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artisticAR Aug 19
Looking up at the full moon,
feeling small but close to you
because I know that somewhere you're looking at it too.
The oneness we have together but apart...
Yes, tell me. What is worse:
The devil you don't know or the devil you do?
I feel like I'm on hard times in finding myself.
Holly Owen Oct 2015
this fragile heart remains in a constant state of hurt
and yet it still searches for someone or something.
the idea of finding a soul that is strong enough to heal
is what allows this heart to stretch so thin.
what if no one comes?
what if no one is strong enough to help?
what IF the idea of finding love is a dream that we ourselves have created.
maybe love does not exist and never has but because of society and the unrelenting effect that the media has on this generation, we created demented images and ideas about love.

a fragile heart is only as delicate as we make it seem and even still,
we search
we hurt
we open doors to the soul that we wish remained shut
we allow ourselves to be consumed but another
we make ourselves weak and fragile for love
but in the end,
what does it mean to love and be loved?
I am not saying that love does not exist at all but this was in idea about what if the whole concept of love is something that we have created and is not an actual emotion.

— The End —