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i'm a curator of all that dissipates and evaporates
not only memories of my grandparents, my dad
now my mom
but the flesh tonsillectomy i performed on the rocks
in maine when i was 17
my wife's heartbreaking smile
and "come on down to my boat, baby"
a happy 60s tune no one remembers
last week i had to put down my little cat peppy
after nineteen weird years of love
sadly now i can leave my boots in the hall
knowing she won’t *** on them
 May 2019 Richard Yeans
I know the toothless women
Who crumple on the streets
The rain bleeds through their cardboard,
The cold drips through their feet

I know the dying children
With anaesthetic arms
The angels crowd around them
With time that burns their palms

I've hugged the brainwashed gangsters
With money drenched in blood
I've heard their broken weeping
While digging up the mud

I've seen the starving faces
Of the tired girls at home
The broken, hectic psyches
That eat them to the bone

I know the burning poets
With a desperate thirst for life
The need for finding soulmates
That pierces like a knife

There's weary public servants
Who risk their lives for good
And prove compassion every day
Yet stay misunderstood

Human love is buried
Beneath the plastic weight
Of angry allegations
And a world that feeds off hate

These people may be messy,
But they're beautiful and real
With hidden dreams and secrets
And ability to feel

We have a place to run to
With lights of peach and gold
Where all the weight is lifted
And all our tales are told

We live in total freedom
So safe beneath the moon
And though it seems ambitious
Our dreams will save us soon
The night brings comfort to those who need it most
 Apr 2019 Richard Yeans

I'm sorry that I keep staring at the other boys.
And keep thinking of the other girls,

But if I'm being honest,

If you ever left me
Love would be a forgotten feeling
That I never want to reclaim.

I may crave the skin of others,
But my beating heart is in your hands.
I feel sick.
 Apr 2019 Richard Yeans
If this poem trends
I just want to say to all
Hi nice to meet you


Oops my humour gets the better of me :-)))))) xxxxxxxxxxx
Have a lovely Sunday xxxxx
"Though it was at my hands, it was your weight that suffocated me."
 Apr 2019 Richard Yeans
Life in general is a crime
It is what it is all the time
Sometimes times are good
Sometimes are bad
All depends on the life we had
 Mar 2019 Richard Yeans
Lick my lips
Cradle my face
Gaze into my eyes
And tell me I'm safe
 Feb 2019 Richard Yeans
 Feb 2019 Richard Yeans
ting is
your           life
thro             ugh
a ne           edle
and         if
you sew

— The End —