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3d · 40
Once, I was untamed,
before I met you
a free spirit soaring,
despite feeling blue
How I long for the old me,
that charmer, that fox,
the one so carefree.
3d · 158
Tears and Fears
I lick up the savory taste of my tears,
in their vigil,they camouflage my fears
and for awhile they leave me numb
until I fall asleep, hurt and undone.
And in the early morn, I shake off their residue and slowly
start to begin anew.
5d · 16
I laugh till I hysterically weep
Tears secrete on emotions' demand
Clear ****** sap surfacing
from the deep
And I laugh and cry and
laugh again.
5d · 13
How can I tell when
I've had enough?
Should I slam doors
And stay silent and pout?
Could I? Dare I? Would it work?
Here I go again all
attitude and quirks.
6d · 39
Still Learning
Hey you, it's me!
Your skin, your pores
Your cells, your core
The all and everything
You slowly swallow in
The art in which you digest
strong words and their mess
with a shake of your head
a coy smile on your lips
A smirk that you thread
From your eyes to your fingertips.
Good on you, you've learned
a thing or two!
6d · 264
Religion: love
Gender: equality
Birthplace: universe
Home: soul
End: spirit
6d · 48
What makes you happy?
A very loaded question, indeed.
I think feeling loved and
being free
and knowing should my heart withdraw
you will still be there
for me.
Nov 6 · 42
artisticAR Nov 6
You feel scared, raw and naked
have faith for someone will drape you
in rich brilliant threads of oceans' blue weaved for a lost soul just like you!
Nov 5 · 71
To paint
artisticAR Nov 5
I tried to paint a picture
Overmixed instead of oversimplify
Now the colours resemble mud
Something I hope my eye will defy
Nov 2 · 59
artisticAR Nov 2
The illumination of a snowflake
cut precisely from clear ice
Attracting other partners
they freeze together and
tumble through the sky...
artisticAR Nov 2
A trodden path through a flush
yet wilting forest
Its ground so often stampered.
The trees hover over our footsteps
leaving their leaves scattered...
I feel small and inconsequential
as I tread over their exposed roots,
their screams, I can only fathom
as we assault them with our boots.
Oct 31 · 48
The hold
artisticAR Oct 31
Enclosed by a tunnel of branches
A slow breeze sets leaves free
Like feathers that sway and dance
I let go of the hold you've had on me.
Oct 31 · 32
artisticAR Oct 31
Hey, got any love and respect on you?"

"...plenty, even mixed with passion
if you fancy something new?"
Oct 25 · 54
artisticAR Oct 25
He said, "I trust thee"
and in a lost breath,
he captured me.
I lingered in his palm far too long
and fell tightly asleep
in his warmth and need.
Awakened, feeling groggy
and slightly inept,
for I savoured our oneness,
his tears and ultimately
our regret.

Oct 25 · 60
artisticAR Oct 25
I'll walk then run,
To follow that light
I'll savour every step,
The upheavals, I'll fight
to find serenity,
an understanding
to life.
Oct 24 · 130
25 years...
artisticAR Oct 24
I traffic too much in feelings
I peddle love to fill my doubts
Bags of passion sold to zealots
in crowded bars and pubs.
And then one night you appeared
a smile, a flash of an instant flirt
A pull so magnetic and alluring
I had to follow, to convert...

Twenty five years later, here we are...
and I still remember that night in
that very crowded bar...
Oct 23 · 317
The Ride
artisticAR Oct 23
Don't come too close
Don't lean in
For we might kiss
and the Ride will begin
I'm scared of heights
Prefer being grounded
For I'll lose my grip
Get hurt and wounded
Then you'll stop the Ride
Abruptly, I'm certain
I'll walk away alone
Because I love you too much
to be a burden
Oct 22 · 110
Oct 22 · 114
artisticAR Oct 22
They lay, silent on the ground
awaiting your footsteps
to kick them around.
Those autumn leaves,
their rich colours abound.
Oct 22 · 48
City lights
artisticAR Oct 22
Pulse quickens, your palms sweat
city lights mesmerize you
lead you to the path of regrets
where broken hearts welcome you
Love-junkies looking for their fix
Hoping you'll be the one
who'll carry the potion to their lips.
Oct 20 · 75
artisticAR Oct 20
I built my nest upon a hill
to gase at the striking view,
a spectrum of vibrant colours,
the seasons of my life renewed.
Oct 18 · 110
Aging process
artisticAR Oct 18
Age-defying remedies fill up
every nook of her shelves
playing Russian-Roulette
with her vanity
and her excessive admiration
of herself...
And now as she remembers clearly,  transfixed in the mirror of time
She realizes she is still a model
of a very old paradigm.
Oct 17 · 69
House of cards
artisticAR Oct 17
"Shhh...walk on, babe..."
"Where to? Ain't got no home"
"Can't help you there babe
Mine's been hit by a storm
of lies, mistrust and doubt
It'll take an eternity to sort it out"
Oct 17 · 68
artisticAR Oct 17
"Can I really trust you?"
" You'll figure it out"
"Yes, but dissecting you
leaves me raw
and feeling distraught".
Oct 13 · 194
Oct 12 · 66
artisticAR Oct 12
Where I came from people gather around 
A table, decorated with a cornucopia
Of harvest's fruits and gifts
And here I sit so far away,
wishing I was homebound
to enjoy this special

...Happy Thanksgiving Canada...

