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Kia Jul 31
Sweet is the sorrow remembered in bliss after the healing is done

Long are the shadows between my lungs before the nights begun

Above the ashes my body will rise, unlit, untouched by the sun

til tomorrow remembers the sorrowful start of a ballad best left unsung.
A friend of mine is going through a rough time right now and this was just an idea i started toying with once they told me about their situation.

I guess we really do draw inspiration from the strangest of places.
Kia Apr 14
the only word that could ever describe her
her smile and laugh and everything about her
to make her happy
i don't think there's much i wouldn't do

she's like a song
seared into my head
guiding me towards an emptiness

she's like a siren
tearing up my head
driving me insane
locking up my brain
she's like a siren
singing over me
pretty as can be
this siren's gonna be the end of me

she's so wonderful
when she tells me how she feels
and lyrical
is her voice as she takes away my fears

She's like a song
seared into my head
taking me away from all my common sense

she's like a siren
tearing up my head
driving me insane
locking up my brain
she's like a siren
singing over me
pretty as can be
this siren's gonna be the end of me.
Kia Feb 7
I'm just your little problem aren't I?
That little irk at the bottom of your spine
The thought that keeps you up at night
And forget you try with all your might
I'm still your little problem

Hiding in the nooks and crannies
Of youe topsy turvy mind
Thoughts that'll surely **** your granny
Thoughts you hope no one will find
But, I'm still your problem

You've always been the awkward kid
The one that no one gets
So you've learned to shut your lid
And try hard not to fret
Still it doesn't change the fact
That I'm still your problem

You see, i have chosen you
To be my final haunt
So if you see a floating shoe
I'm not trying to flaunt
So yes, I'm just your little problem
But you're my little problem too.
Kia Feb 7
Mystical creatures, that play in the dark
They are the creation of blackness so stark

Mystical creatures, they bring fear to me
Fear of all those I cannot see

Mystical creatures, are you even real?
Or are you just the ideas we steal?

Mystical creatures, afire in the night
To bring young children certain looks of fright

Mystical creatures, do you listen to me?
Head my caution of that which could be

Mystical creatures, beware of the light!
For it shall surely end your fight!

Mystical creatures, stay with me, I dare
I promise we'll be the perfect pair

Mystical creatures, the sun is rising fast
Away to the shadows, where you don't contrast

Mystical creatures,  just follow my advice
If not, you shall become colder than ice

Mystical creatures, the sun is now risen
Return! Now! To your underground prison!

Mystical creatures, please don't be rash
Oh no! There you go! You've turned to ash

Oh why did those creatures not listen to me
Well, at least now,  they are ever so free
Kia Feb 7
The walls around me fade
A sky so clear and blue
Air arround me smells of rain
Yet still I think of you
Nature is my hiding place
I'm free to be myself
Out in the open, I am safe
Safer than when I'm with you
Yes, you might be happy
But do you see my smile?
I can run and jump and sing
For freedom is what's mine
A place of peace and paradise
Cool winds blow through my hair
Oh how I love my perfect place
No, I don't want to share
Yet soon my daydream ends once more
The scene disappears
Prison walls, back in there place
And I am left in tears
Kia Feb 7
It's okay, I'm fine
Nobody's hurting me
It's okay, I'm fine
It's you! Can't you see?!
No! No, no there's no need for that
I wish you would care
Stop!  Stop!  Please!
Stop pulling my hair!
I'm fine, I'm okay
These tears mean nothing
Why do you ask?
When you know I'm bluffing
No! Please! Stop!
You're in my head again
You're not welcome here
I'm already broken
Its okay. I'm fine.
Im picking up the pieces
Strong and confident, I say
But I know I'm not
You made me helpless
Yet I stayed
I've tried to be selfless
But I'm not okay.
I found this old poem digging through some of my stuff from a couple of years ago, thought it was actually worth sharing...
Kia Dec 2018
Fought for love

Fought for peace

Fought for memories I no longer can reminisce

The blood

The sweat

The fear

I remember it all

The stench of the trenches

The putrid cloud of anxiousness and calamity perpetually lingering

Never more than a few breaths short of inhaling pure death

But what is death compared to life?


More sacred?

Meet me in the field and find out.
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