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Deanne 2h
No words to describe the feelings I possess
No words to describe
How I feel inside
No words to describe
My life
My crazy ride
No words can I write to describe to you
The feelings I possess
Way deep down inside
Deanne 2h
My soul is blocked
No time is spared
I need to think with my heart and my head
What blocked my soul?
What should be of me?

My life is in scramble
Every path I take I tumble
But even a blocked soul will not have me crumble

I will find the key
To unlock my blocked soul
One day you will see
What will be of me
Deanne Oct 7
It's my dream
My fantasy
I see what I want
I want what I see
It's my company
Deanne Oct 6
A lonely heart is a sensitive heart
Too sensitive for this world
Deanne Oct 3
Nothing on this earth can make my life worth
Than the sunshine of a beautiful smile
Deanne Sep 25
To me you know you are the world
But I am just your little girl
To what we have
Your not blind
But my love for you  
Blinds me
Deanne Sep 18
A wander to my eye
Pattened colours
In my view
Brilliance of colours
I can see
Little rainbow pieces
My Kaliedascope
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