Oct 11 · 145
artisticAR Oct 11
I was once so very important to you
Now, I keep asking myself what did I do
to have you search and find a newer one
and leave me, alone, completely undone
Oct 11 · 71
artisticAR Oct 11
My vacancy sign flashes in the night,
but love just drive on by...
And I wonder how I'll survive
in this empty room, my heart
left behind
Oct 8 · 59
Not much thought
artisticAR Oct 8
A little dot or comma here,
a stroke of pen often there
a dainty rhyme starts to appear
suddenly, out of nowhere
- amp-
Oct 5 · 240
artisticAR Oct 5
I used to cut my hair
for a new beginning, a newer look
to redesign the cover of this
simply- written opened book.

It seems necessity now cuts my hair,
leaving strands dull, blunt, no flair
a synonym of sorts,
sticking out here and there.
Oct 5 · 576
artisticAR Oct 5
Look into my eyes,
what do you see?
Is it a baffled soul
as me?
Oct 2 · 158
artisticAR Oct 2
There are so many things

I need to say

but the right words,

aren't coming my way
Oct 2 · 46
Kindness and Hope
artisticAR Oct 2
Words are like weapons
They harm and damage
the fibers of love once had
leaving rags of passion once woven
into bundles threadbare and broken.

But hope is eminent, as it was in the past
when heaps of boundless love finally amass
to show that kindness is really all we have
to guide us through to the very last.

Oct 1 · 134
artisticAR Oct 1
Mean what you say
say what you mean
don't let your words
stumble and fall
in between
Oct 1 · 61
artisticAR Oct 1
Truth be told,
I am far too bold
to be anything but
silent and yielding,
I struggle with my intent
to be the right person
but my words are too abrupt
and revealing
Sep 26 · 52
Feeling full...
artisticAR Sep 26
Can we ever feel full?

Full of like, full of lust

Full of love, full of trust

Full of flirting, full of ***

Full of sorrow, full of drink

Full of stories, full of lies

Full of hello and ultimate goodbies

Sep 26 · 34
artisticAR Sep 26
This albatross around my neck

Swings me between desire

and helplessness

For this longing to be your everything

confuses me with a daunting reality

that I'm too distant and far removed

to be anything of real importance to you

and in the upcoming end...I'll have to find a beautiful replacement

Sep 26 · 68
artisticAR Sep 26
I feel torn, down the middle like,
one half lives here in solitude,
the other is driving on the turnpike
heading home to those who
know me the best
as I indulge in their
while awaiting a little
welcomed rest.
Sep 23 · 51
artisticAR Sep 23
If only the "If Onlies"

were actual Maybes

Then my current one-and-only

Would become my bonafide lately

Sep 23 · 50
Grey hair
artisticAR Sep 23
I thought today,
I'd cut my hair.
Clip a bit of
wisdom away.
Young, and grey
is quite rare,
it reveals a
touch of decay
Sep 23 · 45
artisticAR Sep 23
Sometimes the best way to say something
May be to say absolutely

Sep 19 · 45
artisticAR Sep 19
Stay ***** even when you're crumbling
Stay in tact even when they distort
the fact
that you are still strong
even when you admit
you're wrong
Sep 17 · 246
artisticAR Sep 17
Clenched fist holds my heart
to keep it from bleeding
unto the dirt that bares all roots
of a forgotten Earth, once bursting
With the gift of vibrant fruits.
Sep 16 · 64
Darkness looms
artisticAR Sep 16
A tree amidst a forest
a forest amidst the
Darkness surrounds her,
the moon lends her a bright

But a shadow looms engulfs the
it quivers , screams in its hushed delight
Devouring her soul, in disquieting grief
The robber of love, the sinner, the thief
Sep 16 · 67
artisticAR Sep 16
Life moves you along, its destination unknown
In melodies of songs, draped in liquid tone
Some harsh, some soft, some mere whispers
To taunt you to doodle, create your own figure
Which will make you unique, one of a kind
In a world, thirsty for leaders, and

Sep 15 · 484
artisticAR Sep 15
What will I find beyond this gate?
Once opened, can I catch enough love to seal my fate?
Could the water fill up my empty heart
and lead me straight to the part
where I say
I've found
Sep 14 · 89
Awkward time
artisticAR Sep 14
Recovered, head down,
knees clenched
Legs still won't walk her home.
Skin wet and heart drenched
listen to words and candid tone
and accepts her returning reverie
with a sip of the bottle of bravery
Yes, it was an awkward time
- amp
Sep 14 · 184
Sep 14 · 106
artisticAR Sep 14
If you travel outside of your boundaries
there is magnificent place called World
Some corners are show-offs
While others are quite preserved
with its obscure beauty
making lasting memories
Sep 10 · 110
artisticAR Sep 10
What would happen if I walked in?
Would you welcome me the way I've been,
throughout the times, a fickle believer
full of  suspicions but still I linger
awaiting, full of hope...
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