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eve Dec 2020
Year one - in love with the thought of you
Year two - in love with the thought of you
Year three - in love with the thought of you
Year four - realizing my worth and getting the hell out of my head
It’s been a leap year
It’s been high school
Four years have passed us by
Or should I say, have passed me by?
A jump from beginning to end
Our connection is so severed
I’m drowned out
By stormy seas
Where I feel fossilized, completely and utterly oblivious to the progression of time.
Why did it take me so long to get over you?
Was I too scared to be alone?
Was I always alone?
Why can’t I talk to you the way I used to?
What excites you about him?
I have millions of burning questions
That light fires of why inside my head
Why me?
Why him?
Why not us?
Four years have passed me by
Now it’s all up to what’s next
What I make of
The next four years
Without you
In it.
Jann Flach Jul 2019
As I lay in my bed in this dark room,
the silence is wide awake , my mind too.
My thoughts immediatly go to you,
every moment of the day until my eyes grow so heavy
and my body is at full peace.
But still you are there in the back of my mind.

You are just like a piece from heaven,
so beautiful and unreal,
but your kisses taste like desire and trust.
Kimberly Rose Nov 2018
A fear of sleep
A fear of dreaming
Much too deep
Close each eye
Lie in darkness
It hears your cry
Fall asleep
Dream so deep
Close those eyes
Will you arise?
Jillian McLean Jan 2018
It's not about being wide awake thus getting no sleep.
It's about being so tired, that your body
shuts down but your thoughts don't
It doesn't feel like you just drank a cup of coffee
and you can't keep your eyes closed
It feels like you haven't had your cup yet.
Annie McLaughlin Apr 2016
clock in
somewhere between midnight and eery silece
peeling my eyes wide, can not close
(they can't)
have to keep busy
busy, busy, busy
my mind is always busy like it's a job
no time for breaks
no happy thoughts
the one laying next to me is rich in slumber
resting from his day of work
I am wide awake,
my mind working quickly, my eyes watering just on que
it's all part of the routine
I have to never forget you
it's okay, my dear dreamer
sleep well,
I will take the night shift.
My thoughts - jumbled and mixed together.
beautiful yas Dec 2015
at night when I go to rest my mind

to my surprise you're all I find

a very sweet peaceful sleep

like angels dancing in my sheets ✨

these dreams are lucid yes clear to see

even in my dreams you're apart of me

they say the mind while its asleep

expresses things that the heart can't speak ..

at night when I go to rest my mind

to my surprise you're all I find
Erin Nicole Jun 2015
Every night I lay awake scared of one thing and one thing only, Loosing you. We may not be together. But im scared of never seeing you again. Never talking to you. I don't ever wanna loose you more than I already have.
Nicole Ashley Apr 2015
"When I can't sleep at night
I stare at the empty side of my bed,
and wonder about the things
I would tell you
if you were laying right
Next to me"
Piper Wilde Nov 2014
It's 3 am. Again.
I'm wide awake.
There's no reason for you to haunt me
And yet,
the permanent ache residing in my chest
is starting to feel normal.
I've begun to forget
the life I had before this.
I'm hollowed out,
my insides scraped away
by everything and nothing at all.
At night, I reminisce
half-fantasying a life we never lived.
And dully, I remember all the places our bodies met
but never touched.
My thoughts run away from me again.
I think of you. I think of me. I think of us.
No. There was never an us.
Not really.
There was always a space in between,
So we'd never had to feel.
And still, your departure has left me with a wound too deep to ever heal.

— The End —