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Lisa Neu Feb 2015
The pain of my childhood
   still hurts me.
Feeling alone, unwanted, unlovable.
Knowing other's joy of me came
   from my service to them.
Desperately wanting, needing
   to be loved for myself and
   not for what I could do.
Now, the unworthiness follows,
   lurks in the darkness.
   Waiting to grab me
   in a moment of weakness.
And yet, I live in HOPE!
   I can escape those demons,
   but it is an every day job
   of Resting in God,
         and knowing LOVE.
Mark Lecuona Dec 2014
I am but a grain of sand
Trying to be the beach
I am but a falling leaf
Trying to be the season
I am but a blade of grass
Trying to be a meadow
I am but a drop of water
Trying to be the ocean
I am but a bird
Trying to be the wind
I am but a cloud
Trying to be the sky
I am but a rock
Trying to be a mountain
I am but a human being
Trying to be worthy of heaven
She suffered the situation.
Sleepless nights
Empty wallet
Unfinished food
Undone homeworks
Confused mind
Broken friendship
Unworthy decisions
Physical tiredness
Disturbed emotions
She thought of it all.
Asked herself how the hell did this happen?
How did I let this happen?
Of all the things
It is all unworthy
It all happened
It will never be back
Pushing the thoughts away
Changing herself day by day
Always telling herself
It is all unworthy
Thus, allowing herself to hate
Hate of doing those
Hate of believing those
Nonetheless, it all boils done to one
*It is all unworthy

— The End —