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Not feeling the heart
Beats without a beat

The spoken never a first choice
Words lose the game
All good!
Had it not been for this place I would have never written anything beyond the first few times that I must have penned my thoughts.
Sharing my thoughts here has been a boon to me. Thank you all for reading and understanding
 Jun 2019 Iska
Dare I dream?
 Jun 2019 Iska
Dare I dream?
Of a far away shore
Golden sand hugging The crystal waves
Mermaids sitting on emerald stones

Dare I dream?
Of a far away land
A castle built with golden bricks
Its high tower kissing the clouds

Dare I dream?
Of a far away heart
That one day shall wander close
And fall in love with mine.
 Jun 2019 Iska
The prostitute
 Jun 2019 Iska
For him to see
For him to touch and feel
Soft skin under his coarse finger tips
Stifled tears, and a lantern is lit
‘You owe him a laugh’ they said
‘A kiss and a dance in this pleasure night
For he had paid your price’
My price
three golden coins in the pocket of a man
Who kidnapped me when I was a mere child of nine
Who brought me to a house to be beaten and torn
then learn to obey,
I did, for I no longer had a soul
For him to see
For him to touch and feel
In this nights, and the many nights to be
A stranger with golden coins, A smiling girl with a heart that weeps.
I always sympathize with prostitutes, no one knows what they had been through and how they ended up where they are, yet society judges them.
One never knows the choices he would have made, had he been in their shoes.
Words are the chemicals
Packed in vials sublime
Untouched pure in time
Their base Property lyrical

Words are the coefficients
Reactants , The Thoughts and Emotions
To balance the emotional equation
Poetic are the words omniscient

Combustible the thoughts, fragile the emotions
Handle with care , the equations
Cold storage processed, refilled
Magnanimous ,the words distilled

Thoughts never too dormant
Never static the emotions
The words a kinetic solution
Potential they have Charmant
Some thoughts  about words

Thank you all, for all your love for this particular piece, today, 28th May, this got selected as the daily!
Will soon respond to everyone, thanks and blessings!!
 May 2019 Iska
Xander B
Summers Near
 May 2019 Iska
Xander B
Wasting away, like the dead leaves of fall.
Embracing change, transforming.
Supplementing the earth that they hail from.
Giving nutrients to all.
The grass and the flowers growing so tall.
As the sun shines down, warming.
The buzzing of bees, such a plesent hum.
Summers near, answer the call
 May 2019 Iska
 May 2019 Iska
How to become a poet:
Let someone rip your soul apart.
And in the need of mending ,
You will replace it with words.
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