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Drew M Jan 2021
Cold we surpass the skies and clouds?
Could we be more than what we want?
Could we stay out of that crowd?
What if we’ll just be sad and daunt?

With all my hearth believe in thee
With all your soul you love me too
Grow up my love, we’re like a tree,
From small to big, we rise, we’re new

So don’t give up, forever fight,
Be strong as winter north winds are.
We found our ways, our paths are bright,
And light like dark night skies by stars.

Have confidence and shout ‘’we can!’’
Create a world just with your hand.
Spread out our love in all you have,
Go further ‘till the distant end.

And when that day, the Death, will come,
We’ll smile together, arm in arm.
And with grave tears in our eyes,
We’ll say to Death ‘’we touched The Skies!’’
Julia Supernault Jan 2020
There were situations I thought I’d never get over,
Moments where I thought I’d be never able to survive the pain, where I thought my heart would literally stop beating altogether,
These little slivers in time where I thought I’d never live to see the next day have long passed and I’m beginning to realize that my body, mind and soul are resilient.
I can get through anything and come out stronger.

A city that radiates happiness,
A people of class and heritage
A Nation that has seen its station
A World of black and white.


A fire burning amidst the waters
A river flowing through
Children of the ancient ones
A world of black and white.


A people that prefers hate to love
A revengeful and boastful heart
A people that read more, yet less sense
A world of black and white.


The trueness of hate itself
The scandal of ignorance
The product of callousness
A world of black and white


Be love or bliss defined
Be the city upon the hill
Be the fighters on bended knees
We can be Great again

Only if we shun hate and accept love

Professor Marylyn-D©
All right reserved
Only if we shun hate and accept love
Rachna Beegun Jun 2016
In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.
Get up and dance  
Put on those moccasins that make you move from out in France 
Into the Indies then Polynesian isles.
Pour the green skies upon those frozen and dried out. 
Bring gratitude to those whom frequently pout 
And the mission to gain commission
How the mantras from mamas mouth 

Shoot from the sky.
So sly the way we will slip into the nostalgic reminisce 
Lights on the red carpet 
And the set of lies 
Are we doing this? 

We don't mention How Buddha ******. 
Budapest in the name of the most auromatheraputic 
And orginally  
tell the Chinese nike labourers  
who do this. 

Though they suit me, 
I resuit this with prudent force for those law benders 
Of the b.a.r.
We will cough on tough tycoons and yet bow to stars. 

Oh my legend, how far have we looked and have we come 
Jumping out of the Nintendo Nes(t)
We have entertained our self enough  
We've won son.

But find me lagging on a wooden broom 
Brimming on the outskirts of your psyche 
Just when you thought 
Sike you didn't not cite me.

Please bibliograph my flight plan or pattern 
And as you gaze upon the moon I make my second meander on Saturn 
The orbit 

In finding sudden satisfaction with norbit 
I've asked. How bliss is ignorance? 
We blend all the blinding lights of the prism and still white and **** 

Disdain on dose dat ain't domestic 
Still ******* kicking and 
My legs are there to test this 

and jeering with slack 
I'm looking back. 
I fear the peers of tired whites and blacks 

Those that act that they have nothing to loose 
By continually hitting the snooze 
Oh we will leave you like leaves grounded in the grooves 

These four leaf clues 
Clovers, slipping out of my palms 
Mark you like wolverines claws 
Like jar heads
Jumpin in to the jabber jagged jaw of jaws 

Subservient marine. 
Prate in the truth of those words until you(they) know just what they mean. 
Ya seen? 

— The End —