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3d · 22
Ms L 3d
It's a chaos.
They rumble and jumble inside me.
Something's throwin',
Something's turnin'.

I plead.
It's breaking.
Deep breathing.
Can you please stop?!

Be quiet.
Stay still,
Or hold me atleast.
Please help me gain peace...

I just want serenity,
A cup of calming tea,
Phrases to keep,
And a good night sleep.
Sleep peace listen quiet breaking chaos serenity tea
Jun 18 · 199
Ms L Jun 18
Let me remind you,
You are my universe.
Bewitched by your beauty.
Fascinated by your mystery.
Jun 12 · 900
Ms L Jun 12
You loved her vividness.
She loved your darkness.
You admired her strength.
She embraced your weakness.
You wiped her tears of happiness.
She mourned your tears of sadness.
And when you saw her flaws,
You suddenly changed.
Dismissing the fact that she first loved your imperfections
Above all your lovable complexions.
Jun 11 · 849
Ms L Jun 11
She's not a mess.
Her universe is just in chaos.
But you see,
They've judge her,
Failed to see
What did they do to her.

— The End —