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emily Sarker Jul 2019
Back in the same state,
Same town,
Same roads,
Same memories.
Yet an emptiness lays on every busy corner without you there.
The coffee shop stands waiting for you,
For us,
And I sit there in the comfort of the shop, waiting for you.
And after all this time,
You finally come.
But only to runaway.
But tell me love,
If you met my eyes
Would you remember why you loved me once?
Would you then stand at the door like you once use to?
What if I was back in town love?
emily Sarker Jun 2019
Your eyes.
The way they sparkled when they would lay on me....
That's all I have.
That's all I remember.
Cause if I think farther,
Remember more than that about you,
I'll break down and lose the girl I've been trying to make ever since you left.
So that's all I remember,
Your eyes.
Sorry I can't remember more of you love
emily Sarker May 2019
By trying to force me to love you
You drove me away farther,
Now you hurt me
Trying to ease your own hurt.
But tell me,
If you love me,
Does hurting me really help you?
Or is it that I have it all wrong,
Is it that you just want to be loved by me,
But not love me in return?
You can never force someone to love you, it simply won't work, rather it will turn into a bitter ugly thing
emily Sarker May 2019
Sitting at the laundromat
watching the basins turn.
Just like the basins,
the earth continues on its own axis in a similar fashion.

Another day goes by,
again once more,
one without passion.

Just dull revolutions
seemingly the same
but wait,
The basin stopped..the basin stopped
A poem made by a dear friend of mine lol please comment and let me know how you guys like it so I can encourage him he should do poetry!!
emily Sarker May 2019
He was not the city
Not the speeding cars
The mesmerizing lights
Or the late night parties
He was rather the village right next to it
A village I haven't heard of
He was the night Stars
The feeling of home
The late night convos  
And the long drives on empty roads
City girl falls for the country boy what a cliché
emily Sarker Apr 2019
One day
We will meet again.
You will once again look at me with the sparkle in your eyes,
And I'll notice you starring.
I'll give back that smile you fell in love with.
One day we will cross paths again
And you will chase after me
To once again say
"Hello my name is....."
We will fall in love again like the first day we did, and this time it will be the right time
emily Sarker Apr 2019
The night hovered over us
as the Stars shined out bright
and the breeze danced around us.
The smell of cigarettes hung high.

You pulled me in close to you.
I wrapped my arms around you
As we danced along with the music.
the wind fell in sink with our steps dancing along with us.
I stole the cigarette from your lips into mine
Tasting both you and the nicotine.
Smiles and laughters escaped us.

We slowed down,
Still in each other's arms.
The wind slowed down and blew on us
pushing us into each other even more.
Our Hearts pounded on each other,
As if they were speaking to one another.
We looked up into the night.
Two stars hung right above us,
Shining the brightest,
Closer to one another then the rest.
You looked down at me and our eyes locked.
Heartbeats faster then ever.
We smiled
As we both realized then that our stars were getting aligned together.
We didn't see it coming,
But now there was no backing out.
We were each other's,
It became written in the stars.
- We never say it coming or thought we would fall in love, we tried to avoid it in fear of getting hurt, but the universe was in our favor and the stars were aligning us , there was no denying it, we still didn't say "i love you"s just yet but our hearts were beating it already
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