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Huxley Web Oct 30
When I think of home it's not
Four walls around me
It's your arms surrounding me.
Huxley Web Oct 30
Our orbits crash
Forming new planets and galaxies.

Small touches of the hand
All accidental
Send us spiraling around each other.

Pulling each other in
Creating new wonders.
Huxley Web Oct 30
just being near you
I'm loosing my breath.

I wonder if you were to touch me
would my lungs collapes.
Huxley Web Jun 10
I want to go there
Where the trails are boxed in with trees
The only sound being birds telling stories
I want to go where light doesn't pollute the sky
where the stars can be seen for miles
I want to go where the snow is endless
powdered and light and easy to fall in
I want to go where the days are short
but the nights are long.
  Jun 10 Huxley Web
I want to be with you,

Even though you're in heaven.
The tempation of joining you is only getting bigger.
I miss you so much.
Huxley Web Jun 10
Where did you go?
I miss watching the way you hold the attention of everyone in the room.
The way you make my breath
And my heart
Huxley Web Mar 4
I wonder what those hands could do?
Wrap around my neck and squeeze,
or wrap around my waist and hold me close.
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