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 Mar 2018 Tsunami
 Mar 2018 Tsunami
Divided we stand
when together we should be.
Our purpose should be the same:
To protect, to love, to care for our children.
But darkness & evil have infiltrated our hearts,
Stupidity & ignorance have led us askew, &
Judgment & fear have made us all hate each other.

So no one wants to listen to the teenage girl
who understands true fear.
No one wants to hear the young man
who sees why the world is burning.
Instead it's a liberal-conservative war.
It's a we are older and know better war.
It's a "these are my rights..." war.

And still,  no one listens.

Yet no one is listening.
No is addressing the fear.
And the hate grows larger.
Mixing itself in with the fear,
Causing monsters that we have
only dreamed of in nightmares.

So now, no one sleeps at night.
Afraid of all the monsters
that have been created by hate & fear
Because no one would listen or love.
 Mar 2018 Tsunami
You play with the great globe of union,
you that see everyone so clearly
and cannot be seen. Even universal

intelligence gets blurry when it thinks
you may leave. You came here alone,
but you create hundreds of new worlds.

Spring is a peacock flirting with
revelation. The rose gardens flame.
Ocean enters the boat. I throw
it all away, except this love for Shams.
 Mar 2018 Tsunami
 Mar 2018 Tsunami
Your naked body
Pressed on mine
We kissed

I thought that
I should feel

Thrill, euphoria
Lust, love
Or bliss

But no
I felt
And I'm very sorry, I don't know what's wrong with me.  You are everything I have ever wanted, but for some reason touching you leaves me blank.  I feel nothing.  And I am sorry.
 Mar 2018 Tsunami
refresh mesh
Your fingers are on my throat
   the world is rocking like a boat
an ocean
is unbearable
because it never seems to end
   and all I can do is float

   Your lips are rosebuds that never stop moving
   and somehow I find my own disgust soothing
my fingertips
are numb
whenever I lose myself to the waves
   but you're deaf so I'm unsure what I'm proving

   Your move was the deadly spawn of knight
   I sacrificed my pawn, paralyzed by fright
we will protect
the king
from sicknesses like you, *******
   Checkmate. I never lose a single fight.
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 Mar 2018 Tsunami
raine cooper
 Mar 2018 Tsunami
raine cooper
some churches have bones,
and a graveyard for all the prayers
god didn't answer
 Mar 2018 Tsunami
 Mar 2018 Tsunami
my blood
is like honey on bones
it drips down
like an ice cream cone
 Mar 2018 Tsunami
Ann P
Can you trust someone who thinks that 'Love is Temporary' ?

I used to love someone with all my heart
Every inch of my body loved him
Every drop of my blood loved him
Every little cell of my body loved him
My body was his
The control was his

I could not eat if I missed him
I could not sleep if I could not smell his intoxicating cologne
I could not breathe if I could not see him

He was the center of my universe
He was the beauty of my world
He was my everything
and I could not live without him

Do you realize that I used the words "used to"?
It means that I survived.
I survived the heartbreak that he caused.
I survived the unbearable pain that he gave.
I survived the deadly reaction of my body after he left
I survived days without eating
I survived days without sleeping
I survived from 'he was my everything'
I survived from 'I could not live without him'
I survived from all the prodigious illusions of loving him.

Love is Temporary
Love is not Forever
But Love will always be there

When Love dies, Love is born

So, can you trust me?
 Feb 2018 Tsunami
Langston Hughes
I would liken you
To a night without stars
Were it not for your eyes.
I would liken you
To a sleep without dreams
Were it not for your songs.

— The End —