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Swastik mittal Nov 2019
a vision to freedom
a vision to life
a vision with fighters
no vision to strife

a vision to win
a vision of smiles
a vision with thinkers
the vision till miles

these immoral visions
are visions of a god,
a god in a man
a man with no odd

the man is bappu
the father of the nation
who is a fine piece
of god's creation
A Tribute to Gandhi Ji
Swastik mittal Sep 2019
Yes, I am a bird,
But why can’t I fly?
Why I remain in this land
And am not in the sky.

For I have the wing,
And Strength to make it flap
But still, anything is left
Which bounds me in this trap

So I shall push the air
To get the body risen
And one day shall come
When I’ll touch the horizon

But what can I do now
Cause time is getting fade
I shall mold my fear
To make it a power blade

And then I shall pull the power
Which was kept so hidden
And slay my all weakness
Which should not be left forbidden.
Swastik mittal Jun 2019
I am a vulture
flying in the sky
eating up my problems
coming in my mind

I catch up my faults
in claws, I coil
and bury them in ground
to fertile my soil
Swastik mittal Feb 2019
far away from the Earth
away from mortal creatures
there was a land like ours
to whom all were teachers

one was taught by other
and others by another
someone learn from a forebear
and someone from there brother

I feel if our earth would be like that
where all are equal and are dear
where evils have no home to exist
where no one has any fear
Swastik mittal Aug 2018
See its shine,
See its glow,
See its beauty,
How it flows.

See its nature,
Depends on its mood,
Sometimes calm,
Sometimes rude.

See its strength,
More than a king,
None can withstand it,
Whatever you bring.

See its goodness,
The goodness that it brew,
It takes nothing,
And give it’s all to you.
Swastik mittal Jun 2018
OH GOD! i can remember my own past.
when i was slow and all were fast.

i can remember the days when i was small
all use to stand and i used crawl  

OH GOD! i can remember my old days
when i played near bunch of hey

i can remember those days were shiny
when everyone were huge and i was so tiny

OH GOD! what i can see
i want to be
please send me back
to this old me
Swastik mittal Apr 2018
A cruel King  was Angry a Day
He saw a blockage on his way

He called everyone on his Court
“Who is Guilty” he wrote

“I want person” he banged
“The guilty man would be hanged”

The roadmaker stepped out
“I’m not guilty” he did shout

It was not too small and not too large
It’s mistake of road incharge

Road incharge inspect and detect
But he saw that the road was perfect

So who’s mistake was there in it
Then who made that blockage pit

Then a perfect plan was in layer
Now the Majority will declayer    

“King should be hanged” Every said
As he was cruel and was bad

The king was hanged just then
And was never seen again
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