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Pyar tujhe nahi hua hai usse ye mere dil ko yahin hai!
tu laut ke ayyegi... ye mere kadi hai...
dil se jada hai tabhi too samaj nahi aa raha mai tujhe...
jo dikhta hai tujhe ussme wo pyar nahi...
banda hoga mujhse acha lenkin wo tera yaar nahi...
tune kia hoga nadaniya dosti samaj ke...
apun bhi kia tujhse pyar... tujhe jindge samajke...
socha nahi ki mere galatfaime hai ki mujhe lagta hai... tu mujhse pyar karti hai...
tere ankho me dekha hai maine usse...
tere muskan me maine khoja hai usse...
tere har addad ki wazah tha mai...
tu saas leti thi apne liye lekin ussme basta tha mai...
tujhe jana hai tu ja apun rokega nahi...
tujhe laga ki... attraction wali feelings aye... to wo pyar hai...
ye tera dimag ka dhoka hai... par maine tujhe kabhi toka nahi...
tere duniya me jake tere dil ko chua hu...
har adhuri cheez jo tune ki hai... ussme bhi pura dia hu...
ye jo lakir hai tere dimag me mere liye tune hai baniye...
usse mitane hi mai yaha aya hu...
jab tu... ankho se nahi... dil se mujhe dekhe gi...
jab tera lamha ruk jaye ga aur uss har wakt jo apna tha usse dil ki nazro se dekhe gi...
eshq ka dariya ... sare hado ko paar kar dega...
tere ess pathar dil me... mere jassbat ka pyar bhar dega...
mumkin na hota too... hum nahi koi aur hota yaha...
kafilo me honge lakho... magar mujsa nahi koi yaha...
uss wakt ka enzzar hai mujhe jab fir se tu sare raza todegi...
mere ban jayegi tu... jab tere sari ye wazah tutegi!!!
Enslaved with the beautiful appearance of this lovely Creature, the innocency of the eyes and the sparkling hair.  I found solace in my bored lonely path. When I craved for companion, I was betrayed and disappointed although I learnt my lessons in that frustrating way.  Not only that I trusted this little pet, I named him Harvey because of the what comes with the beautiful name.  Now I write

Dear Harvey my baby pet as I usually call him,  I love you to the moon because of the gap you have filled although I know someday someone will fight the position with you but I promise you will always be my baby and sweet dog.
Boss Kally Okoye
Zeus May 2017
I hate you with everything i have, but you're everything i have,
i hate you with a passion but you're the only one who shows me love and affection
why are you so good
why are you so bad
we shout fight and argue like we're not meant to be and that shows me we're not meant to be, apart.
you scream you yell you tell me how much i hurt you but you hurt me just as more, you say you hate me even more, but you're always coming back for more
we kiss push pull and end it all with "sorry it wont happen again"

i stare at the darkness within my room thinking of you as you sleep, your voice rings in my head pounding and pounding and pounding on the inside as thoughts of you try to escape to this pen and paper i sit next to,  i cant help but wonder what i would be without you, you calm the demons within my mind, you shade light to my darkness,
then you text me at 3AM just to tell me you miss me,  

its our daily dance and it's all we ever do
its only a pity I'm never close to you
Eli Thurston Jun 2016
I've traveled down this road before,
It's scary to see you so unsure,
I've been broken once and I let him inside,
Your indecisive heart makes me want to hide mine,
The path that we walk on is two different ways,
Your path is a new one, I've had mine for days,
I want you, I do, but my mind's yelling no,
My heart is so fragile, I'm not sure where to go,
So whatever happens, know this to be true,
My mind was the thief that stole my heart from you.
Sometimes the mind can go against what your feeling. This is what I've gone through.
Michael Ryan Nov 2014
I imagine that my words can never be rational.
I imagine that my words can never be something you love.
I imagine that who I am is something that you will forget.
As my mind wonders the pages that I skim.
I imagine that you don't even remember my name.
I look harder at what I am trying to read.
But I still imagine your lipstick smudged smile against the blinding sun
I focus on each word in front of me.
I begin to read the title of what I want to read.
Self...Some how I lose track again.
and I imagine the blotted dark night sky against tree tops.
You know that one night that we spent together by the lake?
That one wonderful night where you told me all the things about you
Yes I still remember what you told me
How you always loved the sunflowers that grew around the summer
and it's amazing how much detail I remember of those times
and how I bought a dress of sunflowers the very next day for you.
I stop
Realizing that I need to stop imagining
I need to stop imagining how you are with someone else now
I need to stop imagining you wearing that dress for another
and how they will hold you while you wear that dress
I begin to read the article, even though I didn't finish the title yet
I suppose I forgot that I didn't finish the title yet
and I skim back to the top of the page
Imagining to myself how can I forget that
but can not seem to erase the thoughts of you from my brain
I think back to what I ate today, and I can't seem to remember
My stomach rumbles and with that I am reminded that I have not ate
Sadly with that same rumbling I imagine their pet name you gave
You called the rumbles rusty as they reminded you of an old rusty man
I slam my face near the screen and begin to read the title
Self help guide on how to not commit suicide: 10 easy tips
and I skip past all 9 till I get to number 1
*It says to imagine doing something else other than reading this article.
Sometimes the best advice is something that you are already doing, there's nothing more hopeless feeling than that. (another poem to delete just here for a little)

— The End —