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Z R M Dec 2019
There lived a child with darkened eyes
He ran across a town of clay
Where windows breathed without a breeze
And footsteps tapped throughout the day

Until the distant rays had dulled
And drew a sky devoid of sight
As all the sounds gathered around
The single twitching shade of fright

He hides within a room of stone
No door or lock or moving part
His necklace dims with every span
Unhinging roots too stiff to part
Z R M Jul 2019
I drowned my days in ample waste
A sense of doom — a sense of haste!

Engulfed my skin — possessed my bones
Replaced my voice with brittle tones
Z R M Mar 2019
All shapes are lost within this loop
A scene would flash — with frantic eyes
To play its piece — a soundless troupe
Deceased, the bones — replaced by cries

As newborn forms encased in ash
Their fate entwined in frozen waves
Reflecting on potential truth
Unsure — they seep, in creeks and graves
Z R M Dec 2018
I cannot seem to see as well
As selves deceased, I laid to rest
It is the law - bereft of sense
The hoarding thing - The passing guest

I envy you, o bygone self
The eyes you held - The words you kept
And now I hang - But where I hang
A place between - A place inept
A poem about one's past selves
Z R M Dec 2018
How can we know the Truth of Truth?
When all we see is partly Us?
Is there a land of molten Fact?
Where all agree and none discuss?
Making fun of objectivity
Z R M Aug 2018
I used to lay upon the Leaves
Infused with blood and ink and Eves

Where Ash and Water left a Trail –
A thread, I sewed – and named A Tale

And there I hummed and spun the Bone
With shelves of stone and signs unknown

And mine were carved by songs of Yore
With hands and eyes atop the Morn

Perhaps we sang, my signs and I
Perhaps we danced, my Leaves and I

But that was Then – when songs were sung
The Snow is here, where none is rung

And Here is dim, and grey and mute
The wind is still, no voice or flute

Perhaps 'tis true – no bow nor string
No thread immune – He cannot sing
Z R M Dec 2017
The more I think — the more I know —
That "I don't know" — is all I know —

The more I know — that I don't know —
The more I think — the more I know.

— The End —