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Orion Lesneski
18/M/Idaho Just an 18 old guy, who changed his old bad ways. And yet people look at him and see the old him.....
Faith Toluwani Samuel
23/M/Nigeria    I'm a Scientist (Microbiologist) by degree who fell in love with every work of art. I'm a photographer, cinematographer, video editor, Graphics Designer, Actor, poet, ...
London    find someone to unlock your mind to, or else, it will explode
Ariana Solo
18/F/Aquarelle Vanilla Sky    "Half of my soul will always be like the dark side of the moon" © Dark Side of the Moon Ariana Solo
Universe Poems
F/London    Carol Natasha Diviney values human life, nature, and natural living. Innovator in person centered health care, living, and knowing that the art of healing, comes ...
58/M/Traverse City Mi.    I dedicate all my writings to the Muse’s of Creativity..... I strive for Integral Spirituality and Universal Truth.
Natasha Monica
24/F    A lead role in a cage.
Erik Luo
21/M    To see the beauty of our existence, the brilliance in our struggle, and the love in our sadness.
Jeremy Stacy
28/M/Georgia    I use poetry as a creative form of self expression.
Son of golden soil
55/M/India    All poems are my inner voice and are protected under copyright laws.
26/F/Oregon    I'm a scientist at heart!
17/M/Africa    Searching for the unknown...
21/M    A poet driven by love for nature
Carl Miller
18/M/GA    musician and writer currently based in central GA, USA "07" Instagram: Poetizer:
37/F/A Dream    Creative writer, dreamer, make-believer...INFJ...I started a poetry blog, and since then poems seem to come out of a place so real yet imaginary. Let's please ...
incarcerated minded man
43/M/dallas tx    let my word say it all....
Shadiya Zubair
19/F/India    "Let the lyrics of life be rhymed in your own unique flamboyant style" : ). Me trying to explore the lyrics of my life to ...
F/Europa    It took a day to build the city,I had to stop for fear, of walking on the mines I’d laid, And if I build this ...
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