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 Aug 2019 Iska
"To Healing" -kia
 Aug 2019 Iska
Sweet is the sorrow remembered in bliss after the healing is done

Long are the shadows between my lungs before the nights begun

Above the ashes my body will rise, unlit, untouched by the sun

til tomorrow remembers the sorrowful start of a ballad best left unsung.
A friend of mine is going through a rough time right now and this was just an idea i started toying with once they told me about their situation.

I guess we really do draw inspiration from the strangest of places.
 Jul 2019 Iska
Amanda Sheehan
Frolicking foxes
Leap from your lips
Past the white and ruby
Toward the denouement of
Empty disputes
I watch from behind
Chain link fence slicing my fingers
The weight of my silence takes
Shape in your eyes
Heralds a rush
Of crimson blazes
 Jul 2019 Iska
Yvonne Nice
How can it be so?
That only one can see the truth
And everyone else appears blind to my side?

It seems that only she can see the truth
The truth of the pain inflicted
Of the tears being choked down
Of the wincing at a voice
Of the horror of being tortured

And it seems that she recognizes it
That she is the one with sight
And so she defends me fiercely
With all her might

She is my guardian
With a voice that booms
And she'll try all her might
To protect me every single night

And she's told horrible things for it
She's told to shut up for speaking out against fear
She's told to never do it again
Because its horrid
Because it despicable
Because she's doing nothing but crying wolf
But we both know she's not
We both know the tyranny of terror at play
And we both know that we have each others back all the way

And though my throat may tighten at the sound of their footsteps
And my lungs seem to be riddled with holes when they shout horrid things at us
And my bruised muscles clench over murmurers of them
And my heart pounds at the slightest sight of them
And my brain aches when it realizes that to everyone else my pain is nothing more than a joke
I know I can rely on her for sanctuary
And she'll hand it over in abundance

She's always stands for me
Whenever it may be
And I love her more than any know
And I will always protect her the same she does for me
For she is my hidden guardian angel
Buried under a coat of star dotted night
Though you may not know it, your alliance has helped me more than you could ever know.
 Jul 2019 Iska
Timur Shamatov
You shouldn’t be alone
I know your mind is racing as you’re pacing
To my will you’ll surrender all control
Forget the future and the past
Love couldn’t and it wouldn’t last
So take another shot and fall away into
Someone else’s bed and break their soul
Play the game of stupid love
Better them than you cause nothing lasts
Take another puff and lose your mind as
You disappear into nights of lust
Frozen to another’s touch
Cause darling you don’t want to hurt
Trust me take another pill and close your eyes
Life only lasts a moment and it’s worth loosing time playing games of causing scars.
I think we all have had that moment or a few where we close our eyes and fall away into abyss.
 Jul 2019 Iska
 Jul 2019 Iska
I drowned my days in ample waste
A sense of doom — a sense of haste!

Engulfed my skin — possessed my bones
Replaced my voice with brittle tones
 Jul 2019 Iska
“***, human,” she says
With her whiskers and tail,
“This no name brand soup
Is definitely a fail.
No wonder the children
Only ate a bite or two,
The soup is so bad
I’ll be lucky to spew.”
The soup must be legitimately bad if the garbage cat won't bother with it
 Jul 2019 Iska
Ashley Kaye
Your beauty may birth from shaved legs
red clown lips, gaudy eyeshadow
flimsy black crumbles beneath
your eyelid
You are ****-sun-kissed;
I am opaque.
Blotches of color
Lighten my smile

cheekbones never as sharp
as your words
July 2019
 Jun 2019 Iska
Nevaeh Lynn
Clawing at my throat
I am.
I cant seem to breathe. But somehow
I am
I couldn't stop the crying but now
I am
And im okay
I am
Im not still clawing
Im not.
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