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I was standing at that point,
Looking on my right.
Yes, there was a way on the left side,
But I was attracted toward the one with a light.
There were rainbows in the sky,
And a windy breeze coming so bright.
I chose my path I chose the right
"You will regret" I hear a voice.
A wise man who is tall in height-
Come on knees to,
Show me the left sight.
"It's hot and full of dark.
Travelers have left their mark.
Rocky slippery tough to climb,
It makes you taste all the lime.
In the end, there is a feeling of success.
There was lots of something white.
That could be snow or could be salt,
To know I have to walk through might."
It's left or right that's all going in my mind.
I have to chose which one is right?
The confusion and racing heart with thought involving all those but
I chose the path which bite,
I chose the one which made me fight.
Gave my days and all my nights.
Just to find out what was so white?
It wasn't snow it wasn't salt
All it looks so grand.
Want to touch and want to feel,
Its something beyond a big deal.
It's the thing I unknowingly crave,
It's something that made me brave.
tougher roads usually lead to a brighter goal.  yes there were difficulties on the right path and our heart get influenced seeing beautiful rainbows of path  not right for us but the appetite to touch the end goal is something which kept us going regardless of numbers of obstalces on the right path for us.
Glenn Currier Jun 2020
You walk lightly,
said the old wizened man,
As if the floor were too thin
and you, afraid to use all your weight.

I looked at him with a surprised grin
and said
You are perceptive
no one ever said that out loud to me.

He just grinned and winked.
Star BG Nov 2018
The fool, doth think he’s wise,
strutting around
acting inside his own reality.  
Moving in playful style,
as others think he brainless be.

While wise man, doth think he fool,  
swaggering under thesis
of living his own truths.
Dreaming grandly
with acts in mind like fool
few rarely see.
Inspired by
William Shakespeare who said. “ The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.
3purplepebbles Apr 2016
we call them planets
we call them atoms
The wise man knows that there is no difference
He knows that they are truly one and the same
Within the same universe
Concept from Minecraftś End Poem
¨Sometimes it called those flecks ¨electrons¨ and ¨protons¨. Sometimes it called them ¨planets¨ and ¨stars¨.
Sienna Luna Nov 2015
so, here I am
and there you are

a wise man once told me
that it’s only coffee

and each day has its struggles
but when I met you
it all made sense

it’s strange, this feeling
of inner freedom

a clarity branched off from
the clairvoyant passage
******* skyward
******* lowered
to the ground below
where spontaneity happens
when least expected

I secured something of innate value
deep within these thrombin-riddled valves
the chambers of the heart
now pumping out fresh blood
like a healed wound
that the moon vampire would be proud of

so here I am
and there you are

a person well beyond what my
feeble writer’s mind could conjure up
on any given day
head in the clouds
just wishing for love to lightly fall
at my feet like footprints in snow or sand
and I wonder
why these heavy footprints
have not been blown away
by the chilling winds of winter’s calling
and I wonder
why I’m still waiting
for a look

just one look
that says it all
paired with words
of mutual understanding
bound together
a wave of pressure
between us
woman and man and
young questions
begin stirrings
rhythmic and pulsing
deep within my static brain waves
edging me closer
to you

so here I am
and there you are

The Hierophant
with your
gold and silver crown
leading me straight to


— The End —