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Corynne Dittrich Jun 2020
Cars fly so fast
where is our hero
kids don't think fear the thought numbers zero
You start your day with a smile on your face knowing your life is at bay
But who is our hero?
Who is our hero?
They guard the street with a protective eye they stop the cars as they fly by
But who is our hero?
Who is our hero?
As the kids wave goodbye
they're thankful knowing its a temporary bye
They save lives of most strangers while protecting you from any dangers
But who is our hero?
Who is our hero?
Corynne Dittrich Jun 2020
My monster has...

A body like rusted steel
He has eyes like poisonous venom,
freezing you in fear.

He has a nose like he's waiting to charge
and the smoke coming out is very large.

He has a mouth like a grin
And it seems way too grim
as he waits for his chance to swallow you up.

He has arms as strong as your fear
and he won't play along
when you try to talk him out of his lunch which is you.  

He is as friendly as a snake
that lives from being vile
and he is as clever as the demons
in your mind.

He's as loud as the blasting thunder
that you hope is mostly outside.
He's as smelly as the sewer
that lives under your home.

and who knows,
that's maybe where he lives.
He's as frightening as the fear
he can see in your eyes.

My monsters name is Your Nightmare.
Corynne Dittrich Jun 2020
Under the water
below the sea
the whales are calling
They're calling to me

Divers discover the waters
bright glee
the fish are swimming for all to see

The sea holds tresures and souls
Secrets are waiting
in the under sea holes

What's waiting for me
in the depths of the sea
Is the answer I'm longing
It's the key to the sea.
Corynne Dittrich Jun 2020
I've heard about the hate between black and white,
Can't anybody see? This is so not right.
The problems start but never end.
Can't they see? We can just be friends.
The world is full of chaos,
And I'm thinking to myself
"Look at us!"
Pain was here
But it just grew.
I'm sorry, was that not enough for you?
You chant "All Lives Matter" in the streets.
Who were the ones who used to dress up in sheets?
Yes we know ALL lives matter.
Yours, mines. His. Hers. Theirs.
But when I walk down the street
No one stares.
This issue is a cancer. We must cut it out.
Eradicate the disease,
Until there's no more shouts.
Calling all the cops who deserve this time.
If you didn't see it coming,
Don't do the crime.
You've scarred each family
From the people we've lost.
You did this crime,
Now you pay the cost.
When someone says get off my neck
With your knee,
Cop look at yourself.
Is this really who you wanna be?
What's the difference between black and white?
What really matters is if you're doing something right.
Just imagine what you're putting someone through,
When you're disabling them,
Labeling them,
Believing something that has never been true.
But know it's up to you.
You can change this from being so blue.
Because imagine if it happened to you.

By Corynne Dittrich, age 15

— The End —