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Deanne 4d
Lady diamond in the sky
The wanders of my mind
For what its worth
I am afraid of the darkness in the night
Deanne 5d
I once dreamt to be a shining star at night
To look upon a world so bright
But now I think I'd rather be
Colourful coral in the sea
That way I wont have to look upon
A ***** world that has gone wrong
Deanne Apr 27
An inspiration is what it takes
An inspiration is all it takes
  Apr 24 Deanne
you dont like poetry
especially mine
why cant you understand
that every word is not exaggerated
but it is exactly what I think
just covered in silk robes
and crowned with flower petals
why can't you understand
that I dream of
green forest
and crystal clear oceans
that I am not trying to be edgy
I'm just trying to understand
Deanne Apr 24
Welcome to the workings of my mind
What I see, intrigues me
Welcome to the blackness of my heart
What I feel , scares me
My soul is a jungle waiting to breathe
Deanne Apr 24
Day dreams are the best dreams if you take them into the night
Night dreams are the sweetest dreams if your day dreams are perfect and right
Deanne Apr 23
Stay strong in your mind
Your heart will follow
Stay strong in your heart
Your soul will mellow
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