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Feelings like rain
fall regularly
flood haphazardly
and last sparingly

(on this human floor)
"My warrant is the Word of God--
Naught else is worth believing."
Even my smile is not


it's fake !
I want to write a poem
where every word is sacred
every letter wraps around the page
like a pair of arms, comforting
and warming,
I want to reach out like a hand
to save you from drowning
for the ink to spread into the
entire ocean,
infecting the crystal clear water with
uncomfortable metaphor,
just read, or listen, and I'll kiss you
gently on the forehead with a simile
to make your smile,
my words will set you free, my darling
just listen
just listen
just listen
Charity actually begins at Pub.
Language spoken at the roof of the world carries the same
feelings and emotions as the
Language spoken at the bottom
of the world.
I need to remember me.

I need to remember myself
and all the good sweet memories that help me pick myself up
and all the bitter-sweat experiences that help me build myself
that help me find myself when often time I am lost.

I need to remember me
and remember to live.
I've grown to love life
A bit more, each day
When the night comes
My hold on life shall slip away
Awake all night
Breathing in
I lay so still and think

Water, Water everywhere
Nor a drop to drink

When I am gone
Don't look for me
No more of me to find

I've left some lonesome traces
Farewell and be kind!
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