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Jun 2020
I was standing at that point,
Looking on my right.
Yes, there was a way on the left side,
But I was attracted toward the one with a light.
There were rainbows in the sky,
And a windy breeze coming so bright.
I chose my path I chose the right
"You will regret" I hear a voice.
A wise man who is tall in height-
Come on knees to,
Show me the left sight.
"It's hot and full of dark.
Travelers have left their mark.
Rocky slippery tough to climb,
It makes you taste all the lime.
In the end, there is a feeling of success.
There was lots of something white.
That could be snow or could be salt,
To know I have to walk through might."
It's left or right that's all going in my mind.
I have to chose which one is right?
The confusion and racing heart with thought involving all those but
I chose the path which bite,
I chose the one which made me fight.
Gave my days and all my nights.
Just to find out what was so white?
It wasn't snow it wasn't salt
All it looks so grand.
Want to touch and want to feel,
Its something beyond a big deal.
It's the thing I unknowingly crave,
It's something that made me brave.
tougher roads usually lead to a brighter goal.  yes there were difficulties on the right path and our heart get influenced seeing beautiful rainbows of path  not right for us but the appetite to touch the end goal is something which kept us going regardless of numbers of obstalces on the right path for us.
Vashisht O'Valerie
Written by
Vashisht O'Valerie  25/F/India
   Catnip Lily
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