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morrigan Apr 2019
every morning i wake up
i am 18, and an adult
constantly fishing for good results
in the steps that i take

everyone morning i wake up
i wish i were 9, and a child
so i would never have to worry
about whether or not i am worthy

tell me---
how can it be
that the world is so big
and yet i feel so small.
morrigan Apr 2019
in the middle of the mind
in the eye of the storm
there is a girl
trying her hardest
not to drown
in a sea of thoughts so strong
they could rip her life apart.
this is the fastest poem ive ever wrote
morrigan Apr 2019
it is difficult
to live at the mercy of life
swinging mood to mood
craving some stability
to maybe make things alright.
almost a tanka lol
morrigan Apr 2019
a beautiful day
melting cotton candy sky
i wondered how i
ever wanted suicide
i am at peace with my life.
morrigan Apr 2019
forged into her skin
are bruises branded bright blue
she wept from the pain
like blood seeping from a knife
when will it all be over
morrigan Apr 2019
Since I have met you,
My heart has gotten so full.
Please, don't let it burst.
morrigan Mar 2019
You are my sunshine---
My only sunshine.
But even my sunshine,
Can't take this darkness away.

It's embedded deep inside my brain,
And I never learned any other way.
It is impossible to love darkness away.
It finds a way to always stay.

Even if love cannot cure sickness,
Perhaps it might joy you to witness
The bright smile on my face;
The result of your sunshine's grace.
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