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Deanne 7d
Everything happens for
a reason
I wish I could explain
But every new day
A new season
A new way

Everywhere are signs
Pointing to maps in our minds
But there are some signs that just cant be read
Caused by the damage done in our head

I think I'll put my reasons on every sign I see
Deanne Nov 27
My mind is buried in a place unknown
Im not sure of where to go
My heart is broken shattered and torn
For as long as I remember
My lifes been scorned

My soul is lifeless
Hanging by its throne
I dream of one day
I'll be happy at home
Deanne Nov 14
I am homesick for a place that does not exist
Where my heart is full and my soul is understood
Deanne Nov 13
When all is said and done
No need to hide or run
You tried your best
The best of you
What is done
Is done
Deanne Nov 11
Do you know how it feels when the sun is shining
The waves are rolling and the flowers are blooming?
This is how I feel when I look at you
Deanne Oct 23
I dream for you to come one day
A man who'll love me the same way
A love that's pure
And truth I know
Together forever
We will grow
Sail thru galaxies
Discover unknowns
Together forever
Buried our bones
Deanne Oct 20
Your eyes cry dark murky water
Why wear so much makeup
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