 2020 · 191
artisticAR Nov 2020
What makes you happy?
A very loaded question, indeed.
I think feeling loved and
being free
and knowing should my heart withdraw
you will still be there
for me.
Nov 2020 · 159
artisticAR Nov 2020
You feel scared, raw and naked
have faith for someone will drape you
in rich brilliant threads of oceans' blue weaved for a lost soul just like you!
Nov 2020 · 102
To paint
artisticAR Nov 2020
I tried to paint a picture
Overmixed instead of oversimplify
Now the colours resemble mud
Something I hope my eye will defy
Nov 2020 · 142
artisticAR Nov 2020
The illumination of a snowflake
cut precisely from clear ice
Attracting other partners
they freeze together and
tumble through the sky...
Nov 2020 · 150
The path in the forest
artisticAR Nov 2020
A trodden path through a flush
yet wilting forest
Its ground so often stampered.
The trees hover over our footsteps
leaving their leaves scattered...
I feel small and inconsequential
as I tread over their exposed roots,
their screams, I can only fathom
as we assault them with our boots.
Oct 2020 · 125
The hold
artisticAR Oct 2020
Enclosed by a tunnel of branches
A slow breeze sets leaves free
Like feathers that sway and dance
I let go of the hold you've had on me.
Oct 2020 · 42
artisticAR Oct 2020
Hey, got any love and respect on you?"

"...plenty, even mixed with passion
if you fancy something new?"
Oct 2020 · 44
artisticAR Oct 2020
He said, "I trust thee"
and in a lost breath,
he captured me.
I lingered in his palm far too long
and fell tightly asleep
in his warmth and need.
Awakened, feeling groggy
and slightly inept,
for I savoured our oneness,
his tears and ultimately
our regret.

Oct 2020 · 58
artisticAR Oct 2020
I'll walk then run,
To follow that light
I'll savour every step,
The upheavals, I'll fight
to find serenity,
an understanding
to life.
Oct 2020 · 137
25 years...
artisticAR Oct 2020
I traffic too much in feelings
I peddle love to fill my doubts
Bags of passion sold to zealots
in crowded bars and pubs.
And then one night you appeared
a smile, a flash of an instant flirt
A pull so magnetic and alluring
I had to follow, to convert...

Twenty five years later, here we are...
and I still remember that night in
that very crowded bar...
Oct 2020 · 158
The Ride
artisticAR Oct 2020
Don't come too close
Don't lean in
For we might kiss
and the Ride will begin
I'm scared of heights
Prefer being grounded
For I'll lose my grip
Get hurt and wounded
Then you'll stop the Ride
Abruptly, I'm certain
I'll walk away alone
Because I love you too much
to be a burden
Oct 2020 · 153
Oct 2020 · 131
artisticAR Oct 2020
They lay, silent on the ground
awaiting your footsteps
to kick them around.
Those autumn leaves,
their rich colours abound.
Oct 2020 · 116
City lights
artisticAR Oct 2020
Pulse quickens, your palms sweat
city lights mesmerize you
lead you to the path of regrets
where broken hearts welcome you
Love-junkies looking for their fix
Hoping you'll be the one
who'll carry the potion to their lips.
Oct 2020 · 138
artisticAR Oct 2020
I built my nest upon a hill
to gase at the striking view,
a spectrum of vibrant colours,
the seasons of my life renewed.
Oct 2020 · 97
Aging process
artisticAR Oct 2020
Age-defying remedies fill up
every nook of her shelves
playing Russian-Roulette
with her vanity
and her excessive admiration
of herself...
And now as she remembers clearly,  transfixed in the mirror of time
She realizes she is still a model
of a very old paradigm.
Oct 2020 · 98
House of cards
artisticAR Oct 2020
"Shhh...walk on, babe..."
"Where to? Ain't got no home"
"Can't help you there babe
Mine's been hit by a storm
of lies, mistrust and doubt
It'll take an eternity to sort it out"
Oct 2020 · 74
artisticAR Oct 2020
"Can I really trust you?"
" You'll figure it out"
"Yes, but dissecting you
leaves me raw
and feeling distraught".
Oct 2020 · 78
artisticAR Oct 2020
"What's renewable energy?"
LOVE, my dear...
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