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Cathy May 2020
After you see the look
Of pain and fear in his eye
After you feel the chances
Slipping on by
After you bear witness
To the screaming shaking pain
After the wave of anger
Washes you with blame
After you feel hope slipping
From your very hands
After you soothe and comfort
And hope he understands
After the grief of what can’t be
Of not accepting where you’re at
Good luck finding sweet dreams
After all that
Cathy Apr 2020
I’m standing in the spotlight of the gas station
Waiting for the tank to fill
Doing the mundane and ordinary
Glad that I’m not ill
I look up at the inky blackness
So dark against the glare
The wind stirs and snowflakes drift
Towards me standing there
I’m not a fan of winter
My fingers frozen to the bone
I’d rather have a summer day
And make the beach my home
But the beauty in small things
Lifts my heart from doom
Each tiny speck of crystal white
Brightening the gloom
Perhaps they are a blessing
Saying I’ll be alright
Perhaps they are a promise
That I’ll have a better night
Maybe they’re a sign
From one who passed as I held her
A thank you and goodbye
A pause to reflect and remember
Annie McLaughlin Apr 2016
clock in
somewhere between midnight and eery silece
peeling my eyes wide, can not close
(they can't)
have to keep busy
busy, busy, busy
my mind is always busy like it's a job
no time for breaks
no happy thoughts
the one laying next to me is rich in slumber
resting from his day of work
I am wide awake,
my mind working quickly, my eyes watering just on que
it's all part of the routine
I have to never forget you
it's okay, my dear dreamer
sleep well,
I will take the night shift.
My thoughts - jumbled and mixed together.

— The End —